How to Download US-Only Free App Store Apps From Outside of the US

By , Aug 21, 2011

If you live outside of the United States, chances are you occasionally run across an app in the App Store that you want, but can’t download due to its unavailability in your country. For the most part, apps are always available in the US, but some international channels tend to be lacking.

If you’d like to be able to download free — not paid — US-only apps from the App Store from another country, we’ll show you how…

First, you’ll need a US App Store account. It’s actually easier to acquire one of these accounts than you would think. Lets get started.

One thing you’ll need beforehand is an alternate e-mail address that you have full access to, and it also has to be different than the e-mail address you used in your original App Store account. If you don’t have a second email address, you can easily create a new one with a free service like Gmail.

Once you’ve got an alternate e-mail, go to the App Store on your iPhone. You want to be in the “Featured” section, then scroll to the bottom and select “Sign Out” under your Apple ID. Now that you’ve signed out, find a free app in the App Store to download. Try downloading it and select “Create Apple ID.” Follow the step-by-step instructions, register with your second email, and make sure you confirm your country as the United States. (Even if it’s really not.)

When you get to the credit card selection screen, just select “None” and continue. The final step is to activate your account by clicking the link that’s sent to your new e-mail. Once you’ve done that, you will have full access to purchase free apps in the US App Store.

If you want to use this account as your primary account and don’t have an American credit card for paid app purchases, you can find plenty of iTunes gift cards on eBay!

If you have any further questions or problems, let us know in the comments.

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  • melts

    You’d need to first select a free app from the App Store, then the ‘None’ option will be available.

    • Frankie

      There is no such “none” option in the credit card field

      • Acolz

        yes there is
        not everyone has a credit card lol

  • Danger

    and you need write out valid us address.

    • kokhean

      kokhean says: Your comment is awaiting moderation. August 21, 2011 at 9:29 am


    • Just use Apple’s Address, on their website. It worked for me just fine.

  • Jeff

    You can only be tied to one iTunes account at a time… you expect people to erase and resync each time they want to use a US app?

    • If you choose to sync the apps to the computer, then that is what will happen.

      • Andy

        Hey James, I use two accounts, one Indian and one on the us store. I used an iTunes card to create the us account. But I can use both accounts when syncing. Your computer just has to be authorised for both. At the most you’ll have to put in both passwords at the time of syncing. No problem!

      • Andy

        Sorry that comment was for jeff

  • Wms

    Any idea on when sms plus will be released???

  • Shannon

    I have a question…my iPhone is effed up and I want to take it to the Apple store to get a replacement, would the replacement be running 4.3.4 or 4.3.5? Do I need to save my SHSH?

    • Andy

      @Shannon, it’s quite likely the new phone will come with 4.3.5 and dumping your current phone blobs may not work on your new phone. Tiny umbrella recognises the phone id but I’m not sure if ifaith will work. I would recommend getting the old phone fixed (unless it’s bricked). Do let us know how it worked out!

      • Shannon

        Thanks guys, they actually fixed my phone so I didn’t get a new one, I’m still trying to figure out iFaith though. Lol.

    • I bought 2 iPhones last week and they were both running 4.3.3. This is in an Australian apple store. Not sure about the states though!

  • Nishant

    Also i am using my indian credit card to buy applications using my US apple id by giving a US address, I just have to ensure that the US zip code is same as my indian zip code (Use only first 5 digits of my indian zip code).

  • Daniel

    Or, if you’re jailbroken, you use Installous

    • Andy

      @Daniel, this is for people who don’t mind spending for apps on the store. Installous does have apps from all stores but none of the free apps are available on installous!

      • kokhean

        I just checked, there ARE some free apps there like Twitter, Facebook, VEVO, and others.

      • Andy

        @kokhean, a friend of mine tried looking for TapTap revenge on installous and i told the douche to just download it for free from the AppStore. So I assumed all the free apps would not be available. Thanks!

  • iXanczy

    Valid US adress causes problems…
    And there are no “none” button in the creditcard page.

  • I’m in Australia and I have a US app store account. A free one. Simply head to google maps, select a random address to fill in your details. Jump on google and search for any US company for the phone number. Head to iTunes and try downloading a free app, then select creat an account, this will make the “None” option appear.

