You’ve likely already heard of Cablevision’s Optimum app for the iPad. The software garnered a lot of attention when it first launched, allowing Cablevision customers to stream their entire channel lineups to their tablets.

A few days ago, the company released the popular cable-client for the iPhone and iPod touch, with the addition of a major feature. Not only can you watch live TV on your iDevice, you can now control the content on the big screen as well…

“As a Cablevision subscriber, you can view live TV with this app while in your home behind your Optimum modem. You can also playback your On Demand rentals on your iPhone/iPod touch or use the device as a remote control, and it’s as easy as ever to search, browse, and record TV shows to your DVR.”

The app requires a Cablevision internet connection to work, but the company is reportedly offering TV-only customers with a free internet-blocked router to utilize the streaming video feature. If you happen to be a customer of the U.S.-based cable provider, this one sounds like a winner. Grab the new and improved Optimum app here.

Any Cablevision customers try the new app yet?


  • Dane

    I live in the jersey shore and have optimum. Going to download this now

  • Dane

    Been messing around with it and I’m pretty impressed. After linking my account it listed all my cable boxes and you can quickly select one and instantly turn your phone into a full functioning remote for it. The DVR control and playback is pretty sweet. The live TV is about a minute behind what’s showing on an actual TV but the quality is good. Just wish I could watch away from home

  • Mike

    I disagree. If I’m in my home, I’m going to watch TV on my television, not my iPhone. This app is useless.

  • Jared floyd

    I can’t even find it. Someone post a link

  • Elchulodebk

    No more waiting for commercials for a bathroom break!!! I’ll just take my iPad with me. Lol

  • Nicole

    Too bad the update still doesn’t allow for streaming outside of the home. DISH Network gave me a Sling Loaded VIP 922 receiver to test out last year, and with the DISH Remote Access app I can watch my live TV including my DVR recordings everywhere I have Wi-Fi or mobile 3G Network.

  • I don’t think I’d want to use the Optimum app at all. That’s nice that there’s a new app for Optimum customers to stream channels live, but it’s too limited. Personally, if I’m streaming to my iOS device I’m doing it outside of my home network as a customer of DISH. With Sling technology used with DISH service, you can literally take your entire channel lineup with you anywhere as long as you have access to 3G or broadband. With DISH, you’re not limited to your personal wi-fi network either. I first heard from a co-worker at DISH about TV Everywhere™ and I can’t begin to tell you how great it is because you can bring your TV viewing experience to the next level, and you’re not limited.