Folks, are you excited? We surely are, because we just got our hands on iOS 5 beta 2, and we’ve been able to go hands on with Wi-Fi sync.

Let me tell you, it works gloriously. I know this is sort of an overused mantra, especially in the Apple space, but it just works.

Anyone who’s familiar with the jailbreak implementations of wireless syncing will be right at home with Apple’s iteration of Wi-Fi syncing, and unsurprisingly, it’s even simpler with Apple at the helm.

Check inside for hands-on video coverage of iOS 5 beta 2’s Wi-Fi syncing capabilities…

In order to get Wi-Fi sync working you must meet the following requirements: You must have iTunes 10.5 beta, iOS 5 beta 2, and a Wi-Fi Connection. You will also need a USB cable for the initial sync.

After meeting those requirements, follow these steps to get Wi-Fi sync working:

1: Install iOS 5 beta 2 on your iOS device.
2: Install iTunes 10.5 beta on your computer.
3: Plug your device into your computer and open iTunes.
4: In iTunes under the summary tab for your device, enable “Sync over Wi-Fi connection” and sync your device via the usb connection.
5: Untether your device from USB, and your device will still be recognized by iTunes!
6: Drag and drop files from iTunes to your device, and wipe the tears from your eyes as you watch Wi-Fi sync work for the first time.

What do you think about the new and improved Wi-Fi sync? Are you happy to finally be able to “cut the cord” so to speak?

  • So this is pretty syncing with your computer running iTunes without the USB cord right? There’s no way to sync from the cloud is there? The music part of iCloud is just streaming music right?

    • Sean

      Just the opposite, iCloud is ONLY syncing, no streaming. But that feature won’t be enabled untill the fall when iOS 5 is released officially.

  • Ken

    Can two iphones sync with one computer ove the wi-fi at the same time?

    • Martelotte


  • Braulio

    The one thing I dislike is that you need to have it plugged in at first to start the wifi sync. When it’s jailbroken it’s totally wirelessly, but other than that it works great.

    • It’s just a one time thing. After that, it’s no longer required.

    • CyPhErLoUs

      And… if you haven’t already, you have to connect to a computer to jailbreak TO get WiFi Sync from Cydia so what’s your point?

      • William

        No, he doesn’t have a point.

  • John

    wait was this supposed to be new in beta 2? cause im doing this right now with beta 1…

  • @jeff so by one time u mean that we need to connect using usb for the first time when we set up wifi sync.. and after that every time we sync we can b totally wireless..

  • pj

    I don’t even see the option for wifi sync under the summary settings in iTunes.. What am I missing?

    • Make sure that you have updated to the new iTunes beta 2 (10.5b43 should be the version number in “About iTunes” window). The WiFi sync option wasn’t showing up for me either until I upgraded to the newest iTunes beta.

      • I have the 10.5b43 version. But still I dont see it 🙁

      • amoryblane

        I’m having the same problem, did you ever get it worked out? i have the newest itunes beta 10.5b43 (43), cant figure it out.

      • Karen

        The syncing option shows on your device, under settings – general – itunes wi-fi sync

    • Kiro

      me too!

  • kil1er7

    sam here

    • tafel

      Hi Sam.

      • Steve


      • kil1er7


  • Nhonho

    In iOS 5.0 beta 2, wireless syncing is now available for the Mac

  • FichaelNd

    you have to update your mac to see the setting in itunes was having the same problem

  • djkrumble

    yup gotta update your mac i also had same issue

  • kil1er7

    i installed this beta on itunes but im on windows and i have already have installed the fiware but still nothing

    • QuarterSwede

      Mac only

  • Adam

    yeah i just got caught out by this it has to be version 10.6.8 for it to work! they dont really tell you this though?

    • They do, if you’re a developer. They don’t, if you’re getting it from “elsewhere”. You obviously got it from “elsewhere” (or you can’t read simple instructions, since it’s impossible to miss in the developers’ web).

  • kil1er7

    so where can i get the version?

  • evan

    wifi sync does not appear to be available for ipad 2 (ios 5 beta 2) even though i have 10.6.8 installed and itunes 5 beta 2 installed. i don’t see my ipad listed on the left for me to drag music into it, for example, when it’s unteathered.

    yes, i did enable ‘sync over wifi’ setting within itunes and synced that setting change to my ipad 2. i don’t seem to find where i can drag music into my ipad 2 when it’s not tethered to my mac.

