With over 500,000 iDevices jailbroken with JailbreakMe Saffron since last night, can you imagine if Comex made $1 for each of these devices? Yes, he’d probably be flying first class to some Caribbean island by now.

But let’s be realistic, not everyone would want to pay for a jailbreak, even if it was as low as one dollar. Truth is, most people probably don’t even know they can donate to Comex, which is why we thought it was our duty to let everyone know that they can…

If you used JailbreakMe to jailbreak one or more of your devices, the right thing to do would be to make a small donation to Comex. He’s been working on this jailbreak for almost a year and has probably spent hundreds of hours on it. The least we can do is to give a little financial support. Anything helps: $0.10, $0.50, $1, $10. Give whatever you can.

Not only this will be a much deserved reward, but that will most likely encourage Comex to keep working on those exploits.

  • alanzhao

    I did donate ($5). And I think a lot if people will do too.

  • George

    Just donated 10$! Keep on, Comex!

  • Tbv

    I donated $10. Only fair for the man’s hard work. Thank you Comex! 🙂

  • James

    Just donated $5.00!

    Thanx again!

  • Danny Marks

    Lol that sounds like a comment I made on a previous blog post regarding jbm3! Where’s my cut lol!

    • Cameron

      I feel your pain

  • Ken

    I donated $10. I pay $0.99 for multiple stupid apps in iTunes…I don’t mind paying $10 for a Jailbreak. Thanks for all the work!

    • LasLajasGto

      True True! We pay .99 cents for some stupid apps we could throw in 10 bucks! Liked your comment its inspired me to donate more!

  • Dan

    Apple gives us the App Store for free and then takes 30% of the revenue it produces. I think Cydia should function in a similar way. Whoever provides the jailbreak gets a cut of the money. 30% is probably the wrong number, but I think a workable number could be found. This would encourage quick, frequent, and quality jailbreaks.

    Right now, we are pretty spoiled to have a few awesome people who are willing to give us jailbreaks for basically free. If that fount of generosity ever dries up, maybe a solution like what I described could be helpful. For now, let’s all be grateful and donate as we can.

    • Kurt

      now thats a clever idea. perhaps 1 dollar to register with cydia with funds going to the hacker who jailbroke the most recent firmware. or they could simply charge a buck for it on their site. of course it would quickly pop up on free downloading sites but if this would give them and others incentive to find more exploits and naturally it would, we would get jailbreaks sooner as they would work on them more.

  • @cyclone321

    I donated $5.00 for the jailbreak!

  • Brian

    5 bucks coming your way. Keep it up!

  • Omarito

    Hi everyone,
    I just did a donation of 20 dollars, I think comex has done a lot for us and he deserves more than that.
    I also have a question:
    I was wondering if any of you have founded any solution for gps with iPad baseband. I’m new in the state of Florida and I use Gps a lot. Please let me know any possible solution besides to get s new iPhone

  • Fojam

    As soon as my overprotective parents allow me to make a paypal, I shall donate $10

  • Jim

    I just donated $500. Thanks for your hard work Comex!!!

    • LT

      $500? Yeah right! Lolz. I just donated $10.00

    • Alex L

      ur awesome man!

    • We should ask @comex if there is any $500 donation. I am pretty sure he would say no.

      • azharhamzahya


    • Kurt

      jim, you forgot the period…ill correct it for you…you donated $5.00

  • Mike

    I would have donated if it had worked on my 3gs.

    • Kuipo

      It will if you are on 4.3.3

      • Mike

        I am on 4.3.3.

    • Mike

      Ok, after doing a complete restore of my 3gs and retrying the jailbreak, it worked. I donated $5.00.

  • RanKer

    5 bucks coming from here, Keep up the good work comex, you ROCK 😀

  • OrangeSn0w

    I would donate 10, but I only have 1 in my paypal… Because of all the hacking… I’ll send what I have 😛

  • Rick maahea

    I don’t need this jailbreak on my device, but I would still donate if I had any money al all to donate. Being unemployed really sucks

  • Manu

    $10 from Argentina! Thanx 4 the work!

