Google’s Chrome web-based app store received a new entry this week, and believe it or not, it does have a link to the world of iOS.

The newly released appMobi is a web app designed to help developers to code HTML 5 web apps, but it also packs a sucker punch that we didn’t see coming. If after writing your HTML 5 app, you decide you’d like to submit it as a native iOS app to Apple’s App Store, then appMobi will let you do that, too…

Available for absolutely nothing, appMobie requires no addition SDKs in order to allow the creation of iOS, or indeed Android, apps.

“The XDK is the world’s first HTML5 powered mobile application development tool. With it, you can create, debug and build customized, robust HTML5 apps in hours. appMobi’s cloud-based build system turns your HTML5-based apps into 100% native API-compliant mobile apps for iOS or Android, or you can deploy them as webapps or Chrome apps. All from a single code base!”

Various debugging options are also available, including on-device and worldwide testing.

The real question is whether Apple will actually allow these cross-platform apps through its stringent validation process.

What do you think? If you’re a developer, does this kind of tool appeal to you, or are ‘real’ SDKs the way to go?


  • Saltb0x

    im a developer…. and i can only say…. no one can match xcode(tool for ios app making)

  • Benjamin

    I have a windows computer so this is great!

    • Saltb0x

      run a mac osx 10.6.6 virtual machine… the best way…

      • Radi

        Could you give me/us a link to a tutorial or something that explains how to get it set up (OSX VM)?

  • ColdGlueGun

    this sounds really cool especially for a windows user

  • Simon

    This is great from an enterprise point of view. Would be curious to see the quality of the code within the native apps for iOS/android however

  • Just wanted to point out that appMobi is actually not a new company. We’ve been building cross platform tools since 2009. And to answer your question whether Apple is Ok with what we’re doing, apps created with appMobi have been in the Apple store since the first one was submitted in March 2010. There are now thousands of appMobi apps in the Apple and Android app stores.

    The “New” thing is that we made a version of our XDK that is a Google Chrome plugin. The appMobi system is actually one of the most mature app dev systems on the market.

    Thanks for the coverage!
    Roy Smith
    VP Marketing – appMobi