After several weeks of being forced to use the web app, early iOS Google+ adopters were finally given a native App Store app yesterday. The app included all kinds of enhancements over the web version, including the ability to manage profiles and upload photos.

However, a lot of folks were upset that Google didn’t include support for iPad and iPod Touch users. The omission was rather odd, considering folks with either device weren’t even able to download the app. Luckily, iDB has your back, and we’ve put together an easy guide to installing Google+ on your iPad or iPod Touch

If you’ve tried looking for the Google+ app in the App Store from your iPad, chances are you didn’t find it. And if you followed an App Store link to the application from the iPad, you likely received an error message saying, “Your request could not be completed.”

So, how in the world are you supposed to use the new social networking service on Apple’s tablet? It’s easy, just follow this step-by-step tutorial:

[Important Note: We haven’t tested this out on an iPod Touch yet, just the iPad. But as of right now we’re assuming it works on both.]

Step 1: First, you will need Apple’s free iPhone Configuration Utility, which you can download here. iOS developers will be familiar with the utility which lets you install software on your device that hasn’t been approved by Apple yet.

Step 2: You’ll also want to make sure you have the Google+ app on your computer, which is as easy as popping into iTunes and clicking the Apps tab. If it’s not there, just click here to download it.

Step 3: Open the iPhone Configuration Utility and make sure your iPad is plugged in. Select your device from the left-side menu and click the Applications tab. You should see a list of all the apps on your tablet. Now click the Add+ button in the top left corner of the window.

Step 4: You should see a browser window pop up that’ll allow you to navigate to the Google+ app. For me, it was located in MacintoshHD/user/*/Music/iTunes/MobileApplications/. You can also find it by right-clicking the Google+ icon in iTunes and selecting Show in

Step 5: You should now see the Google+ app when you go into the iPhone Configuration Utility. Make sure your device is selected, click the Applications tab, and select install. You’re finished!

The Google+ app is still iPhone-specifc, so it’ll only show up on the iPad in 2x mode. You would think RetinaPad would improve the enlarged version dramatically, but since this particular iPad isn’t jailbroken, I haven’t had a chance to test it yet. Regardless, this should hold you over until Google+ is officially iPad friendly.

Any questions? Did it work with your iPod Touch? Does the app look better with Retina Display? Sound off below!

[Thanks, Caleb]

  • Install? I don’t see that at all.

  • other problem the app has is that it isn’t ios5 ready … keeps crashing … not usable at all

    • QuarterSwede

      Reading and replying to notifications works but that’s it. Everything else crashes it and sometimes it won’t login.

  • Omarjk13

    no not on my ipod 4g

  • @mathew, hit me up on twitter @melvco for help.

    @Omar what step are you getting stuck at?

    • Omarjk13

      i didnt get stuck but when i hit install it gave me an error

      • NYCooookie

        Yeah, i’ve also the same problem. Im working with a Win 7, but I’m synching my iPod with a Mac Mini (Leopard)

  • I’ll just wait until it comes officially to the iPod. I still can’t figure out why they DIDN’T bring it to the iPod. Seems like there was an issue with Apple, not Google…

    • Irha

      I tried to trick AppStore by first downloading it on my mac and then going to purchased apps on my wifi iPad and trying to install from there. I got a different message that says something like “This app requires a GPS device and so is not supported on this device”. I doubt it is Apple doing this, I think Google set some deliberate limitations, perhaps to limit the number of people who sign on during the beta phase, or something like that.

      • But if you’re in the Beta (like me), you’re already using up server memory and whatnot. My guess is Google added a feature to the Google+ App that isn’t supported on iPod or iPad. That caused Apple to reject it for those apps. That would be a (delibarate?) mistake on Google’s part, but arrogance on Apple’s. That GPS feature would fit in this example. Might actually be the reason it’s only on iPhone.

  • Reno

    Why in heaven’s sake would I waste my time for this when I don’t even have the f……ng invitation to use this bloody app? I couldn’t care less as for me it is not that user friendly anyway considering all those negative comments all over the web. But thanks anyway for the tutorial. I might go back to this in the future if things get much smoother.

    • QuarterSwede

      As a Google+ user with friends and family using the service it’s a heck of a lot better than Facebook. You have so much more control over your content. Don’t believe everything you read.

  • Aaron

    It’s in installous, too. That’s how I got it on my itouch.

  • iLord

    installious RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • indeed but appsync still doesnt work out for ios5 🙁

  • JNHohol

    Any idea how to get this to work for us lame windows users? I keep getting this error: kAMDInvalidPairRecordError – Thanks

    • Oscar

      i have the very same error im running win 7, any idea on how we could make this work?

