Are you looking for a more convenient way to send and receive your iPhone SMS messages throughout the day?

If so, then WifiSMS might just be the jailbreak tweak that you’ve been looking for. Unlike apps like Google voice where you can send and receive texts from a totally new number and interface, WifiSMS is basically a replica of the iPhone’s SMS messaging system displayed on your desktop monitor.

As a result, you get an instantly familiar interface that’s a cinch to set up. Check inside for all of the details on this must try jailbreak tweak…

WifiSMS allows you to connect to your iPhone via its Wi-Fi IP address, and interact directly with the SMS database stored on your iPhone. That means that all of your preexisting conversations are there, along with the photos, videos, and emoji icons contained within.

It’s just like using the iPhone’s native SMS app, except in a much larger, and easily accessible format. There’s even notifications, and the awfully familiar stock SMS sounds that we’ve grown accustomed to over the years.

I recommend saving the address in your browser’s bookmarks, that way your SMS messages will be quickly accessible throughout the day as long as your iPhone’s Wi-Fi access is active.

Bottom line, WifiSMS is a great tool for those of you who would like to be able to manage their SMS message throughout the day, without having to be tethered to a 3.5″ screen.

Even better, it’s free on Cydia’s BigBoss repo if your iPhone is jailbroken.

Have you tried WifiSMS? Perhaps you tried it when it was called TreasonSMS? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

  • francesco

    hi, thank you very much for your work.
    I am from Italy, i can receive sms but i can’t send from the browser.
    have you any solution?

  • Knack

    0 doesn’t work for me in UK… Can’t work out why though as others in UK can get it working?? Carrier specific?

  • Knack im O2 and its fine for me

    Dave Maiden
    not sure if sending a message to all ur contacts would then make them appear in the list or not

  • Dang

    Cannot seem to send sms out. Browser show that it send but the sms was nvr deliver..

  • Francesco

    Sms Are sent by the browser, they charged me as international sms. 0,30 € . Trying different country codes, as 0 there is not solution, so the problem is that SMS does not arrive to destination and not that u can’t send SMS using the browser.
    sorry for my English.

  • Knack

    Tested update in UK today! Works fine now. nice one!!

    • Francesco

      It works Using your country code +44 or others?
      Have you changed something or this is a fix by the developer?

  • Andy

    No longer works for me since the latest update. I cannot access it through my browser after many attempts of rebooting my phone and reinstalling WifiSMS. It worked fine before the update. Browser is Firefox 5.

  • JSchaff

    I have been searching for a way to SMS from my computer for years. ATT just wouldn’t create this capability.

    THIS is my killer app for jailbreaking now. I love all the others too, but this makes the top grade.

  • Thierry

    Jeff job Jeff. I love it! Works like a charm.
    Many thanks.

  • mohamed

    i try to search for this great application on cydia but i found nothing my iphone is 3g
    could you send to me direct download link

  • fantastic ican now get round the crap signal i have at home brill thanx m8

  • great app now i can get round having a crap signal at home brill app thanx m8

  • Its really nice concept however, how many concurrent connections can you have to the same device? My concerns would be around security.

  • does my phone have to be jailbroken. I like that it looks like your text right on your browser

  • Jodie

    Can u send messages to all phones or is it just to other iPhones?

  • Ryan

    why this app cant work on my iphone 5 os 6.12?

  • Bob Mutch

    I can’t get it to work on my iphone 5 iOS 6.0.2