  • evan

    nevermind… i figured it out. i always “eject” my ipad 2 and in order to wifi sync, you must physically unplug that ipad 2 from the computer, which will then keep that ipad 2 in your devices list. wow — i thought it was unsafe to just unplug your device, which is why the eject button is there.

  • leesome

    Judging by that video it looks as though it’s background syncing…? Does that mean can now use the phone for other things while it’s syncing!?

    • Dan

      Yes that’s correct.

      • leesome

        That’s awesome – cheers mate

      • And it only syncs the new data for and update there you don’t download everthing and reinstall everything just what’s new?

  • iceweasel69

    Is in proximity driven? (when you get within range of wifi, sync begins).

  • GadgetMan

    I updated everything and did a wireless sync and it sync’s to the phone fine and pretty fast but iTunes get stuck on: Waiting for changes to reconcile????? Anyone else having the same problem??

    • Pizza Fungi

      Same here.

      • Jon M

        Same problem here

    • Mapple12

      I have the same problem. Do you find a result, I not 🙁 ?? My Iphone sync very fine over the wifi network and the USB …. but by step 7 there are this message …. 🙁

  • MAC only – pfffffff

  • Atzekeule

    Hi, I use Windows, news Beta of iTunes and iPhone 4. The checkbox does not appear to enable wireless sync. Any suggestions how to fix that? My iPhone only uses playlists to get songs to it.

    • iLoveDubstep1337

      mac only

  • Alejandro Santnder

    This is the real deal: iCloud on Twitter (@iCloudMac):

  • kil1er7

    yea having same probem for windows

  • Paul K

    Same problem. iPhone will sync over wifi no problem. iPad 2 will go to stage 7 and hang on ‘Waiting for changes to reconcile’, tried reboot, iPad, Mac, iTunes,

  • Just to confirm, you do need Mac OS X 10.7 to use wireless sync right?

    • QuarterSwede

      Or 10.6.8

  • Piru

    Hey guys, so I got it right that Wifi Sync by now is only available for Mac OS iTunes, but not for Windows?

    • QuarterSwede

      Correct. It only works with iTunes 10.5 beta which is only for OS X.

      • Apostropartheid

        That isn’t true. iTunes 10.5b2 is available on both platforms.

      • QuarterSwede

        Sorry, that’s correct. Wireless Sync is only available on OS X thus far though.

  • Chris

    Doesn’t work for me. I’m running OS X 10.7 with the latest update. iTunes 10.5b43 and iOS 5 beta 2. When I unplug it, after checking and applying sync over WiFi, it just ejects.

  • I am confused, Apple say that you must be connected to a power source, and yet in this video there is no power source, please may someone explain?

    • Jon M

      I got it up and running, you def do NOT need to be connected to a power source!

      It wouldn’t really be wireless then IMO

      • Well thats a relief! Would somewhat contradict the point of wireless backup, it’s just on the website it says . “Every time you connect your iOS device to a power source (say, overnight for charging), it automatically syncs and backs up any new content to”

      • QuarterSwede

        I wonder if it will want more than 5% or 10% to wirelessly sync. Thought process is that OTA updates have a certain charge requirement.

    • David

      It is true that iTunes “automatically” syncs when you plug into a power source. You can always initiate the w-ifi sync manually without plugging in.

  • Jacob

    I’m getting an error when watching videos and want to know if anyone else is… when I go to apples website via safari and try to watch any video the controls aren’t there. Play/pause, expand the screen or done. Can sonebody confirm if they’re getting the same? I’m using iOS 5 beta 2, iTunes 10.5 beta 2 and my MacBook is running 10.6.8 (the latest version).

  • wondering if the ipod nano, shuffle and classic get a similar treatment. not just music, but getting my calendar and notes and contacts synced with these idevices would be neat!

  • SomeoneSomewhere

    I’m on iOS 5b2 and iTunes 10.5b2, I don’t have that on Summary
    My device is iPod Touch 3G with 32GB
    Any chances it doesn’t support devices without A4? :\
    IT SHOULD WORK! (100% On Beta For iTunes & The Firmware)

    • Cibernello

      Salme problem for me. The wifi sync checkbox is not available on my Mac

  • Maik Lohse

    I did everything the way I was supposed to. But when I unplug my iPhone 4 it disappears from the devices tab… :-/ What am I missing?

