Today, we received an interesting tip from iDB reader Burge. He informed us that Apple is still signing the iOS 4.1 firmware. He told us that he tested it on his newer model iPhone 3GS and his son’s iPod Touch 2nd generation.

This is very interesting for 2 reasons. First, why would Apple sign a firmware that came out in September? Also, why out of all the iOS updates, 4.1 is the only one in the past still being signed?

This is what Burge had to say:

I’ve found out awhile ago that Apple was still signing off firmware 4.1 for my 3GS , I’ve used SHSHit app to test this a few times now for the last 3 weeks and Apple is still signing it if i’am right if you get a iPhone on 4.3.4/4.3.5 there is a very good chance that you could downgrade your device to 4.1 and have a untethered jailbreak..and you will be able to save those SHSH’s

If you have a device that supports iOS 4.1, we would recommend going back to that firmware temporarily, and saving your SHSH Blobs. This will now make it possible to downgrade your firmware, even when Apple isn’t signing it.

Tip: Saving your SHSH Blobs does not require you to be jailbroken.

Update: This only works on devices without the A4 processor (excluding the iPad 2).

What are your thoughts? Do you save your SHSH Blobs? Leave it in the comments below.

  • Saltb0x

    yes. its is signing for iphone 3gs but not iphone4. tested 2 minutes back ….

    • Tbv

      IOS 4.1 is still signed for 3G & 3GS but not iPhone 4. Think of it as a gift from Apple. I just rolled back a friend’s 3GS which was bought used with 4.3.5 on it. I backed it up to 4.1 and gave him an untethered jailbreak and unlock with iPad BB.

      • Justin bin Laden

        If it’s used, you can use iFaith to grab SHSHs from before it was bought.

      • Daniel

        Hi men, how do you do ? I cant on my iphone 3GS :S it have ipad bb.. I tried with custom firmware but I cant :S. please help me

    • Geek

      Y’all are idiots…. Erase the host and run the 4.1…

  • Someone

    Tip: Saving your SHSH Blogs does not require you to be jailbroken.

    **Blobs not blogs

  • Angelo

    Can confirm it for a 3GS and a iPod Touch 2G.

  • Alex

    I would think before just telling people to downgrade…

  • Jeff

    Doesn’t work on my iPod4, I get error 3194 when restoring to stock 4.1

  • James

    How come it doesn’t work on the 4th gen iPod and iPhone? Seems strange.

    • Justin bin Laden

      A4 Probably. Ya never know

  • Mark

    Will it work with iPhone 4 could I downgrade to 4.1 from 4.3

    • Tbv

      Will not work on iPhone 4 unless you have SHSH blobs saved for it.

  • Daniel

    I suspect it is because of perceived or real performance reasons with the newer OS and the older iDevice models.

  • Jailbreaker

    I tried with my iPhone 4 but not work! 🙁 i’ve iOS 4.1 but i used iFaith! Great blog men!
    This is my blog in spanish

  • Spirit Kicks Major League Ass

    Do you guys think the iPod Touch 4G will be next?

    • I doubt that any new devices will get signed, this is most likely an error and as soon as they figure it out I’m sure they will put an end to it.

      • Spirit Kicks Major League Ass says

        I hope your wrong. 🙂

  • nazarii

    i’ve got iPad2 simple wifi on 4.3.5 without saving anything before. does it mean that i’m i can do nothing with it now?

    • swarm

      The IPad 2 has a minimum firmware of 4.3. This is because of the a5 the os needs to be optimized for the hardware it’s running on so unfortunately there is no jailbreak for that firmware at the moment.

  • Kimk69

    It says what models in the freaking article. Why do people try the
    Other devices anyway and ask in the replies if it does iPhone and iPod
    4? Mo-rons…

    • James

      No it says what devices he’s tried it on not the only 1’s it works on you arrogant prick.

  • 4004

    No point doing this – my iPod 2g is happy with 4.2.1(relatively happy, but still), i4 has blobs saved down to 4.0.1, and ipad2 is not going to update itself

  • Paul G

    I’m slow when it comes to jailbreaking but what is beneficial about going back to 4.1? I am currently jailbroken and 4.3.3 on a 3GS. Is this something I should consider doing? Thanks.

    • Dar

      It’s not useful for you, it’s good for people with the newest iOS that can’t get an untethered jailbreak. They can go back to 4.1 which has full jailbreak exploits that don’t have to be reused every time the phone restarts.

  • kokhean

    I thought that it was just TinyUmbrella having some bugs. Turns out that it doesn’t have any!

  • DenGT

    :)) I’m doing it already half a year … Since the release of 4.3 …

  • idavaa

    of course apple should consider the people who have 3gs. i guess apple probably develop ios 4.1 for them.

  • Burge

    Even on twitter @comex has said if you can do this you should save those blobs..

  • luvsadh

    i hve a 3gs..i upgraded to 4.3.5 directly wit itunes,nw ma phne stck on recvry mode..Wht shud i do matter wht u do it goes bak to d recvry mode..

    • James

      You could start by actually writing full words, seriosuly, what is the point of shortening every word you type by missing out 1 letter !!!

