EA, the popular game publisher on the App Store has discounted all their games on the App Store to $0.99. EA is among one of the top selling publishers in the App Store currently. Usually each weekend before a holiday, EA hosts a sale in which they discount all their games to $0.99.

The occasion for this sale is the 4th of July. I would recommend that you buy your games before Monday in case they end the sale on Tuesday. There is currently a vast selection of games for your to pick from…

What games did you purchase? Leave it in the comments below.

  • Kevin Nunez

    They’re known for doing this, I remember them doing it a couple of times last year. Sales FTW!

  • jose

    its stupid becuase most likely, you bought it when it first came out and it was like 5.99. now its .99.
    I say “WTF”!!!!!!

    • MrA

      Yah, never buy EA games when they’re first released, just wait for the sales.

  • pete

    I stocked up last time and got:
    Dead Space
    Battlefield: Bad Company
    Fifa 11
    NBA Jam
    NFS: Hot Pursuit
    By my calculations saved over $25 😉

  • Lockywood

    Change title. “All EA games except Rock Band are 99 cents.”