JailbreakMe 3.0 recently went live for all iDevices on iOS 4.3.3, and Comex’s PDF exploit is the first to successfully jailbreak the iPad 2.

Although the process of jailbreaking with JailbreakMe is incredibly easy, many of you probably still have questions concerning the userland jailbreak. The iPhone Dev Team has put together a helpful FAQ outlining the details behind JailbreakMe 3.0…

Q: Which devices and firmware versions are supported?

A: In this initial release, the following configurations are supported:

  • iPad1: 4.3 through 4.3.3
  • iPad2: 4.3.3
  • iPhone3GS: 4.3 through 4.3.3
  • iPhone4: 4.3 through 4.3.3
  • iPhone4-CDMA: 4.2.6 through 4.2.8
  • iPod touch 3g: 4.3, 4.3.2, 4.3.3
  • iPod touch 4g: 4.3 through 4.3.3

Q: Do the holes discovered by @comex put my device at risk?

A: Yes.  We recommend installing “PDF Patcher 2” in Cydia once you’re jailbroken to eliminate this risk (any firmware version).

Q: How does jbme3.0 differ from the existing jailbreaks?

A: jbme3.0 is entirely userland-based, from start to finish.  The A5 chip in the iPad2 has no iBoot or bootrom-level exploits yet, so tools like redsn0w, PwnageTool and sn0wbreeze can’t use the limera1n bootrom exploit to inject the jailbreak.  Even for those devices where limera1n works, jbme3.0 injects the jailbreak with a userland exploit.

Q: If I’m already jailbroken on the latest firmware, is there any advantage to jailbreaking again?

A: No, but you should consider showing this to your friends!  Spread the jailbreaking fever.

Q: Are the holes exploited by jbme3.0 closed in iOS5?

A: The holes still exist in the iOS5 betas, but they’ll almost certainly be fixed by the time iOS5 is public.  However because the iPad2 had no public jailbreak yet, it probably wasn’t worth waiting until the fall to use them.  If history repeats itself though, there will be more holes and exploits.

Q: Will I permanently lose the jailbreak if I need to restore my device?

A: For all except the iPad2, saving your SHSH blobs should let you always restore your device to iOS versions where this jailbreak works.  The iPad2 is a little more complicated.  If you have a wifi-only iPad2 and saved SHSH blobs, you’re in good shape.  But if you have the GSM or CDMA iPad2, you won’t be able to restore to 4.3.3 or lower once Apple stops signing its baseband.  There are a few ideas that might work to get around this limitation, but for now it’s best to assume there’s no going back to 4.3.3 once 4.3.4 is out for iPad2 GSM or CDMA owners.

Q: I heard this new unionfs stuff is dangerous?

A: Define dangerous 🙂  Seriously though, although unionfs is a huge improvement to the install time of the jailbreak, it is brand new code and there is the possibility something will go wrong.  Just keep regular backups of your media and content and you should be fine.  If there are any problems, they should appear within the first few days, so hold off and let “everyone else” test the waters if you’d like.

Comex also answered a pressing question about JailbreakMe’s PDF exploit:

Q: Isn’t there a risk hackers will make the exploit from this site into an iPhone virus?

A: When I released JailbreakMe 2.0 last year, some media reports focused on the security implications of releasing an exploit for unpatched vulnerabilities. I am not sure myself what to think of this, but here are some facts:

  • I did not create the vulnerabilities, only discover them. Releasing an exploit demonstrates the flaw, making it easier for others to use it for malice, but they have long been present and exploitable. Although releasing a jailbreak is certainly not the usual way to report a vulnerability, it still has the effect of making iOS more secure in the long run.
  • There’s always a first time, but I think there’s a good chance the security impact of these vulnerabilities will remain theoretical. Despite JailbreakMe 2.0 being open sourced after an updated version of iOS was released, which would have made it relatively easy to modify the code into an attack, I didn’t hear about any such modification except a proof of concept that showed up much later. The only iPhone virus ever to attack the general public was a trivial one that affected jailbreakers who installed OpenSSH (not installed by default) but left it at the default password.
  • Along with the jailbreak, I am releasing a patch for the main vulnerability which anyone especially security conscious can install to render themselves immune; due to the nature of iOS, this patch can only be installed on a jailbroken device. Until Apple releases an update, jailbreaking will ironically be the best way to remain secure.
  • Jailbreak apps and tweaks improve the mobile experience of millions of users, including many who were encourged to try it by the ease of use of web-based jailbreaks. I’m not just doing this to be flashy: there is considerable benefit to writing this kind of tool rather than one that requires a connected computer.”

