A new prototype case for the alleged iPhone 5 has leaked via a Chinese accessory manufacturer working in conjunction with Foxconn. This case design comes from MobileFun, a UK-based site that claims to have received this information through its supply chain sources overseas.

If this alleged case design for the upcoming iPhone 5 is representative of the rumored device’s design, there will be several major aesthetic changes made to Apple’s next iPhone— a curved back, larger screen, and possibly even a totally buttonless design

There were rumors earlier this year of Apple ditching the iPhone’s home button in the iPhone 5, and this case prototype also makes that assertion.

“Steve Jobs originally intended for the iPhone to be buttonless, but found he couldn’t quite get away with it. It looks like he’s some way closer to that goal with the iPhone 5; the physical home screen button has been replaced with a touch-sensitive ovaloid area which takes up the middle half of the bottom border. This area might be used for unique multi-touch gestures, given its increased size.”

MobileFun also thinks that Apple will move the iPhone’s side buttons to the other side of the device, and that the volume toggles and mute switch will be touch capacitive.

Rumors of Apple going back to the curved back of the iPhone 3G have also been tossed around the internet, and these case designs affirm that speculation. The iPhone 4’s glass back caused several issues with repeated shattering, and it also factored into the ‘Antennagate‘ saga. Going back to a curved design makes sense. We hope that it’s aluminium.

A larger screen has also been expected for quite some time, so there’s nothing new there.

Overall, MobileFun’s findings prove to be interesting at the very least. This is by no means concret proof for what to expect from Apple in September, but case leaks like this can sometimes prove to be an accurate foreshadowing of what’s to come.

What do you think? Does a buttonless, curved iPhone 5 sound good to you?

[Cult of Mac]

  • Captain Obvious

    That will send us back the drawing board on how to put our idevices into DFU for Redsn0w and the like.

  • Michael hernandy

    Does that mean theres no home button? How would we get to the springboard?

  • aleks

    this is fake! it looks exactly like a 3g/3gs but with a flash. im not going back to a 3g style iphone! although my wife prefers the look and feel of a 3g model. women..weird

    • James

      For the record, the 3G style is much better than the iPhone 4, both the shape and the materials, the 2 pieces of glass suck ass tbh.

      • Aleks

        I guess its a matter of opinion, keep in mind though, the i4 did win the award for best design of 2010; among others.

  • Chris

    This is just a rumour .. again ! Why do people take what they read as gospel. Just wait and see in September, there will either be a home button or there won’t, stressing about it and believeing every rumour from now till then isn’t going to change a thing.

    • Christopher

      no ones stressing? /:

  • Fejor

    it all makes sense now. Because there are no buttons, thats how they made the screen bigger. and they’re just using the multitouchgestures instead. iphone meets ipad

  • Juan

    i’m on the fence about a button-less iphone. it doesn’t appeal to me. i like the home button exactly how it is.

  • Juan

    apple should at least enable these gestures so we can adapt over the course of a generation (of the phone) before ripping the carpet from underneath it’s users…

    • Christopher

      this is what apple is all about, completely redesigning technology.
      i personally think that no home button, but just gestures would be a great idea.
      don’t immediately say no to change, its easier if its all done at once. (like they did with OS X Lion)

  • Jesus

    I’m not trying to correct anyone but that doesn’t seem like button-less to me, it seems more like they made the home button wider!
    I’m always trying to keep up with the rumors so that case matches the rumor that the new home button was gonna have multigesture sensibility!

  • ApPle_ks

    Stay cubed steve jobs!!! Please…

    • Aleks

      I hear that!

      • Christopher

        i agree, i hope it stays cubed, but possibly with the rumours about the tear drop design like the MacBook Air, id like that

  • Chris

    What about all the rumors that showed that the flash was on the opposite side of the phone? This is just a company trying to get attention like a 5 yeast old.

  • Dan

    I’m not buying it.

  • Sonncee

    If they do make it like a 3G with no home button good bye jailbreak