  • XepptizZ

    Funny site this is. Frowning upon illegitimately aquiring apps, but condoning fraud. FRAUD! The most devious of nouns, resembling the name if Freud, which is Freud.

    Shame on you all! I for one truly am from Togo – Africa.

  • Roberto

    it totally works. This is how you do it:
    – Open Itunes, if you’re log in then sign out
    – Go To Itunes Store, scroll down, at the bottom right corner you will see a flag, click in it and choose the United States
    – Back to Itunes Store, scroll down to bottom again and click App Store
    – Click any FREE app, remember it has to be a FREE app otherwise the none option in credit card will not appear
    – Now click on the word free app to download it, a window should pop up and ask you to sign in or create new account, choose create new account
    – fill in your information and america address, just google any america adress and fill in, should be fine, Remember to choose “none” in credit card detail.
    – Everything should be fine, but you may encounter error at the very last moment this is somehow relate to your internet provider, try to do it again using different internet providers and you should be able to do it

    • Paresh

      Its done guys

      Thanks Roberto

  • Mark

    When I get to the credit card section it doesn’t give me the option to click none. So I can’t advance. Any suggestions??

    • Roberto

      Read my post above

  • Gpsu.ers

    Rather than buy gift cards from eBay it is easier, faster, safer for one to buy a US iTines card on the US iTunes site using your non-US iTunes account and have as your recipient the email address associated with your US iTunes account.

  • Applestore

  • Good

  • I am a primary member of the US store. However I would like an app thats only available in the german iTunes store. Any suggestions how I can get that app on my ipad?

    • elum

      Nice to know

  • Abdullah Kamran

    no ‘none’ option on credit card selection screen .. any more help?

    • Tony Arnold

      See my reply to “Rupesh Nandha ”

      Kind Regards


  • Rupesh Nandha

    None option is not there in Credit Card Selection

    • Tony Arnold

      Solving the problem regarding the command “NONE” being missing.

      When you arrive at the “Credit Card Details” fill this in with the card you use in your country, ( Don’t worry your card will not be used).

      Below the “Credit Card Details” Apple will require your personal details, you will have to fill this in with your own name BUT an American address, with permission you may have a friend who wiil allow you to use their’s, if not you will have to try and find one.
      After you have completed every thing on this page your country’s “Credit Card Details, an American address Apple Apps Store will question this as an ERROR, and request that you fill the “Credit Card Details again
      When the “Credit Card Details appears again it will have the command
      “NONE” as a choice, click on “NONE” and move on.

      Don’t forget you will need a different email address than the one you are using at the Apps store you are with now, your Password should also be different.

      Kind Regards


      • disqus_azhfWq210F

        Hi I tried this with my debit card which is attached to my uk iTunes account, when trying to connect it to the us account it simply said “credit card denied” without providing me with an option for none?
        The debit card should work as well as a credit card?
        There is also definitely sufficient funds on the card (I double checked) so I’m not sure why this isn’t working, hope you can help

  • I cannot see the apps I download on my phone they “show” in the store and when syncing but not on my phone

  • can you download ipad themes outside the app store?

  • fuck you, it doesn’t work!

    • Dear Jerk,
      At least someone tried to help us with a problem, instead you resort to foul language, which is most likely why you lack the brains to get round this C.C. problem, ( See my other comment ) .

      I hope it still doesn’t work for you.

      Tony Arnold

      • Yeah, I already figured out another way to do this ages ago. How about you find something else to do besides replying to a 6 month old comment, ‘jerk’. Good day.

      • Tony Arnold

        Simply because I was NOT reading your foul ungrateful language 6 months ago
        A child could have worked that one out.

        Tony Arnold

      • ‘foul language’? This is the Internet, you asshole, get used to it. Now please stop replying.

      • So in other words its OK to use foul language in Public.

        Your comment “Stop Replying”

        I can only assume that this means you surrender, OK that’s fine I’ll back off now.

        Tony Arnold

      • No, it means I want you to stop replying. Free speech, bitch.
        Kind regards

      • You are really an asshole!

      • I’m not the one who kept pointlessly replying, so whatever.

      • FreakyChick

        LOOOOOOOOL now ur both assholes XD

  • ronnie mccoll

    yeah its not really as simple as you say, is it ? genius. what about the american zipcode address and phone no ?