  • green_comet

    No not Brown….Brown….Brown…..

    $20 coming at ya Comex!!!

  • Rattata

    Most people who jailbreak do it so they don’t have to pay for apps. I do it so I can unlock potential so I’ll donate. Ppl donate

  • Alvaro

    Thanks comex, $5.00 to you from El Salvador, Central America.

  • Gary

    He sure deserves the donations for spiritjb, jailbreakme 2.0, jailbreakme 3.0, and all the other work he did. $5 for him!

  • iamlynda

    Shoot!, the donate button only brings me to an info page. Could someone pls give me the proper link to donate

    • Iamlynda

      Figured it out $5.00 coming your way!! Many Thanks!!

  • Jorge

    I just donated 1,000 bucks that I had on my wallet!

    • Alex L

      ur amazing

    • My ass just give him 5 at least

  • 1$ on me

  • Rob

    I did’t donate but I do charge ppl to jailbreak their phone

    • Roberto

      you should be proud of yourself, fking asshole

    • Kurt

      nothing wrong with that. never done it myself but people do do it and make good money at it charging 35 bucks or so. how much do you charge

  • i just donated 100000 cents..

  • kash

    Donated $5 for Comex’s hard work

  • Jtorres

    Comex made it so easybto jailbreak that I save at least $20 by not having to pay someone else to jailbreak it for me. I’ll donate $10 without thinking about it. Thanks a million Comex

  • babe

    Please use valid legal account and legal “money” to comex, otherwise his donate account could be freezed. Not from carding, fraud, etc.

  • Donate $200 and i wna donate him a Jeep! And a copy of the movie NEVER SAY NEVER!

  • azharhamzahya

    Hey Seb,Did you noticed version cydia is 1.1.2 when you JB with JailbreakMe 3.0…:)

  • Rafael Kapela

    I donate $5,00 and i´m very happy with my iPad 2 jailbreaked : )

  • Songheng

    Just donated 1.00 usd for Jack as he has no credit card but want to donate to thanks for Comex’ s hard work.

  • friendhui

    10 dollars donated.

  • mohgui

    i didn’t use jailbreakme 3.0 but i use the PDF patcher 2… should i donate too? 🙂

  • Michael

    donated! Steve Jobs must be pissed right now

  • Born 5th of july

    I cant donate coz i dont have a credit card and paypal account. Im living in a 3rd world country(philippines) so u understand why but hats off to Comex for being so selfless. Maybe i dont have any money but will surely pray to god that he’ll give this fine young man more power and dont let this wonderful kid have a change of heart. You’re an inspiration to all of us here. Mabuhay Comex! All the way here in ph:-).

    • Bro, u own an iDevice but u dont have the capacity to donate not even $1? Greenhills charges 1k for a jailbreak. Kapal mo! I donated $5 bec the man deserves it. And dont u reason out Philippines as a 3rd world country. Readers will just think of Filipinos as incapable to not even donate for a buck. If only i can remove your comment, i have removed it.
      Filipinos can afford! U r just kuripot.

    • so if u dont have credit card or paypal account, why dont u make one now? Im pissed off on u Mr Born 5th of july mentioning or rather reasoning out 3rd world country and using the word selfless! Look at yourself, man!
      Namu if u dont donate!

  • Trevor D.

    Lol I gave $5 too, sounds like he’s getting more than expected

  • Trevor D.

    Lol I gave $5 too, sounds like he’s getting more than expected.

  • Alastion

    I would donate if I actually could… But jailbreakme didn’t work on my iP4 anyway

  • 2CENTS

    I don’t have an ipad gave a couple bucks. It will help us all out in the future.

  • Ninoslav

    I would like to donate,but in Serbia we don’t have paypal. Any other solutions for donate?

  • Chinzee

    5$ from Mongolia. Баярлалаа

  • getbent1000

    The donation page is not available anymore on jailbreak me. Any know of how to donate?