If you’ve been following lawsuits in the tech industry as of late, or if you’ve visited your local Best Buy in the last year, you’re probably pretty aware that there’s a serious case of the copycat game taking place in the tablet market.

Since Apple introduced the iPad in January of 2010, the rest of its competition has been trying desperately to play catch-up. If you’re curious, here’s how tablet design looked before and after the iPad was introduced…

It’s pretty self-explanatory. Apple innovated, everyone else reiterated.

[Daring Fireball]

  • Knightfal

    This shows how mediocre can other manufacturers be. Even if they wanted to make a better product, they are years if research behind Apple. The solution: start now developing new and groundbreaking technology for the near future and only then you will be just like Apple 😉

  • Ken

    How about?
    before ebook reader : Book
    and than : ebook reader
    after ebook reader : iPad

    • Chris

      You.. just.. No.

  • Ov

    No…… You just picked the most atrocious tablets and once again tried to make it look like apple revolutionized the tablet business, which it didn’t. There were a lot more nice looking tablets pre-iPad era.

    This is just a apple biased blog that never looks at the big picture.

    This comment will probably be removed

    • Please show me some of these “nicer” tablets, Ov. And Apple very clearly revolutionized the tablet business, as is evidenced by the fact that nothing has come close to the iPad in market share or mind share since its release.

      • Jon Garrett

        lets talk about market share shall we?

        Android phones near 50% market share world wide and this took what, just 3 years in a field dominated by established brands (Nokia, RIM, Microsoft, Apple) with years of head start !!

        Android Tablets 20% market share (some say 30%) in what, 1 year?

        and please tell us in what way has apple revolutionized the tablet business. you do understand the world revolutionized?

      • tony

        bill gates dropped some $ on apple because they were dying in the 90’s. Gates is pretty much making money off Apple. As for this idiotblogger, try not to show your true apple color because you’re pretty much a trollblogger and not being open or have done research.

        Microsoft And Apple were pretty much the only OS then, and windows 95 thru xp were not built as touch screens, so they used styluses. Pretty good if you ask me, but your ipads are just a bunch of big iphones for your apps.

        Android got into the game and is biting into apples core fans. its working, and microsoft will have a real polished windows touchscreen with Windows 8 by next year that would make both iOS and Droidz look like theyre just a bunch of computers with tiny icons.


        Let’s talk evil. Microsoft is sitting behind perfecting real touchscreen tablets and pc’s and cellphones while it’s making money off both androids and apple with their licensed patents. For now, worry about catching up to Windows marketshare because iOS is nowhere near it.

    • Jon Garrett


      when these other tablets were out, the technology we have today wasn’t available 10 years. technology evolves and the pretty devices we use today will look like sh!t a few years from now.

      what I hate most is the level of ignorance involved in stories like this.

      what purpose does it serve to make all these ridiculous claims?

      lets not forget that it was Micro$oft money that kept apple from bankruptcy and all of its shinny devices would not be here were it not for Microsoft bailing out a failed company.

      • Darrin

        It’s funny how on every post your quick to compare a os’ market share vs the devices market share. Android has made strides vs iOS in the phone and tablet market. But if you go with the complete picture iOS is out number android 2:1 easily because of the iPod market. Say it ain’t so. And as far as hardware. No one individual device is out selling or comparing to market share as the iPhone, iPad, and iPod in there respectable markets. So enough with the android vs hardware talk. Anyways. The tablets of the future have no doubt taking design cues from apple and that is what’s great about competition. It is the sole reason that companies get any better. We wouldn’t have better iPhones or iPads without these copy cats so to speak. They create innovation. Same thing with our jail break community.

    • fhfnjmgf


      • geek


    • geek

      I totally agree here..

      Apply just got in when the capacitive screen came onto the market, thats all

      Archos for instance launched it’s capacitive tablet generations one year before apple, unfortunately they did not have the right OS by then (win ) nowadays with Android and extendible memory this is way better than an Ipad, I own both so I know what I talk about.

      Apple makes really good products, but you can be sure that other companies do the same.

      • Darrin

        Most definitely. And them other companies are what make apple better and vice versa. Competition is healthy for the consumer. I like android products/devices and some of the hardware features I do hope to see in apple products. But I will be the first to say that because of me having my iPhone, and the ease of use and adaptability, I prefer iPads for my tablet. That’s not to say that I wont own or support an android tablet. Again. I’m a tech junkie and I love them all.

  • Ov

    I sounded a little harsh there that was just my two cents 😛

    Still going to follow this site for the news, it’s nice! Just get a little annoyed at the biased environment.