  • sarthak

    what phone number should i give

    • Tony Arnold

      You will require an American one, I used one off the Internet
      You should use the Credit Card details you have for your country,
      You will need an American address, then the “Apple Apps Store” will see an ERROR and ask you to fill it in again, the “Apple Apps Store” will then give another page for you to fill in,
      On this new page the option “NONE” will be there for you to tick-on.

      You will require a differant email address and a differant password than the one you have been unsung for your country’s Apps Store

      Kind Regards


      • LaughingAtYou

        I’m in Canada and when I tried it today it just kept showing the same thing with no option to check None for the credit card.. it will not let me proceed. Any ideas?

  • brilliant it worked, now i have spotify in ireland!

  • Fan of Jeff

    Not working anymore

  • nimskyy

    for credit card “none” option is not available anymore

    • Tony Arnold

      See my reply to “Rupesh Nandha ”

      Kind Regards


      • zahida khader

        HI Tony. I am not able to get the none button, should this be done on PC or on Ipad?

  • Totally worked! Thanks!

  • Hagomoto

    This is great! i was fighting with this for so many years, finally downloaded the apps i wanted. I have no idea why developers dont make their app available for other stores. Anyway, finally fixed it. Great many thanks!

  • walid sghaier

    Hi All

    No need to create a new email , just go to your existing account, change country, you will get an error message saying that your credit card is not valid in this app store, then go to address , change it to an us one (i used a US hotel one from internet) click continue , u will get another error message , but this time you will get the none button as an option, click none, continue and you are all set…just tried it now.
    PS; You need to do this on your pc or mac, not on ur ipad or iphone

    • Sirish Nallapaneni

      This trick worked. Thanks a lot bro 🙂

    • zahida khader

      I am not able to get the none button, should this be done on PC or on Ipad?

  • Rich Reyes

    How do you switch from the US app store back to your country. Was supposed to download HBO Go then it prompted me to transfer to the US store. I clicked on yes. But still didnt work as i need a US account. I can’t switch back to my country’s app store

  • Vevien Wang

    But can I use a China’s credit card to purchase apps from US App Store? I have registed an American Apple ID.

  • GR

    I am a primary member of the US store. However I would like an app thats only available in the Australia iTunes store. Any suggestions how I can get that app on my ipad?

  • sandra Stent

    cant find none to enter it

  • Celiane Heyns

    What billing address information must we use? Can we use our billing information from outside the US?

  • Jannis

    I did download an app from the US Store? How do i get it on my iphone now?

  • Nice, if you are in Nigeria, you can buy US iTunes gift cards to load credit to your US iTunes account. There are sites where you can buy the gift cards with the local Naira currency

  • Shaun Gauld

    I’ve created a new email and said none for payment type but it still wants a billing address for the US what should I out in ??

  • Hanuman Prasad

    Thanks…It worked great!!!

  • lb

    I made it! Thanks a lot

  • uncleT

    the credit card selection screen, selection “None” does not appeared, appreciated to guide me to set new US account, thank you.

  • uncleT

    Please ignore previous question, i found, thank you.

  • Chris Stevenson

    is it possible to quickly switch back between each account and how do i do so? thanks

  • Nat

    Hi All, I have followed the directions above and so far so good. However, when I download free tv-apps they somehow track my region and display an error. How can I fix this?

  • Kiran

    It wont let me pass the credit card section it dosent say “none” and when i make a postcode up it sas it doesnt match my cArd details as it has to be registered to my home adress

  • Thomas

    I did what was instructed ad there was still no, ‘none’ option

    • Ali Shaheed

      start from the app store. not from the settings or elsewhere.

  • Tom Douglas

    “None” does not appear when I make the ID

  • Sujal Singh

    thanks a lot man!!

  • Kelly-Anne Bell

    I managed to download the cw net but when I wanted to watch a program on it, it say error cannot stream on server. How can I watch us programs from my iPhone in the uk

  • Kayleigh McMillan

    where is the option to change my country? either im missing it or it isnt there

  • if you are in Nigeria, you can buy US iTunes gift cards to load credit to your US iTunes account. There are sites where you can buy the gift cards with the local Naira currency