According to new a figure coming out of in-flight WiFi provider GoGo, Apple’s iPhone makes up two thirds of mobile device usage in the skies.ย The iPhone’s smaller sibling, the iPod touch, also accounts for a massive 20% of those using a small-screened device to access the internet while in the sky.

It’s not such good news for Google’s Android, however. According to an AllThingsD report, despite there being more different Android devices than there are people on the planet, (perhaps a slight exaggeration) devices powered by Google’s operating system make up a paltry 12% of mobile devices used…

RIM’s BlackBerry devices are in the minority, with 6%. All other platforms, including WebOS, Windows Phone 7 and older handsets, make up the remainder with none holding enough of a share to be worth mentioning. A sure sign that iOS rules the roost, at least when it comes to GoGo’s usage.

For those wondering where Apple’s iPad fits into the figures, it doesn’t.

GoGo treats the iPad as a computer, which means it gets lumped in with Macs, Windows Machines and the two beady fellows using Linux. Even so, it’s holding its own here too. iPads account for one third of ‘computer’ usage, with the Mac rounding off the Apple stable’s performance with a solid 20%.

We’re taking bets on the opening music for Apple’s next press event being “Come Fly With Me” by Frank Sinatra.

[Cult of Mac]

  • W

    What’s gogo?

    • anthonyappleguy

      wifi on a plane

      • AT0M!X

        Cool! 8)

  • NyssaM

    I would LOVE “Come Fly with Me” to be played. And I realize that wasn
    ‘t the point of the article but even Apple takes a back seat to Sinatra ๐Ÿ˜€ <3

  • Jbravo

    Apple got more cash $$$ than USA government ๎„‡๎๎„…

    • Cameron

      The US is in HUGE dept though. Unlike the UK.

  • This isn’t surprising considering the large number of business travelers who are Mac enthusiasts. Speaking from experience, it’s a great way to make the most of your time when traveling.

  • JP

    It would make sense that iOS devices lead this segment. Afterall the only reason ppl use android is bcause they can’t afford an iPhone. So it is reasonable to assume they aren’t going to pay extra to use gogo inflight wifi if they could even afford the the airline ticket in the first place. Gogo targets consumers who don’t mind spending an extra $10 in flight to browse online. Those kind of people have iPhones and Macs (or ThinkPads).

    • Jon Garrett

      you’re are so damn stupid.

      what do you mean, people only use Android because they cant afford an iPhone? the iPhone is only $200 and there are at minimum, 5 Android phones that cost the same.

      the reason people use Android is because;
      – they don’t want to be told by a sick and aging CEO how to use THEIR phones
      – they don’t want to be slaved to iTunes
      – they don’t want to jailbreak their phones, voiding their warranty and causing instability, bugs, crashes and lagging just so they can have the awesomeness that comes with stock Android.

      – they want dual core phones
      – they want 8MP cameras
      – they want 2MP cameras on their tablets, not 0.7 like on the iPad
      – they want customization
      – they want to be able to install what THEY want and from where THEY want
      – they want USB ports
      – they want HDMI ports
      – they want micro SD slots
      – they want flash support
      – they want tabbed browsers
      – they want a better notification system, although apple has now copied that from Android & RIM

      – they want choice, they have many styles of phones to choose from
      – they want it NOW, they don’t have to wait a whole year for something new and exciting, there are several new Android phones released EVERY month

      they want the WORLD’S most popular mobile OS because of what it offers and not like you who only want an iPhone because you somehow think its a status symbol to own one.

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