If you’re always paranoid about the amount of battery life remaining on your iPhone, or you’d rather see the battery life percentage on your lockscreen, then you need LSBattery.

LSBattery is a new jailbreak tweak that replaces your lockscreen and slider text with the iPhone battery percentage…

The tweak is available for free in Cydia. No new repos need to be added. No new icons are added to the home screen and you can configure the tweak from the Settings app. As you can see from the screenshot, it’s pretty self-explanatory.

Has anyone tried this tweak out yet?

  • perhaps this will add extra batt consumption… 😉

  • Maury

    You do realize if you have the battery percentage turned on in settings you can already see it, right? It’s in your screenshot and they don’t even match. One shows 75 and the other 73. Pointless article and app.

  • Craig

    I like how accurate it is, 35% on your status bar and 34% where the clock would be.

    • Craig

      + most tweaks made lately already exist within Springtomize, I really don’t see the point of making them again or why any1 would use loads of tweaks when 1 does almost everything you could want.

  • Eric

    ^bahaha good eye. I didnt even see that, and this takes away your clock, if it added a clock to the status bar and was accurate with what the iPhone says is the current charge % then maybe.

  • ic0edx

    Well evan the small % is inaccurate. Charge you iPhone and it will show 100% and on the look screen the battery is never full.