Jan-Michael Cart, the graphic artist who already brought us a bunch of very appealing iOS 5 concepts, is at the top of his game once again with this iOS 5 Notification Center concept.

In this short video, Cart demonstrates various improvements made to Notification Center, including persistent badges, widgets, collapsible notifications, and incoming calls notifications (similar to CallBar)…

As usual, that’s some sexy conception. What do you think?

  • Greg

    I think this guy is a genius, and don’t know why Apple isn’t implemented some of these relatively intuitive things.

  • Looks great.

  • Chris

    I just wish 1 of the dev’s had made notification centre just like in IOS 5 for IOS 4, with all the other benefits of jailbreaking I might not even have to update to to IOS 5.

  • Seen something like this… somewhere…

    Soo… lockinfo?

  • Jedoonat

    Wow! That is pretty sweet! If Apple is not implementing some of these ideas, or better yet hire this guy. Then I hope this is ready to roll out by the time the iPhone 5/JB comes along.

    • God

      How’d you get a pic on by your name??

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    • God

      How’d oh get a pic by your name??

      • God

        Thanks Sebastian

  • I love how he basically used our framework from CallBar…little degrading but whatever.

    • QuarterSwede

      Your framework for CallBar is a normal iOS 5 notification.

      • Mike

        I was thinking that, didn’t Apple unveil the updated notifications a while before CallBar came out.

      • It’s the idea of it – not necessarily the look. Although his functionality is limited in comparison to CallBar.

      • Also: we had started designing/tweaking with CallBar before the iOS 5 beta came out. So our original design was more iOS 4’ish.

    • digitalus

      Degrading? Have you never heard of the saying “Imitation is the greatest form of flattery”?

      You should really take it as a compliment that it has come to be seen as a great solution. He could easily have picked out any other non-intrusive method, or come up with one of his own. It could also be that it’s simply such an elegantly efficient & straight-forward concept that anyone with half a brain could’ve come up with it (like Apple did).

      Srsly, some people!

      • True indeed. But note: Apple has not “come up” with the idea. Unless it is put directly into their firmware or beta, no one truly knows whether this has been an idea or not.

        Plus: the creator of the video doesn’t work for Apple as far as I know.

  • Cameron

    Fucking amazing! Apple are missing out by not hiring this guy!

  • Aux

    lockinfo + ios5 notifaction+ open notifier+call bar= this video

    still lacking biteSMS quick reply style… thats a must!!

  • Ryan

    wowz what a clever idea for the call bar thingy. He must be the first to have come up with that!!!

    lulz jk. love callbar tho. worth the $4.

    sweet ideas btw

  • Marc Glave

    In iOS 5, calls don’t pop up the same way other notifications pop up when in an app?

    • God

      you don’t know what your talking about… They DO pop up the same way every other notification when in an app?? The call notification hasn’t changed since iPhone was released…

  • Yboy403

    I just sent an email to sjobs@apple.com asking him to hire this guy. Here’s hoping he listens. 🙂

    • Cameron

      Did you really?!?

      • Yboy403

        Yeah, no jokes. I doubt he’ll say yes, tbh, but you never know.

      • Cameron

        Knowing how self concuss he is it’s very unlikely yea… (Srr I know bad spelling…)

  • QuarterSwede

    Daily view of the Calendar is brilliant. Much better than the current list. I also like the phone apps favorites widget. Ties in nicely with Lion.

  • ic0edx

    Wow this guy is amazing. How the hell do they make all this, and the video editing is great to.

  • Kyle

    So are the things listed in that video really coming to iOS5 or just what he would like to see happen?

  • Mattia

    This is fucking amazing! Apple is missing out this few features and I think they should be added

    • Cameron

      You just copyed half my sentence!

  • MALdito

    WOW! A lot of great ideas! I hope they find their way into iOS 5, wether its officially or as jailbreak tweaks (HINT HINT).