    No hard feelings

    • Ken


  • Such A Thing..Never Noticed It.. Now That i think of it.
    I agree to steve jobs And His Quotes ” 2011 is the year of the copycats”

  • anon
  • easybucketz

    This clearly shows Apple is getting desperate because they feel that there losing the big battle. All you apple brain washed fools can kill yourself because can produce polished turd you guys would still think it’s the best. Apple has always copied from other companies and made their product better now when someone else is doing it to them they want to sue. Then they even went so low to photo shop pictures to get samsung products stopped from being sold which was recently lifted. Apple once was the leader but now they find themselves following behind android. Apple has so many people brain washed with their misleading commercials that say silly things like only if you have a iPhone or their the first to do something when people have been clearly doing theses things already. To actually make the iPhone compete with a top of the line android phone you have to jail break your phone and then still there are plenty of things you can’t do on a iPhone that you can do put of the box on a android. All you have to do is take both phones and run down a feature test you’ll be surprised with all the things you can’t do on a iPhone. The only things the iPhone have advantage on is screen display, battery life and some apps are little better. With that being said once you over charge your iPhone say goodbye to your awesome battery life. Android market has caught up bigtime. And samsung might be coming out with a 720display so say bye to the best display apple lol. Apple is acting like a bitter old girlfriend with all these lawsuits.

    • Josh Lee

      I like being brainwashed.

      • Eduardo

        Somebody needs anger management

    • iCrapped

      Fine, why are you even in this forum then? This is an iOS forum but we each have different ideas. If Apple didn’t release the iPhone, Android phones would look like crap. If Apple didn’t release the iPad, tablets would look like, blehhh…

      • Onega

        Rubbish have you even looked at the HP? I love apples “look” but It’s not THAT far from iPad. And if you want to get really picky star trek had something that looked like an iPad WAY before. Shouldn’t they be suing apple?? Or maybe penguin should because it looks like a book? At the end of the day the iPad looks and feels formfactor wise like a book because ergonomically that’s what we humans like! All these claims and law suits are just stifling further innovation.

  • black

    I like apple products, but this post is just plain stupid.

    Try looking at it this way, Pre-ipad tablets….. then look at ipad… ipad copied them??

    This post make it sounds like they revolutionized tablets, they all look very similar…… rectangle shape computing devices…. the Ipad is a giant Iphone…. how is that so innovative?

    I read this site multiple times a day every day, a long with Droid-Life… both of you are fucking rediculous with this shit, but I guess…. you both make a lot of money bashing eachother and writing retarded articles like this.

    “…cuz if you go platinum, it has nothing to do with luck, it just means a million people are stupid as fuck”

  • Zillan


    So you do know by now that Internal Hardware is only 20% of the reason people flock to apple?
    Mass hypnosis aside, it must be the app ecosystem and the Aesthetic design IMO!!
    They didn’t have that many customers when the original Iphone came out, the app store is what brought the masses not fanboyism.

    P.S I love Microsoft but I have an IPAD 2 and an IPhone 4 – go figure!!

  • Stark

    so many apple haters following an apple dedicated blog. Haters only hate because they know android can’t be as good as IOS.

    • Fabio Rodrigues

      The haters here must have the virus in their androids that bring them here by mistake huahua

  • Brake

    I’ve tried using android stuff. It’s god awful, it will never be good. In a few years they’ll be Nokia. It’s understandable that everyone copies Apple, they’re the most valuable company in the world. It’s just a shame that other companies can’t stop focusing on what Apple do long enough to create something different and innovative.

  • I have an older HP “Tablet PC” which has the touch screen and attached keyboard. It is pretty cool… Especially now that I have UBUNTU 11 running on it as an OS – Windows just sucks the life out of it.

    But, I also have an iPad 2 – and absolutely LOVE it!!!! The battery life is stellar compared to my old HP, it doesn’t run nearly as hot, no fans, it is a fraction of the weight, and the screen is excellent compared to the HP – which has a pretty good quality screen for its age.

    Another great advantage of the iPad 2 for me is that it runs my Apps I own on my iPhone 4.

    Originally I laughed when I heard Steve announce the iPad — I remember calling it an “oversized iPhone” and why in the hell pay for an over sized iPhone???? Well, I still hold that opinion for the original iPad – the iPad 2 is the game changer with the dual cameras, the dual-core processor (A5 chip) and being smaller and lighter than the original iPad.

    – Eric

  • xtreme

    ..for the ones that talk about android like if they were tech gurus…
    It’s reasonable that a mom or a grandma buy an andorid device, because they are free.
    that’s your 50% market share

    • QuarterSwede

      And how may hardware manufacturers? Apple is the only one manufacturing iDevices. That’s pretty freaking incredible.

  • Alex

    Is that a toaster?!

