There was a time when App Store goers didn’t have to type their password in for every download. In fact, after entering it once, users had a 15 minute window to download software without having to constantly punch in a password.

However, after a few lawsuits and the threat of an FCC investigation, Apple changed the policy. Users now have to enter their Apple account passwords for every download, even a free one. Luckily, jailbreakers, there is now a tweak for that…

Enter PasswordPilot, a simple utility that automatically inserts your password for you when prompted by the App Store. This allows you to download apps until your heart’s content, without having to approve each time.

Once downloaded, simply go into your Settings app and tap the new PasswordPilot tab. Enter in your Apple account password and then leave Settings. Don’t worry, it saves and encrypts your password automatically.

While I wouldn’t recommend this tweak to folks who let friends or offspring play with their iDevice often, it is nice for the power user that downloads a lot of apps. PasswordPilot is available in Cydia for free.

PasswordPilot is available for free on FilippoBiga’s repo. The repo address is: – It should also be appearing on the BigBoss repo in the near future.

What do you think?

  • Medo


    In which source can I find it ???

    Thanks iDownload Blog

    • Max

      PasswordPilot is available from BigBoss.

  • I read about the need to enter a password every time you download from the App Store some time ago, but I have never had to. I can still enter it once and then have a 15 minute window to download any others.

    Maybe it’s because I’m in the UK and this is just a US change to policy?

    • j.johnson

      I’m here in the US and i only have to enter it in every 15 minute as well.

      • billypuntove

        Same. I’m on iOS 5. I don’t understand why the article says this.

  • John

    Video says repo info is in idownloadblog article. It’s not.

    • John,

      Sorry about that. Here are the details from the video:

      PasswordPilot is available for free on FilippoBiga’s repo. The repo address is: – It should also be appearing on the BigBoss repo in the near future.

  • Pn2bade

    If it had the ability to save the password just for updates, then I would download it. Otherwise, no thanks.

  • Don’t drink that racist coffee.

    Haha lol sucks for you americans! Up in the snowy lands of Canada, we still have the 15 minute download window, I guess cuz of the polarbears that we have guarding our passwords, eh!

    • billypuntove

      This article is wrong. We still get the window in the use. I do it all the time. No need to constantly enter it.

  • appletiser

    combined with Locktopus this is sweet !! 🙂

  • kokhean

    For people without credit card numbers in their accounts, this totally is safe.

  • Dane

    I’m in US andy password stays active for like 20 minutes every time I enter it so idk where you came up w that it needs to be entered every time. Even still. My cell phone isn’t something I share so it does get annoying when you want to get an app leave a review or install an update. I’ll wait a little bit though to make sure this is legit and not some scam to get passwords. The JB scene is very shady

    • We reported on the removal of the 15 min. window back in 4.3. Maybe it was changed in 4.3.1 – 4.3.3, because a lot of folks are claiming that they have the ability to download consecutive apps without having to enter a pw each time.

      In regards to this being a scam, I can assure you it’s not. Filipo Biga is a well known, well respected jailbreak developer.
      Besides, apps are screened as they are submitted to Cydia for malware.

      Thanks for reading!

      • Dane

        Thanks for the reply. Im still on 4.2.1 so I guess that’s why I never noticed. I went ahead and added this tweak and really enjoy it because my password is a little lengthy and includes numbers and characters.

        Here’s a question. There are a lot of times when I first launch the app store it will ask for my password for no reason. Is there a way to fix this.

  • Ozzy


  • David

    I’m just wondering how safe this app is seeing as I need to enter my password into it.

  • Thiago

    Nobody that this tweak can actually steal your password to use it to buy in the iTunes and app store? Seriously this is free but really dangerous if you think twice.

    • moob

      you’re just paranoid, how can this ‘steal’ your password if you voluntarily download the tweak and enter it yourself – that’s not stealing, besides the password is encrypted once it’s been entered.

  • D

    About damn time. Thanks for bringing attention to this… Every few months I go looking fOr something like this after having to carefully type my long ass password for to dozens of updates I contend with. No more!

  • Debrihmi

    The tweak I would like to see is one that inserts the passwords for FREE apps, that way my kid can download any free apps on her iPod without hounding me to death.

  • Mark Griffioen

    Don’t know if I’m the only one, but after installing this messed up my App Store. In any section, except for Updates, it shows me the Apple website. This is still happening, even after removing this tweak. I’m running a Verizon iPhone 4 iOS 4.2.8

  • Anon

    The version, 3.2.1 or 3.3.1 makes no difference, it’s the privacy policy you allways gotta accept.

  • Robert Goldberg

    I think KBShortcuts is MUCH better. I just set up to 10 passwords as “quick texts” and don’t worry about entering them all the time for a variety of accounts.

  • Is it storing password in memory or permanently on the flash memory? I would fear of using it when it stores it to a file on flash memory…

  • Sjenica Zvanično

    How can i reset the hole thing?
    I uninstall the passwordpilot beacause i have a new appstore account, and nothing happend! It alway come back!
    Even when i logout in the settings and put in my new account, when i go back to the appstore it show me again the user from passwordpilot… hmmm

  • Idk

  • Farhan