It’s a rare occurrence when a really good app with cloud sync comes out for the iPhone, iPad and Mac. Notefile, by Junecloud, is lightweight notebook that syncs your notes between your iPhone, iPad, and even your Mac.

The great thing about Notefile is that it’s super minimal— there are literally no settings to customize. All you have to do is login with a free Junecloud ID to start syncing your notes across your devices. It just works!

The whole point of Notefile is to let you, “make quick notes and view them quickly, from anywhere.” And I have to say, the app does just that. Previously, I had been using Simplenote for my note taking needs on the go, but after testing Notefile, I may just make the switch.

Another bonus to Notefile is that Junecloud offers a free, gorgeous Dashboard widget to sync your notes with your Mac. The widget is available for free on Junecloud’s site.

The whole look and feel of Notefile closely resembles that of a physical, Moleskin-like notebook. Seriously, it really feels like you’re jotting down a note on a notebook— the texture and attention to detail in the app is that precise. The overall design of Notefile just screams minimalist perfection.

Pro users will of course feel left out with Notefile, as the app doesn’t have any kind of rich text or formatting options. Unfortunately, you can’t change the caramel color scheme, either. But I think you’ll find that the design grows on you as you play around with Notefile.

If you’re someone who wants a simple, fast, and beautiful note taking app, Notefile is perfect for you. The universal app is available for $4.99 in the App Store. To set up cloud sync, you’ll need to register a free account with Junecloud in-app.

Let us know what you think of Notefile! Do you have another note taking app that you use?

  • There’s literally a million and one of these minimalist writing apps, but this one is one of the nicer looking ones. Do you use a minimalist word processor? If so, which? Do you find them to really help you write better? I’ve messed around with a few of them, but I always end up going to something more full featured.

  • Frankie

    I still use Evernote and does the same… for free.

  • Artkin

    Sticking with IA Writer (iPad/Mac) on this one.

  • ayyy

    Developers really need to dish out original apps. Note taking is covered! Jesus, how many apps before people realize they ALL literally do the same thing! Every day, the app store features a new note taking app (yeah they look good, but they’re all similar!). Bloody wankers.

  • Ace

    I use awesome note. I love it. Even if I have to make a quick note, I can always return to it later and organize it accordingly. I love having folders with the option of locking them with a password and adding tags are extremely helpful for me 🙂

  • Dan Parsons

    It’s a crime that this app doesn’t sync with Dropbox.

    Err, um, I mean s/crime/marketing ploy/

  • j

    Also check out plaintext.
    Dropbox sync. Very stylish.
    $5 to get rid of ads