It’s no secret that iTunes is due for a UI upgrade, and this should come true with the release of iTunes 11. A reliable source of ours has stated that iTunes 11, the next major update to iTunes, will be revamped from the ground up.

The basic layout of the iTunes UI hasn’t changed since the first version. This new update will have a completely different UI and better iCloud integration. 

From what we’re hearing, the UI would be much more cleaner and “slick.” iCloud is also going to be more closely integrated with iTunes. Rather than the iTunes Store being essentially a web browser, the Store will actually be integrated into the entire app— much like Spotify is currently.

We’re also hearing that iCloud backups will be integrated into iTunes. This means if you back up your iDevice to iCloud, that same backup will be stored locally on your computer. Also, app data from iCloud will be synced closely with iTunes. For example, if you beat a level in Angry Birds, that level data will be synced to iCloud and then to your iTunes library.

Are you eager for iTunes 11, or are you happy with the current design? Are you going to use iCloud for syncing your data when it releases this Fall?

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  • Saleh

    i just jizzed in my pants

    • Chris

      If iTunes makes you jizz your pants, fuck, you need therapy lol

      • buck

        you’re a jerk

    • SteveP

      Clearly a case of *premature* ejaculation!

  • MrChris

    You betcha! Im totaly stoked. It was only a matter of time before apple moved most of the plumbing to the clouds.


  • gio2490

    Not to worried about Itunes, I dont mind it much how it currently is. Lets not forget how bad WMP is!!! Icluod integration should be amazing. With backup stored locally could save a lot of headaches.

  • Dustin

    If iTunes 11 is going to be developed, how about making the Windows port more better or just as good as the Mac?

    • Christopher

      well Apple would obviously concentrate on software for their own computers first…

  • Kurt

    i would love to see a new UI for the stale, old look of iOS, iTunes and OSX. this is where apple is one of the worst of all companies. They should learn from windows how to change their look to be fresh. but knowing apple. they wont change and we will see yet again another stale, boring, outdated looking iTunes.

    • Knguyen

      Sorry but I and I’m sure a lot of other people will disagree. I love the whole ui design of osx. I think it looks clean and simple. I like osx a lot better than windows.

      • Apple also changes their UI pretty much every 18 months. Lion looks especially different, as did Jaguar, Tiger and Leopard.
        Windows 7 looks the same as Vista: prior to that, XP looked like a candy-colored version of the last 15 years of Win 9x. How is that “fresh”?

      • Windows 8

    • Kent Allard

      You are kidding, right?

    • JJ Mackey

      The only thing Apple could learn from Windows (MS) is how to copy…
      Stale, boring? sounds like Windows to me…

      • Chris

        That’s why it’s a much bigger platform than Mac and always will be, who gives a fuck about Mac’s except Apple fagboys just like is always the case with Apple products, you guys are pathetic.

      • Pam

        I’m not a mac user, sadly I’m a PC person because they’re cheaper. But I have to agree, Windows itself is pretty darn boring and stale. Even the different flavors of Linux update their UI better than Microsoft does theirs.

      • Really, Microosft dont update their UI? Windows 8? Metro?

    • Christopher

      OSX has just been changed massively with Lion, iTunes is about to be changed with iTunes 11, and iOS is about to get over 200 new features in iOS 5 in September.

      And as @Knguyen says, many more will disagree with what you said

    • Zach

      I think that W7 is definitely a breath of fresh air for MS, but come on… MS is the company that didn’t change WXP for over 5 years. Apple has a new OS every year. SURE, it’s all based on OSX, but that’s neither here nor there. Apple implements all kinds of software enhancements and UI changes with each new spin on OSX. I am not an Apple fanboy (only have the iPhone) but I am definitely a fan of their desire to keep things moving forward. MS just releases a new SP once in a while and expects everything to be fine. As technology advances, so does the OS and I just don’t see MS getting that point.

