If you are currently running the beta build of iOS 5 on any of your iDevices, you might want to read this. That goes double for folks using the firmware that don’t have an Apple developer’s account.

Known jailbreak developer iH8sn0w warned the Twitter nation yesterday that the iOS 5 Beta 1 has an expiration date. Once expired, the firmware will lock you out of your device until it’s downgraded or iOS 5 officially launches…

The iOS 5 beta version released last last week will be deactivated on August 4th. The process can’t be stopped because it happens at boot level, and there’s currently no boot-level exploit for iOS 5.

What does that mean for users who have installed the beta firmware on one of their devices? Not much if you were smart and saved your SHSH blobs from your previous firmware. Folks that did can downgrade at anytime.

Registered Apple developers also don’t have much to worry about. It’s extremely likely that the next beta will have been out for weeks by the time the first beta shuts down. You’ll be able to upgrade to the new firmware as usual.

This will likely also be the saving grace for users who didn’t save their blobs. As with the first beta release, there is a good chance that the new software will be made available somewhere on the web.

The bottom line is, when iOS 5 Beta 2 is released, make sure you either update or downgrade back to 4.3.3. Any device left running the original beta after August 4th will likely lock down until a newer firmware is available.

Any questions?

  • I still have 4.3.1!!

  • Dodgerdeezy

    Won’t affect me. I’m running iOS 6! Lol

    • rdqronos


  • Martin

    What’s the problem then, if everybody will be able to upgrade to beta2 ?

    • The title is a little misleading. It should say “iOS 5 Beta 1 Set to Expire August 4th.

  • Martin

    Any info about the release of next beta?

  • c0esx

    Beta 2 might not be out ASAP and you will be stuck with a looked iPhone.

    • Adrien

      I think you’re a bit wrong, by taking into account the delay between each beta release, iOS5b2 should be out early next week (the pattern has been verified for iOS 3 and 4)…
      If I were you (and if you want to continue using ios5 🙂 ) I will register my device on a developer account…
      I did it this morning, it’s safe and fast and I will be able to test all the betas until the final version is released. (for info I registered my 2 devices on registermybeta.com)

      If your device is not registered on a dev account, you should downgrade to 4.3.3 as it is still possible :/

      Cheers ++

      • Someone

        On ebay, you can register for 1.7$ :p

  • rdqronos

    what do you mean by “there is no boot-level exploit for iOS 5”?
    Limera1n IS boot-level. That’s how it can be jailbroken, and why the jailbreak is tethered. I think you have your facts mixed up.
    An untethered jailbreak just means that the modified (jailbroken) kernel can pass all checks that the bootROM uses without any injected code from a computer. You still need a separate exploit to allow the bootROM to even ACCEPT the modified kernel (untethered or tethered), which is where geohot’s limera1n exploit comes in.

    • Yes you’re right. The boot level exploit is hardware base. I think what Cody meant is that there WON’T be a boot level exploit on the iPhone 5.

      • rdqronos

        Ahhh. In that case, sorry Cody.

  • Josh

    Well man ur article is fucked up lol the beta 2 will b out before August lol know the facts before u write lol

  • Someone

    So, the guys how have iOS 5b1 with no dev license, and no SHSH saved are in the … ?

    • Adrien

      I’m afraid you’re right :/
      Try to downgrade to 4.3.3 if you can or register your UDID on a dev account so you will be able to install all the betas until the final version is released. Check my previous post, I explained what I’ve done for my iPhone 😉

  • Good thing I registered my iPad 2 Verizon 64GB on eBay for the UDID registration. I just want to make sure if I have my iPad 2 registered on a developer account, I won;t be locked out of my iPad 2. Right? The developer is legit. Does anyone think I am safe from this?

  • Mitchell

    I had my device registered on IOS 4.0 and when I tryed to update to iOS 5.0 it worked like it would if it was registered. Will I be locked out?

  • discovery

    oh dumb ones, read the iOS paperwork with more attention to detail. iOS 5 beta wont expire, your provisioning will. Now if you haven’t been able to figure that out, just stay quiet, relax, and enjoy the show

  • Debi

    my computer crashed a few weeks ago… Now I am locked out of my iphone that was running iOS 5, any way to continue using the phone (downgraded) without connecting to itunes/

  • Thomas Clements

    I have been locked out of my iPhone because I didn’t realise that there was an expiration data.

    Is there ANYTHING that I can do?

    Please help!!

    • mike

      Yes, Put your phone into DFU mode and set up as a new phone on 4.3.5. Then restore from an older back up. This just happened to me. Unfortunatly you will loose lots of data on your phone, but at least it will work

      • Dan

        I tried restoring it to 4.3.3. Will that not work? I’m downloading iOS 5 beta 2 right now, hoping that it can solve my bricked phone problem.

        Now when you say lose lots of data, do you mean even the data I previously backed up? Cause I luckily backed up my phone like last week, so theres not too much new information.

    • rdqronos

      Restore to older firmware or newer beta with DFU mode