We figure that most folks that haven’t opted to try jailbreaking iOS 5 by now aren’t going to. Perhaps you are waiting on an untethered jailbreak, or for more iOS 5 support from your favorite Cydia apps. But for those of you who have been waiting for more trivial reasons, check this out.

If the previously available custom widgets haven’t caught your eye yet, let me show you StatusGoogle. The utility installs itself into your Notifications Center drop down menu, and allows you to initiate a Google search inside any app with a swipe of your finger…

If you’ve ever been in your Twitter app and read something that you’d like more information on, you know how useful this tool could be. Simply pull down the notifications menu, select the StatusGoogle widget, and start typing.

Once you’ve typed in what you want to search for, the widget opens up Safari to the Google website. The page loads with search results based on what you typed in the StatusGoogle widget.

This would really come in handy when you want to Google something quickly. If you want to check out StatusGoogle, it’s available for free in Cydia. Just make sure you have http://thebigboss.org/ios5beta/ in your list of sources.

What’s your take on StatusGoogle?

  • Tom

    Suprised no one has added a tweak to the select/ or copy paste menu that pops up when you select text with a search google add on…

    • Coop

      Wow thats genius

      • Sangha

        there already is….. action menu allows you to do that

    • Kirk

      Action menu. Look it up on cydia

  • DomPerignon

    You wrote: “…for those of you who have been waiting for more trivial reasons,…” no you are wrong! We are not waiting for “more trivial reasons” the thing is that the vast majority of iPhone users are not DEVELOPERS and we are not willing to pay $99.00 to become one and be able to jailbreak iOS 5 in our iPhones, specially when we know that in a few weeks, we are going to have iOS 5 for FREE!

    • DeadlyMofo

      Yeah no.. For all of about 5 bucks you can have ios 5 on your idevice the reason why no one is jailbreaking it, it’s because of it only being a tethered jailbreak…get your facts straight and wait for fall to come to get your ios5

      • ic0edx

        I have iOS 5 and it’s not Jailbroken. I don’t care if it’s tethered or not it’s because nothing works, Winterboard is broken SBSittings is broken and so many other tweaks. Also you can search Google for “Activate my UDID” and you will probably find someone that is willing to do it for $5 – $10 maybe evan free. I feel like iOS 5 is a Jailbroken iOS except that you don’t get to add themes. If themes where included in iOS 5 I would probably never Jailbreak again. Seeing the way Apple toke everyones tweaks and integrated them into iOS 5 I will not be surprised if they start adding widgets, themes and other cool tweaks on future updates.

      • DomPerignon

        I think that paying even $1.00 for a beta software is stupid; I might be wrong but that is my opinion.