  • Can’t install it if you are using MAC OS X Lion
    Every time ask me to close iTunes & it’s already closed
    i updated my iTunes when i was on SnowLeopard, So it’s the official Version not beta 🙁

    • Randy

      Go into the Activity Monitor and look for iTunes Helper. Close that and it will install.

  • “kAMDInvalidPairRecordError” on my 3rd generation iPod Touch running iOS 5 Beta 2.
    BTW, I am on Windows!

    • Davey

      use this instead

  • MFCH

    I got it through Installous. RetinaPad works great on it.

  • ourjim

    Got it for iPad 1. No problems with it at all just yet. Using it with FullForce from Cydia and it’s running full screen with no problems. G+ Home screen is positioned in the upper left corner, but when you are viewing your streams or writing comments, it’s beautifully formatted in full screen.

    • Caleb

      Did you use a Mac or PC?

    • Andre

      Is everything looking fine on FF? can you actually use all the screen? Some apps on FF wrap content to the small iPhone-like window even if the app itself covers full screen.

  • James

    It worked great for me and installed! The only issue is when I sync my iPad to iTunes it tells me to authorize this computer or Google+ will be removed. The account is already authorized. So to sync to iTunes I have to let it be removed the install again I guess.

    Does anyone know a fix for this? Thanks!

    • Nick

      Hitting “cancel” will make this go away, and the app will remain installed. Hitting “Don’t Authorize” will uninstall the app, and hitting “Authorize” will keep making the authorization alert appear, over and over. So even though it doesn’t seem like the obvious choice, “Cancel” is the one you want.

      • James

        Thanks! I will “cancel” next time.

  • xtian08

    I just use itunes to download and sync and i dont have the Configuration utility installed.

  • Lauren

    Got it installed and so far so good! iPod Touch (3rd gen installing from a MBP)

  • nick

    Got it on Installous for iPad 2, FullForce works as well

  • Someone can help me pls? Im allways getting kAMDRecriveMessageError.

    See screenshot:

    I dont know why…

  • James

    i am also getting the kAMDReceiveMessageError

  • Caleb

    Jeff, you did pronounce it right! Not many can haha. It seems like the windows users are having some problems here…I will try this on a windows computer this evening and try to solve it.

  • lol evening – its half past eleven pm! 😀

    (on my timezone GMT+1)

  • i am also getting the kAMDReceiveMessageError and running Windows XP on iPad first generation.

  • Paolodeck

    When I launch Iphone Conf. Utility on Win 7 it says it’s missing ” CaTapospHolderApple Mobile DeviceCa TapospHolder.” Literally. It can’t see Ipad2 ( working regularly with Itunes). Maybe calling it Hugo could help.

  • Jim

    Used installous as well.

    • Jim

      On iTouch 4g, btw.

  • But I dont want to jailbreak mit iPod Touch 4G.

  • Jen

    Following the instructions on Windows 7. Getting the same error it looks like a few others are:

    “Could not install application on device. Error: kAMDReceiveMessageError”

    Can anyone help?

  • Trout dude

    Getting same error other windows 7 users are getting.

  • Win7/iPodTouch4g – When clicking “Install”, I’m getting the same “kAMDReceiveMessageError” that others are.

    • Nycooookie

      Yeah, now its confirmed that windows is shit…

  • Ulle

    Following the instructions on Windows 7. Getting the same error it looks like a few others are:

    “Could not install application on device. Error: kAMDReceiveMessageError”

    I experience the same as the other win 7 users ….

    • Nycooookie

      Yeah, windows is shit, thats it!

  • Ric

    It appears that it can’t be on both the iPad and iPhone with the same itunes account. Also, they are not excepting any more “beta” users right now.

  • Indium

    I get the same error message when i try to instal with windows 7 home

  • So all Win users are gettin this kAMD error. We know it.

  • Dan

    anyone find a fix for kamd error yet ????

  • Matto

    This worked beautifully for me – THANK YOU, and thank you to iPad today for featuring this! It’s a “double love it”!!

  • Matto

    Okay so one little thing was different – in the Configuration Utility, I did have to click on “Applications” and then search for the newly downloaded file and click on it to first add it. Once added to the Utility, then I clicked on my ipad and it was available to click “Install”.

  • If you have your iPad jailbroken, there is a much easier way for the official iPad app

  • Sayk

    What if you don’t have a mac?