  • luvsadh

    dey say getn it tö d ipad bb is d only solution as of nw evn dat wil mke prblems in unlockn it so?

    • Erin

      Updating to ipad bb has been fine with my 3gs. I still have my gps and got no problem with the battery.

  • luvsadh

    i tried jailbreakn it via redsnw wit 4.3.3 it stucks on ‘activation bundles’

  • BLiNK

    some people just simply should leave their device alone. update when the latest and greatest OS comes available and that’s it.

    not trying to be a dick. well, maybe a little

  • Moe

    on my 3GS I get error 1015… what can I do??? help plz!

    • Burge

      Download error fixer 1015 …just do a search in goolge for …Error fixer 1015.,and download..this was the first tool to fix the 1015 error..the error just means the firmwear is on the device , it just needs a push to get it past the connect to iTunes logo..I use this..

  • larry

    Moe, Run recboot, or iREB

  • Anybody tried this on their ipod 3? It gave me error on my 2 attempts from 4.3.5

  • Moe

    Thank you it worked….;-)

  • vahnx

    I cant save the SHSH using tinyumbrella for my ipad 2 white wifi 16gb on 4.3.3, i posed about it on ifans to no avail. it just does nothing when i go to save it… my ipod touch 4g works fine

  • anhakeem

    Apple is still sign 4.1 I headed they also sing 4.2.1 🙂

  • Fabio Rodrigues

    I’ve been doing for a long time, using customs fmw 4.1, and if you have any error just kick it out with tinyumbrella, has been working like a charm in the last few months, I think it is does, I did one more 3gs last week, downgraded 4.3.3 to 4.1 jalibreak it and unlocked with ipad bb

  • Ehsan

    I downgraded from 4,3.5 to 4,1. Is it now possible to upgrade to 4,3,3 bypassing the 4,3,5 update?
    Since it was a new device I dont have blobs for 4,3,3.

    • Burge

      No need the shsh for 4.3.3..

  • Sally

    Can someone give me step by step instructions on doing this? I put it in DFU, go to iTunes and select 4.1? Then I get 1015 and kick it out with TU? I am downgrading from 4.3.5

    • Ehsan

      U missed one step I think.
      You need to open TU ans start a TSS server before u open itunes.
      Then select 4,1 and let it restore.
      If you get the error again, kick out with TU
      This should work

  • Carla

    Appreciate any advice, I have a 3GS on 4.3.5, no shsh blobs, when I try and downgrade I just get the 3194 error, am I doing something wrong? Can Tiny Umbrella help kick out this error?


  • Amir

    what about restoring a backup taken from the IOS 4.3.3 to the downgraded IOS 4.1
    it gives an error saying that the software is too old and the restoring can not be done.
    thanks in advance if anyone could help

    • Joe

      @Amir, you cant backup from old software. Just like a backup for 4.3.5 can not be restored to OS5. It gives same error.

  • Joe

    Stop trying on iphone 4. It does NOT work on any device with the A4 chip

  • Still signing, I just downgraded to 4.1, shibby

  • Tariq Khan

    is it still signing ios 4.1 ? after the ios official launch ?

  • Tariq Khan

    still signing 4.1 after ios 5 official launch

  • beaglefruigen

    How about now, is it still signing 4.1 or is it better to wait it out on 5?

  • Nomi

    still signing 4.1 for 3gs and 3g not 4

  • my iphone running ios 4.1 with ipad bb 6.15. i had shsh blobs for ios 4.1 and 4.3. Now ios 5.0.1 is out. Can i upgrade my phone to ios 4.1 to ios 4.3.3 with my saved shsh blobs. I’ve already tired before and failed. It ends with error 1015 and can’t get out of recovery mode using tiny umbrella. So finally i have to restreo back to ios 4.1. I met error 1015 again when restoring ios 4.1 but i can successfully kick out of recovery mode with using tiny umbrella.Can anybody tell me how to upgrade ios 4.1 to ios 4.3.3 and how to solve error 1015 if i get.

    • when it gives you the error in itunes, try this simple trick- without doing anything else, just unplug from current usb port and plug to another usb port and try restore again. Let me know if this helps

    • Ryan Lynch

      what firmwares work for iPhone 4 GSM??????????? HELP!!!

  • Claire kittle

    can confirm it works on iPhone 3G,3GS & 2G iPod touch. DOESNT work with iPhone 4. You can downgrade to 4.1 with above devices at any point without any SSH, Or Editing of iTunes just download 4.1 firmware & restore….simple…. you will need reboot however as at end of restore you’ll get error 1015, with 3G and iPod 2g it will kick out of recovery straight away, with 3Gs you need to restore again on 4.1 and after the 2end error 1015 use reboot and it will work. otherwise will loop.

    • Sorry to sound like a noob, but will I need any additional software to reboot or make my 3GS on 4.1 run properly?

  • delux_lux

    I have iPhone4 GSM I have 1 shsh saved on cydia 6.0.1 ! help i try to downgrade to 5.1.1. noting done.

  • (JailbreakQA) King Shoot

    Not anymore. They stopped a few minutes ago.