Apple’s retail locations have achieved unprecedented success over the last 10 years. They’ve received numerous architectural design awards and currently average around $4000 in sales per square foot.

As most of you probably know, with success comes imitation. And over the last few months we’ve seen several fake Apple Stores pop up and consequently get shut down. But out of all the impostors we’ve seen, this one has to be the coolest…

This particular counterfeit Apple shop sits in a gorgeous two-story building in Zhongshan, China. Like the other fakes, it consists of an Apple-inspired decor, loads of Apple products, and several blue-shirted employees bouncing about.

So what makes this impostor so special? Apart from its gorgeous glass-lined building, there is another aspect of this retail store that makes it so unique. The second floor.

After purchasing a new iDevice, customers can take them upstairs to receive one on one service and support. This isn’t your typical Genius Bar though, as employees will help you do anything from jailbreaking to installing cracked apps.

Aside from all of the trademark and copyright laws they’re breaking, the business must be in good shape. MICgadget reports that there are three matching branches in the city of Zhongshan. The site posted a video shot from outside the buildings.

I’m not sure what would draw a person to a non-authentic store like this. Are the products cheaper? I’d be so worried about the product’s reliability. On the other hand, how cool would it be if real Apple Store employees were trained to help with jailbreaking inquiries?

  • Karlo

    “$4000 in sales per square foot” per what? Per day? Per year? This ‘fact’ means nothing as is.

    • ur mother

      “They’ve received numerous architectural design awards and currently average around $4000 in sales per square foot.”

      read it lol. its basic math. u will figure it out lol

      • Craig

        I see you didn’t answer it for him, you clearly don’t know the answer,instead you try to be funny.

      • Karlo

        Ahh, the joy of knowing that everyone smart is laughing at you

    • – They’ve received numerous architectural design awards and “currently” average around $4000 in sales per square foot. –

      It means that the latest figure I could find — that’s where the “currently” comes in — estimates that if you added up all of the sales from Apple Stores, and divided it by the total amount of square footage in all of their retail spaces, it averages $4000 per square foot.

      I will try to be clearer next time.

      Thanks for reading!

      • Your mama

        Yey and you are the winner lol

      • Karlo

        I’m afraid this didn’t answer my question.

        To clarify: $4000 per square foot was (I presume) intended to be a measure of money generated per unit of area. Money generation is a rate. However, no time dimension was provided.

        For example, if you had said “$4000 per square foot per day”, that would have meant if apple has ‘A’ square feet of retail space, then, by this time tomorrow, they would have generated sales of $4000 * A.

        However, as it stands, there is missing information.

        It’s like saying ‘this room is 10 feet tall by 20 feet wide’. It doesn’t give you a volume until you let me know how long the room is.

    • It’s per year

      • Karlo

        Thanks. It’s an interesting stat.

    • ihu

      so far or currently

  • Jason

    amazes me how China stays havin these bootleg stores.

  • Is it fake or premium reseller
    We have a premium reseller store in merryhill shopping centre
    Are they a fake store ??

  • Have to admit that’s quite an impressive store considering it’s a knockoff.

  • Jason Masters

    It’s not a fake store just an authorized reseller the bloggers got it wrong if you call apple public relations they will verify they know of this store and it is indeed a reseller that’s authorized to use their logo and sell apple products.