  • James

    Fairly unfair that WiFI Sync is only enabled on the Mac that’s pretty screwed up… I don’t want a Mac I use Mac’s at work but no thanks happy with my PC…

    About time to enable it in Windows APPLE!!

  • Im on itunes 10.5 beta and ios5 beta 2 and there is no option to sync over WIFI in iTunes when my iPhone is connected…

  • Jack,

    @jeff Hey, I have iPod touch 4 with iOS 5b2 installed and itunes 10.5b2 on my computer.. I dont see any “Sync over Wi-Fi connection” label.. These are the only options I have:

    What should I do to make it work?
    Thank you very much 🙂

  • MILE

    Not working for me — when I try to sync it gives me a “disk not found” error with the error code -50 🙁

    Any ideas what that could be about…?!

  • umair

    gevey sim 100%work on iOS 5.0 b2

  • tiago

    me too. i’ve just downloaded the itunes 10.5 beta 3 and theres no “Sync over Wi-Fi connection” label either! :/

    • QuarterSwede

      Did you try plugging it in via USB to get the iDevice to show up and then looking for the check box under Summary?

    • Sean

      Be sure you have updated to OS X 10.6.8. Same thing happened to me until I upgraded.

  • Erik

    Do you have to have itunes open for it to work, or is it a service or something that runs as long as your computer is powered on?

    • David

      iTunes must stay running. It continually checks for the device to come online and plugged in to wall outlet..

  • Matthew

    I have itunes and the sync now button appears grayed out. I haved ticked the sync over wifi box but when i disconnect my ipod touch from my pc it disappears from the devices list. What should i do?

  • Sam

    I can’t seem to sync over wifi. The “Sync over wifi” option isn’t even there! Do I need to be running Mac OSX 10.6? I’m currently running 10.5

  • Quinn

    my itunes does not give the the option to sync via wifi. does anyone know how to fix this?

  • David

    If this worked as easy as described it would be great. I have iOS5, and iTunes 10.5 and I tethered, checked box, applied, synced and every time I unplug device it disappears! Arrrggghhh. Not fair.

    Any suggestions?

    • binay

      i got the same problem

      • GLR

        same here, reboot computer, replug your device, unplug, then it stays some time, until it disappears again, for no reason. Buggy buggy buggy….

    • Pete

      I have the same problem with my PC running Windows 7. I have another PC with Windows XP Pro installed and my iTunes there works perfectly with the iPad2 showing up even without the cable connected. I wonder if it’s got anything to do with Windows 7?

  • Pissedoff

    My experience: 7 out if 10 times iTunes 10.5 hangs for no particular reason. IPad does not sync without USB cable no matter what shit you try.

    Every time iTunes finish sync. ITunes hangs.

  • Dre

    automatic syncing does not work. theres nothing wireless about it. i can “sync” under the iTunes wifi sync option under settings, but only allows me to do so while plugged in. i checked off the sync this iPhone over wifi box on my computer and synced it wired. but once unplugged my device is gone from the menu

  • Arthur

    I have an iPhone 4, running on ios 5 and a mac , on Mac OS X 10.5.8 and itunes is on 10.5. i dont have that option in summery sync over wifi connection? and i really dont know what to do? 🙁

  • Lydia

    Hi all! I used Window Vista and when I first downloaded itunes 10.5 and downloaded the IOS 5 software for my iphone 4, I was not getting an option for “Sync with Wi-FI” on the computer itunes Summary screen. This is what I done:
    1. Re-downloaded itunes 10.5
    2. Once the download was completed, I was given an option to either “Repair and replace” or “Erase”. I chose repair and replace.
    3. Once the installation was complete, I opened itunes from the start menu (not the shortcut).
    4. i connected my iphone 4
    5. On the summary screen, remember to scroll down. The option for sync with wifi is at the bottom of the summary screen.
    6. Click on sync with wi-fi and click Apply at the bottom of the summary screen.
    7. Works Perfectly!!!!!
    I hope this helps someone!!!

    • Arthur

      I dus the same but it didn’t work 🙁 got an mac 🙁

  • LIES! I still have to plug my iPhone 4 into my computer! When I connected it via cable, THEN it said it could wirelessly sync…well that made no sense, since it was already connected. Then when I unplugged it and plugged it into a power source…no dice!

  • it says i have to have it plugged in to the computer every time i want to sync it over wifi