I thought a lot about whether I should publish this or not and I came to the conclusion that it was worth throwing out there. Now you have to take what’s to come with a grain of salt because it comes from an anonymous tipster that we had never heard of before. After doing a quick check on the IP address of the sender though, I can tell that our tipster is not too far from Cupertino, which I admit is not an indication of trustworthiness.

Our tipster – let’s call him Mr T – referred to an article we wrote last week, in which DigiTimes claimed the next iPhone will sport a dual-LED camera flash. According to Mr T, the next iPhone will indeed sport 2 LEDs, except that one will be a LED camera flash, and the other one will be an LED indicator

An LED indicator? Yes, just like the good old BlackBerrys have right above the screen.

I have to say that’s one of the features I miss about my BlackBerry. Having a flashing LED to tell you you have a missed call, or an unread text message was good to have, especially when I was stuck in those long meetings where no ringtones or vibrations would be allowed.

Mr T claims that if Apple added flash alerts in iOS 5, it’s not for the iPhone 4 but for the iPhone 5. As he notes, how practical is it to have a flashing LED when this LED is on the back of your phone?

Now would Apple take the risk of defacing the iPhone with a flashing LED? Is this feature even needed? I liked this on my BlackBerry but I never thought to myself “gosh I wish Apple would put an LED indicator on this.”

Taking into account that this comes from an unreliable source, what do you guys think?

  • Jeff

    I would love to see this feature on the new iphones i always thought it was cool on the blackberrys but didnt think apple would ever incorporate it in

    • aBBle

      I fully agree – I would love it too and Apple should do it, even if they would have to pay licence fees to RIM, cause this was one of their grand ideas. I still use my BB next to the iphone and still hope that RIM is getting back on track, just because these guys brought so much good stuff the the mobile world.

      • J.Johnson

        My treo had the same light. Im not sure Rim owns that. Maybe…who knows

  • Funked

    This feature would be awesome! They could incorporate it in such a way that it doesn’t deface it – like the proximity sensor, the way you can’t see it (on the black model anyway). This would be a very nice feature!

  • Juan

    one of the things i wished the iphone had especially when i made the jump from the storm to the iphone. but i adapted. so now, i’m indifferent about it but i would welcome it… for sure.

  • This is one thing I would really like. I was so use to having it on my BB and being able to see if I had new notifications without even turning on the phone. I still up until today miss it. Hopefully they put it up on the top of the phone or something like that so it peaks out from a sleave instead. Kind of pointless to still have to pull out the phone from its case to see it still.

  • Well, looking at the 4 comments above me, it looks like an LED indicator would be welcome.

  • marcvince

    I dont think apple would put this, but it will we nice to have.

  • Dick Fontaine

    a flashing light isn’t going to help me much when the phone is in my pocket, when I’m holding it in my hand I don’t think it’s too much to ask to look at the screen

    • LED is basically essential for the new iPhone in order to be called a new iPhone!

  • Masters

    I like this idea A LOT! It could even be used for a flash for taking front pictures or FaceTime.

  • Lalala

    I HOPE APPLE INCORPORATES THIS! It was VERY helpful on my BlakBerry and I do miss it.

    I hate the fact that, currently, the iPhone’s screen turns on whenever there is an alert because people next to me or behind me can read the whole thing when my phone’s laying on my desk or a table. Sucks when a calendar alert that reads “Therapist @ 6pm” flashes on the screen for everyone to see.

    I’m crossing my fingers.

    • J.Johnson

      You know you there is an option via settings you can turn on so the whole message isnt displayed in the alert.

  • thierry

    Yes I want it too, that’s what I missed the most from my BB.

  • BLiNK

    being an Ex-BB user this was one the things i missed most when making the transition. now, i could care less. in fact IF it is incorporated in the iP5 i will most likely disable it (FFS i hope there is an option)

    i know this will make upcoming BB to iPhone users ecstatic!

  • I’d rather see an LED indicator to let you know when your front-facing camera is on.

  • Matt

    Not a bad idea, I like the notification side of it and it would ONLY flash when u have a unchecked notification. Where as it’s too commen I beleave to have a flashing light to tell you. You hover service or. ‘YES your phone is still on’

  • Danielcg

    I love how you referred to him as “Mr. T”

  • Nabeel

    Only and only if ain’t too big for Steve jobs ego . A led on the front of new iphone 5 just like blackberry would make it a brilliant addition to its iOS 5 features .

  • Anon

    They’re changing the new proximity sensor, and putting the led where the old sensor used to be.

  • Anon

    Another prototype has a notification indicator that has to do with the home button.

    • Marc

      what do you mean?

      • QuarterSwede

        The idea is that the white square in the home button would pulse like the Macbook’s sleep light. This was the idea of a MacRumors member. Plenty of us sent that in as feedback to Apple because it’s a brilliant idea.

      • Marc

        wow..i’d never heard that before. that’s brilliant!

      • QuarterSwede

        I tried to find the mockup but was unable. 🙁

    • Hmm..sounds like something I saw a while back over here:


      seems like that guy had it right two years ago. I wonder how much stuff apple takes from these “rumor” forums.

      • Awesomeguy97

        Apple doesn’t take ideas from rumors. Rumors take ideas from Apple.

  • Marc

    A welcome addition indeed, if it pans out. I like the idea of the light being on when the front facing camera is on, so long as it doesn’t drain the battery. Flashing at different frequencies for different things could be cool, but I’d be content with just the notifications.

  • I see we have many Ex-BB Users. 🙂

  • Awesomeguy97

    Another reason why android’s better!!

    • Painman

      I might have given this comment more credence if it wasn’t for the fact it’s written on an iPhone blog. Wtf are you even doing here? Cretin

  • Braulio

    That’s a nice commercial for it lol nice job on it 🙂

  • jim

    Am I the only who don’t like led indicator?

    • Masters

      Apparently so!

  • svnelvn

    This feature is really useful when you leave your iphone for shower what not, come back and know if you have any missed calls or messages without turning on the screen. because we don’t always turn on the screen to check for missed calls but we do glimpse at our phone all the time

  • It could just be like the indicator on Macs, for the camera, right?

  • stoney05

    why is everyone comparing this only to BB..?? about every phone in the world has a led indicating messages/call/email. the only phone that doesnt is the iphone

  • Bnet

    Why not use the button on the front along with the new ios 5 notification system? This way you will know who called or text you and not look a a light to tell you…now maybe if it incorporated morse code, then you have a must have addition. Now where is my morse code book….I left it right by my smoke signal manual.

  • Mannyd5

    This feature is very important since you’re always notified if ever there are incoming messages. LED flash would be a great addition to the iPhone’s features. I have a mobile notification app from Cydia and it’s well appreciated.

  • Evoss

    no would be good if will be flashing mail envelope with white led when sms receive and flashing phone holder with green when incoming call

  • even my HTC 8925 (AKA
    : ATT Tilt) had LED indicators …… I DID miss it, but I’m over it now …… especially with all the notification tweaks available in Cydia ……

    P.S. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE………….. did I say LOVE enough times? the idea of the white in the homebutton illuminating ……. THAT would be frikken AWESOME!!!! that’s for sure!!!

  • Would be a great feature. It’s also not on the Galaxy S2 a LED indicator.

  • msxy

    look at the title SPORT it’s SUPPORT

  • Kiki99

    totaly agree I have a “normal” phone that have a nice blue led flashing … this is basic missing iPhone feature for me.

  • this is the ONLY reason i went back to bb from the iphone 4s, color id, the customizeable app lets me know who the caller is based on the the color,,, i will def switch if it has it