    • QuarterSwede

      “Look Frank, it’s a toaster!” *WHACK*

  • I’ve been a follower of this blog for a while now and it really amazes me that some of the people on here are quite….Mmmmm….IGNORANT!! Does it not say at the top of this blog (iDownload) for IOS based products, meaning yeah, Apple! If you feel this is a biased blog toward Apple then man, you must have really graduated from the sixth grade. The dude Jon Garrett really has a hard-on against Apple and his blogs amuse me cause he rants and raves like a mad kid who can’t have something that he wants (someone give him a hug please!) He doesn’t realize that there is only one Iphone and only one Ipad (maybe he does but ignorance is bliss) and the Android platform is on how many devices…(too many to count) and still gets it butt kicked even on Apple’s worst day. If you do not like this blog or Apple so much, why do you keep getting on here with your juvenile rants…take them to the Droid or Berry blogs and use your typing talents to type something positive for their products, maybe then you’ll feel better (I know…you need a Binky right about now) Dude…grow up and take your infantile ways elsewhere, I’ve seen others on here say that to you but, like a disgusting stalker who doesn’t understand the pretty girl doesn’t like you…you keep coming back. GO AWAY!! (Oh…by the way…if your views coincide with his…this also pertains to you) Because you aren’t doing any research or reading any viable informed literature prior to opening your mouth.
    (Hey readers…watch the response!!)

    • I’m Not Jon Garrett

      I’m Jon Garrett….and I will not respond back simply because you’re absolutely right that I need a hug….please somebody?!….

  • apple fan boy

    ha ha ha so funny peeps mock apple and comment on an apple blog get a grip go comment on your stupid android blog your not welcome here apple rules yea there might of been other tablets but name 1 that is as good as ipad and has sold as many as apple has um not many apple rule how many times a year does android get updates um apple is the king on the block and always will be yes iam an apple fan boy and yes i would buy anything apple android step a side ifone 5 is coming and its goner out sale any android

  • Mac

    “Apple is da Best in da west”
    on your face all those apple haters!!!!!!!!

  • Leon

    Is funny how fanboys from apple and android fight each other with their supposedly vast of knowledge…. What a Freaks!!

    I have seen the comments here and some of those makes me laught because that person doesn’t know what is talking about, human ignorance is so interesting.


    • Ken


  • If apple product was cheaper everybody would’ve own one Go APPLE

  • Roy

    LMAO look ah those Android fans or not-Apple fans in this comment section, they are furious hahahaha

  • One need remember the real 1st attempt at a Tablet & it was the Newton MessagePad by Apple. If anything, the iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad, owe their existence to The Newton.

  • Yao

    People just chaseing the fashion, so the manufacture to satisfied the people’s requirements to reform their products.

  • anon
    • QuarterSwede

      Let’s be honest. Arrington and Fusion Garage (i think) took that straight from the iPhone.

      • anon

        Fixed your sentence for you:
        “Arrington and Fusion Garage took that straight from the iPhone. I think.”

      • QuarterSwede

        Fair enough.

  • anon

    Kubrick’s tablet design from 1968 2001: A Space Odyssey
    Obviously all Apple fanbois will now acknowledge this as prior art and hand in their iPad’s until Apple stop copying from others;)

  • Gary

    I just can’t believe how technically ignorant some of these Apple Fan boys are. First thing those older Tablets had larger intergrated circuitry mostly the processors and supporting circuitry are still quite large. It was until now that the circuits and display lcd has got to a point that it would fit in the foot print of a current tablet. Since most CPU’s back in the early days of tablets where quite large and power hungry therefore required also a large battery. Then Lithium Polymer batteries was introduced so now thinner and smaller yet yeilding a large capacity that these devices managed to be squeezed down to the current dimensions they are now. So no the Ipad was not the innovation that everyone is talking about, there has been tablets before the Ipad. Apple only made it look cool to own one and be seen with one.

  • Aloha

    omg Alex, do you really think all your readers are stupid?


  • Sleeve Jobs

    GRMBL, Aloha was faster. Was going to post the same link.

    Anyway, nice try but epically failed =x

  • anon
  • anon

    “We have always been shameless about stealing great ideas.” –Steve Jobs
    “Good artists copy; great artists steal.” –Steve Jobs

  • Lennart Regebro


    Yeah. “Apple innovated, everyone else copied”. The picture is a lie, it only includes tablets that look very different from the iPad, and excludes thouse who look similar.

  • johnnyg0

    Your “before” tablets are rugged models. Have you seen what rugged cases for the ipad looks like?

  • That is why tech experts reckon an iPad as a revolutionary product. Look at the tablets before an iPad entered. Those look like small television boxes. The iPad makes them smart.