Sure, the iPhone has been receiving the most press regarding iOS 5, but some of Apple’s other devices stand to benefit greatly from the update as well.

I’ve had the privilege of being able to update both my iPhone 4 and iPad 2 with the latest and greatest mobile operating system, and frankly, it rocks.

As you likely are already well aware of, Apple has adopted a well received PC Free mantra for iOS 5, and that makes setting up a new device a relatively painless affair.

It’s so nice to see your device welcome you, instead of staring blankly at that ugly “connect to iTunes” message when turning on your device for the first time.

Check out the following video walkthroughs of both the iPad 2 and iPhone 4 in iOS 5 initial setup action…

iPad 2 iOS 5 Initial Setup

iPhone 4 iOS 5 Initial Setup

So there you go. The iPad 2 setup is pretty spot on with the iPhone besides the obvious name changes, and a few other idiosyncrasies. I really like how Apple is improving the unification of iOS across all of their hardware platforms.

Updating is going to be a breeze, backing up is going to be a breeze, restoring all of your apps and such is going to be a walk in the park.

I can’t wait for iOS 5 to get here. If it’s already this good, and we still have possibly 4 months before it’s officially released, then it bodes well for iOS 5 laying undisputed claim to the best mobile operating system ever.

How do you feel about the new setup method? Do you like it? Or do you *gasp* prefer the old “Connect to iTunes” nonsense?

  • I just want to see it on the iPhone 5

  • Pilky1986

    Why on my iphone 4 can i not view the flash.. I have frash installed.. Any one else on ios have this issue? Ps its on all posts

  • Your iPod touch G4? Is it like a G6?

    • Masters

      Generation 4. Used to be 4G but people kept confusing it with the new network. So it was switched around to G4 “4th generation iPod”.

  • Nice

    So a WiFi Network is needed to set up the iPhone? o_O

  • Revvxz

    No, its optional.

  • Revvxz

    Or you MAY need it because of the Apple ID thing.