  • frandsen

    @Dustin: Why don’t you just switch to Mac? Ha ha ha … aaaaaall your troubles will be… GONE!

    • Quite frankly, iTunes is sluggish in OS X as well. I actually LIKE the interface, but Apple needs to make it launch and run faster, and ESPECIALLY speed up the store (and make connections to it more reliable) in both Windows and Mac versions, and on iOS devices as well. This also goes for the Mac App Store.

      • Marc Glave

        Works fine for me. Much faster than my Windows 7 laptop, so that may be a subjective observation. I like the interface too so I’ll wait and see on that front.

      • Marc Glave

        Works fine for me. Much faster than my Windows 7 laptop, so that may be a subjective observation.

      • Jocca

        Sounds like you need a faster internet connection.

      • norablindsided

        Back in the day, on one of the older OS X systems Internet Explorer (which at the time was much better and faster than any other browser (yes when I said back in the day I MEANT back in the day)) would totally crash OS X.

        So, my little conspiracy theory is that iTunes purposefully bogs down the PC’s as Apple’s revenge. For my computer iTunes doesn’t NEARLY consume as much processing power as the PC version did (I’m on a mac currently).

      • Christopher

        for me, the mac app store starts quite fast, but i do agree with the sluggishness of iTunes and iTunes Store.

      • baldrel

        I know many people have problems with it still, but since i upgraded to iTunes 10.4 in Lion, iTunes has become amazingly fast. I don’t know how it is on windows, i haven’t installed it on my pc yet. I don’t know if it was the re-write in cocoa or turning it 64 bit that did it but suddenly everything runs much much faster compared to iTunes 10.2. This is probably not the case for everyone. I run a Core i7 2.7ghz Macbook Pro 13″ 4gb (soon to be 8gb) RAM, with 22000 songs, 280 apps and 34 movies being managed on an external firewire drive.

        My complaints are still against at how slow the iTunes store is, can’t they put the same speed they put into safari into there?

      • Norablindsided

        Yep, I have the same specs as you and iTunes runs great on my comp. My two year old dell would simply be overwhelmed by iTunes and the computer would crash. On my mac it runs a LOT smoother, However the mac app store is a bit sluggish, they’ll probably fix that next update

  • It’s about time..when is 11 due out?

  • I like the ideas of syncing with iCloud, but since Apple is only offering 5gb of “FREE” storage, what will be the real cost?!!!

    After all, the iPhone 4 comes standard with 16gb (14gb usable) – this is nearly 300% more than what is “FREE”. If the extra storage costs are really expensive, then forget it.

    Furthermore, why in the heck isn’t ATT or Verizon (in the USA) offering Cloud storage with their oppressively expensive data plans??? You would think that could even be offered FREE as part of the packaged Data Plan for those prices!

    Well, in summary, I would love to have the convenience of iCloud storage, but I’m on a budget and I’m leery as to the additional cost that will be incurred.

    – Eric

    • Marcelo

      The 5gb is for the data of the Apps.. not the Apps itself… like.. If infinity blade saves your progress in the cloud it will be less than a Mb not a Gb like the game store in the phone

      • iXanczy


    • norablindsided

      Also, that wouldn’t include songs. The songs are streamed like with music by google, instead they are stored for download. So any song you purchase will be available for download on your devices. Also, those 5G is for documents like pages and timeline stuff. You won’t have to really worry about it if you already use services like dropbox for documents, or you never really use text editing programs on your iPhone.

      And I’m not sure about it storing App Data on there. I’ll look into that one. It could just be an optional thing, because I dont’ really need my progress on Angry Birds syncing on my Mac if I never play the game on my mac and only on my iPhone.

    • Christopher

      additional costs are $24.99 this is the cheapest out of all of the cloud services currently available.