For an ongoing list of user-submitted questions and concerns you can check out the Jailbreak QA page.

Any more questions?

  • kokhean

    Jailbroke an iPad 2 64 GB 3G + Wi-Fi in 5 freakin’ seconds! Isn’t that fast?!

    • iXanczy

      Hah, you beat me with two seconds ( I used seven ) 🙂

  • Didn’t work for me even after following troubleshooting instructions. Apparently there are issues with numerous iDevices.

  • Pieter.steenssens

    It sucks. First Cydia popped up, loaded a few sucks and went away. Then, Cydia installed but it crashed as soon as you tapped it, I did a restore and i’m going to do it again now!

    • same here glad i gave up my jailbreak after all the boasts on this one, upgraded finaly and bam half way throught the cydia download its fades out.

      • the secondary page on the jailbreakme.com states to download only and not ugrade when uodated to the 4.3.3, so i think this might be the issue. the line below it says there will have to be a new tool released for that download step? FUCK!

      • did a restore and its downloaded and working.

    • rho

      try and clear history, clear cache, and clear cookie then open a new safari page and jailbreak.
      this helped alot of ppl last night but if it doesnt work then well your ****** 😀
      hope it helps

    • Shannon

      Restore the device and try it again, it’ll work. 🙂

  • Chris445

    I have a question…

    This type of jailbreak seems to just smoothly allow Cydia on your device.

    Whereas I thought the point of jailbreaking was to inject code into the iPhone to allow us to run unasigned code leaving us to install apps and tweaks.

    So would this mean, Jaikbreak Me 3.0, has no harmful effect on your iPhone,e.g, leaving it vulnerable to slow down, or crash, or freeze anytime?

    Does jailbreak me 3.0 simply stop all that?


    • rho

      thats why right when you download cydia dont freakin do anything esle yet.
      go to cydia then go to search and download “PDF patcher 2”

      • Coach


  • @pololinguistic

    Other than pen and paper. Is there a way to backup my Cydia apps and sources?


    • Did u try google at all ?

      • @pololinguistic

        I’m on a google strike!

      • LMAO

    • Shannon

      Aptbackup or Pkgbackup

      • @pololinguistic

        Thank you

      • Jake

        xBackup is better!

    • DomPerignon

      Buy ‘PkgBackup’ hands down it is one of the best apps and a MUST for any jailbroken iDevice.

  • lalu

    guys i realized that this uses more system mem like 8X more then the computer one when i did it with rednow i had 10.8% system space free and when i did it with jailbreakme it only had .8% free this is bad because it will slow the processes down the partion as a whole is 700 MB something and ios uses a lot not recommended for iphone 3gs

    • Mick

      What lol I used JailbreakMe on my iPhone 4 which I restored to 4.3.3 and it installed cydia perfectly, no issues whatsoever and when checking sbsettings my free ram is higher than it ever was after using redsno to jailbreak.

      • Carlos

        How did you do the jailbreak, when i log In , the website says that my phone isnt compatible with the software , why didn’t you get this message

  • anon

    Please someone let me know the what the real benefits of jailbreaking wifi ipad 2 are? I mean what are the most popular jb apps for the wifi ipad you guys are installing? I currently have iphone 4 jailbroken and benefit from MyWi, installous, 3G unrestrictor, and sb settings. I just don’t see any must have jb apps for a wifi ipad 2. Thanks in advanced.

    • Michael

      All of those work for the iPad 2 as well

  • Shannon

    I downloaded the leaked jailbreak for iPad 2 4.3 and then updated to 4.3.3 and tried to jailbreak with jailbreakme.com and it didn’t work, can someone help me please?

    • Shannon

      Ok, I figured it out. Everyone having this problem, a restore will solve it!

      • azharhamzahya


    • lt916

      Works perfect on iPad 2. Very buggy on iPhone 4 even on 4.3.3! I had to restore than was able to jailbreak it. After installing bitsms, now my iPhone crashed. Been sitting on the apple logo for hour until I finally decided to put into DFU mode. I am going to try redsnow.

  • SEEL

    ^^^ you should have waited! Thats what you get idiot hahahahahahahahaahahah!!!!!!

    • Shannon

      Lol. Thanks for your opinion, but I figured it out, works perfectly.

  • has anyone else notticed that you cant go to jailbreakme.com from bestbuy wifi? i tried to earlier with a demo unit and it said something about being blocked by the network.

  • Omarito

    Hi everyone,
    I was wondering if any of you have founded any solution for gps with iPad baseband. I’m new in the state of Florida and I use Gps a lot. Please help me out!!!!!!!! Lol

  • James

    I’ve seen this complaint recently and now I discovered the same issue. The camera kit no longer works. I tryed it today after I jailbroke but did it work before? And is there a fix?


