Though we’ve seen quite a few gaming accessories hit the iOS scene, we’ve never come across anything like this. The appBlaster has to be one of the most innovative gaming add-ons that’s ever made it to market.

Although it may look like a souped-up Duck Hunt Zapper, the appBlaster utilizes cutting-edge technology. The accessory uses the iPhone’s camera and accelerometer to create an immersive first-person shooter. And the result, I must say, is awesome…

I actually came across the appBlaster on RandyJacksonNext (odd, I know). The accessory caught my eye because of the way that it uses augmented reality. I’ve seen a variety of mapping apps use the technology before, but the way the appBlaster implements it is near-genius.

“If you are the proud owner of a shiny iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4 you can make use of the rear facing camera to overlay the game against your surrounding environment. When your iPhone is docked it transform into a high tech sight complete with cross hair and game data. Now the alien swarm will appear from your walls, ceiling, floor, dog or whatever else…”

These “aliens” that Red5 refers to are found in appBlaster’s complimentary game, Alien Attack, by Apptoyz. The game works perfectly in conjunction with the accessory. Check out the demo video below.

I like how it uses the iPhone’s built-in accelerometer. It makes reloading your weapon as easy as tilting the appBlaster up in the air. It also makes for more entertaining gameplay, as on-screen graphics seem to react to every movement.

While the appBlaster is a super-cool accessory, at nearly 20 Euro (about $33 U.S.) it might just get lost in the pack. I don’t see many folks dropping $30 on plastic gun that makes playing a single game more entertaining. Maybe if there were more compatible titles available?

What do you think? Would you buy the appBlaster?

  • Mac

    good game for LAZBoy!!!!!!

  • svnelvn

    Is this Draco Malfoy after he realizes he can never beat Harry Potter?

  • pn2bade

    Pew pew.

  • Fabio Rodrigues

    it is a good begning for accessories, but expensive, we have been seing a lot of accessories for the iphone lately, but games like this are no news, nokias with symbian have had games like this since 2000 I think, i had a nokia 6600 and there were a lot games like this for my phone, actually there is a lot of things that I used at that time, but now they are making those things for the new common devices, good thing is that they are more effective, more tecnological 😀