  • alex

    yeah, i’ll love to see some changing in iTunes, bcd sometimes is totally hard to work with. it slow down my computer and doesn’t work as faster Spotify. they have to learn little bit 😉 it’s a good idea to make it more slick and quiet faster 😉 wait for that. of course ‘ll try sync with iCloud my data 😉

  • Aldous Snow

    With Spotify here in the U.S. now, Who needs this? Nobody.

    • DaTruComedian

      people with iDevices need it to sync there crap

      • norablindsided

        Not anymore. The new iCloud update will make it so there is no more syncing with a computer. Easier for me, you, them, everybody.

    • Anyone who wants to buy a song Spotify doesn’t have– of which there are millions. (A cursory glance at my own collection turned up a few hundred so far…)

      • beachmom

        Yeah, you buy the song, and then it appears on Spotify. It’s an instant cloud service in addition to everything else it does. And note, no music service is going to have *everything*, but the way it vacuums up all the music you have in iTunes, I find it the best of both worlds.

    • Christopher

      spotify has been available in the UK for some time now and it is very rarely used.

  • Scott

    I would love it if Apple included a slider in the settings where you can change the colour of iTunes.

  • Can’t wait for a new iTunes look – it’s really gotten a bit stale, as others have said, but I’m not sure how it could be improved without ending up either lacking important features (the way it’s so ***ing difficult to make a simple playlist from multiple songs), or being overly minimalist and having everything hidden all the time (the way FCPX is). I love Apple’s UI design but I think their most recent APP UIs (non-system) leave something to be desired. Lion iCal, anyone?…

    • norablindsided

      Maybe a minimalist look? Sort of like the direction that Google has been heading with Google+ and Gmail. I really wished that Apple moved away from 2007 and killed the gloss and chrome.

    • Christopher

      i personally really like iCal on Lion and i have actually started using it a lot more now..

  • jared

    in my opinion itunes is one of the only media players with a great UI i hope they revamp it but keep the basic principles into consideration 🙂

  • SRW

    I have used iTunes since it came out, and consider it one of the best media players around, however iTunes has been needing a code rewrite for years. Originally it was just a music player, and as Apple added more features, these new function were bolted on, and not always with best results (iTunes 6 was crap when first released). A new UI would be a welcomed change, and hopefully it will be a completely new app from the ground up, rather then just adding a pretty UI on it.

    The Windows version needs a rewrite as well, and Apple needs to stop the media codec war on Windows, build the necessary codecs into Windows iTunes, and leave QuickTime out of the equation.

  • That’s great news. 🙂 but a release of september means its quite still far away 🙁

  • Kessler

    I hope they improve the UI a bit…especially managing the Apps in iDevices. That whole interface is annoying to use. I’ve participated in 3 Apple surveys were they focus on iTunes and ways to improve it, looks like they’re finally doing something about it.

  • I dont actually really like the new UI that much. It looks a bit like the old iMovie HD in Puma

    • norablindsided

      I think that was just a bad photoshop job. The new UI wouldn’t be that bad.

      I highly doubt that the guys at Apple would get that excited at the crappy bevel layer additions that photoshop has

  • Can’t wait for iTunes 11 🙂

  • Willian Sousa

    I’m happy with actual design, the secont image with other design is ulgy 🙁

  • beachmom

    How much data is this music matching iCloud service going to use? Anyone with a ton of music and an ISP with a data cap is pretty much in trouble here. I don’t know if I can afford this in terms of data limits. I’ll stick to my trusty cable to my 64 GB iPod Touch plus Spotify.

  • All I know is that iTunes 10.4 has been crashing alot on my Windows 7 since I upgraded to the 10.4. Hopefully iTunes 11 will fix the bug. I’m thinking of downgrading to the last version, as it was better, and I can’t see much things better in 10.4.

  • Berquista

    the bottom picture is of the older iTunes! wow! people!

  • That looks a lot like iTunes 4 #justsaying

  • I have a question, Going by the screenshot above, how did you close out the classic itunes? im not sure but i dont think older mac allowed you to close it out via the menubar