    • Pukka

      Nothing just yet on the camera connecter issue, kinda sucks because I just bought the iPad camera kit. Either way having a jailbreak is better then a camera connector, guess that means no uploading pics to my iPad on vacation.

  • Fojam

    How does his stashing replacement actually work anyway?

    • rdqronos

      How does it work?
      Quite well, actually.

  • Mike

    help please! my phone is stuck in recovery mode and will not update…any ideas? i’m running the current itunes (10.3) and did update my phone to 4.3. please!

    • rdqronos

      Pull a restore in DFU mode.

  • Alvaro

    I was experiencing an “invalid checksum” when Cydia wanted to install on the iPhone. I was behind a firewall on WiFi. Once I disabled the firewall the problem was fixed – actually I turned off Wifi and connected on 3G. The jailbreak proceeded without a glitch!

  • aaron

    ppl needs unlock too!!!

  • babe

    OK, why is so different with jailbreakme 2.0? That’s also before bootroom exploit launched [Limera1n, GP]
    when i had iphone 3gs i think i can restore back to 4.00, using TSS Server tiny umbrella offline, offline firmware already downloaded and saved shsh.
    IF all done by offline connection, can it happen?

  • Moshi30

    I would like to ask if this jailbreakme will update the baseband? I have an at&t phone on 4.0 that’s been jailbroken and unlocked baseband 1.59.00. I would like to use this new jailbreakme to upgrade to 4.3.3 but will i lose the ability to unlock?

  • babe

    comex released it on 4.3.3 since the unthethered exploit patched on 5.0 beta

  • LasLajasGto

    Official time jailbreak was released? does anyone know!

  • Steve NO job

    Just JB i4 4.3.1 with jbme only took 8 sec what a genius @comex

  • Chico

    Will Jailbreakme v3 update my baseband? I had some issues when jailbreaker app update my baseband and I was hoping that this would not happen again. Thank you very much…

  • Fuzzy

    Um guys I went on the website but I dont see the free button underneath the Cydia Pic. Please help.
    P.s. I am using a iPod 4 g with software 4. 2 something

  • Fuzzeh

    I went on the website but I dont see the free button underneath the Cydia Pic. Please help.
    P.s. I am using a iPod 4 g with software 4. 2 something

  • SINcere

    can anybody help me here? i got a new (white) iphone 4 and i made sure that the 4th and 5th numbers of the SERIAL NUMBER are before 28 (because after the 28th week all the iphones were sold on 4.3.4, not 4.3.3, which obviously i want it to be on 4.3.3 so i can use the new Comex 3.0 Jailbreak) to make sure that it has 4.3.3 firmware on it, which it does. i went to http://www.jailbreakme.com on safari and it installed cydia, but when I try to open cydia it just crash’s to the springboard. i can’t restore to 4.3.3 because there’s no way to save the SHSH, because apple is no longer signing them and for some reason i cannot install ifaith to blob because everytime i try it says wait for the update…..hmmm….so does anybody know a way around this? also, the phone seems to reboot itself a lot and doesn’t seem to be taking a charge when plugged in. would this have anything to do with the jailbreak not working correctly?

  • Man man

    Does anybody know how to jailbreak iPhone 4 with the version 4.3.5

  • Man man

    Does anybody know how to jailbreak iPhone 4 with the version 4.3.5 ?

  • SINcere

    I hate to inform you, but there will NOT be a jailbreak past 4.3.3 (which is Comex 3.0 and its unthethered) or 4.3.4 (which is redsn0w but it is a tethered jailbreak) until the all new iOS 5 is released. I’m pretty sure all the developers of exploits are going to be focused on the iOS 5 beta that is about to expire to get a better handle on that exploit when it arrives. Do you have your SHSH’s saved? If you do then you can downgrade to an earlier firmware. If it’s a new phone you just bought you should’ve have done what I just did while buying my fiances
    new iPhone 4 (if you look at the serial # on the back of the box make sure that the 4th and 5th digits are less than 28 ((ex. xxx25xxxxxx)). This shows the week of production the phone was made in, which then can tell you what firmware is on the phone. From weeks 18-27 the phone will have 4.3.3 installed on it. Also just so you know the 3rd digit of the serial # is the the last digit of the year so the new phone I got was made in week 25 of 2011 so the serial was as follows “xx125xxxxxx”. I hope I helped with that long reply lol.

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  • sara

    it wont let me install!!! 🙁