In an attempt to get even more iPhone 4s shipped out the door before the supposed iPhone 5/4S release later this year, Apple has released two new ads, showing off two of the handset’s marquee features.

Apple’s iconic iPhone ads are no doubt on a par with the much-loved ‘Get a Mac’ ads, and the two new additions follow the same theme….

The first ad, AirPlay, shows off the iPhone’s ability to take video, music, or photos and display them on a television using the (sold separately) Apple TV.

Being one feature that always seems to wow people, Apple are wise to show off Airplay.

The second ad takes the much-loved, but rarely used, FaceTime and puts it front and center, showing off an as-yet poorly advertised feature: inter-device calls.

While FaceTime has been around since the iPhone 4’s launch last year, many will be unaware that calls can also be made to and from Macs and iPad 2s. With FaceTime made available to people who don’t own Apple’s latest iPhone, video calling is instantly opened up to people that didn’t necessarily know they could use it.

With what could possibly be the last two iPhone 4 ads to be aired, Apple has taken two features that many either won’t know exist, or don’t realise they can take advantage of, and thrown the spotlight on them.

We suspect AirPlay will sell a lot of Apple TVs, too.

  • Igeek1218

    Nice…. And the ANDROIDS use stupid hdmi cables lol… Can’t relax in bed and play a movie from your phone with a cable… Way to go apple!!!

  • Isis

    Yeah but as an iphone 4g owner it upsets me that they forget to mention one small detail unless the tv or stereo is sold from THEM it will not work. So meh! Whatever apple. My stereo and tv dont work with my iphone. Suck it!

    • Igeek1218

      Apple tv… And u have to use Bluetooth for it to work.. Gotta learn my friend…

  • GrEdDy

    True only u have to buy is the box which runs 100 bucks