One feature that didn’t make its way into iOS 5, but may soon appear in the App Store, is an Apple app for movie-goers. A newly discovered patent published by the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office today illustrates an iOS application that could make it easier than ever to browse movie showtimes and buy tickets on your iPhone.

The app will also provide a link to Apple’s iTunes Movie Trailers service, which will allow users to watch trailers and view additional information on movies they’re interested in. However, that’s not the most impressive feature…

What’s really rather clever is that the application will also work with your iPhone calendar to remind you of your other engagements, so that you don’t accidentally buy tickets to a movie on the same night you’re due to go out for dinner with your parents. Patently Apple also speculates that the app could tie-in with Apple’s rumored ‘iWallet’ feature and allow you to make simple one-tap purchases.

Pretty neat, eh? While there are plenty of third-party applications for movie fans in the App Store, which provide access to showtimes and ticket purchasing, I’m not aware of any that make it this simple to browse and buy tickets with calendar integration. I’m looking forward to this one – what about you?

  • The sad thing is that going to a movie these days with your other half costs more than waiting a month and buying it on DVD.

    • David

      Amen…. I have 5 Kids….. They never get to go the movies…. Unless its the drive-in. Yes folks… I live 4 miles from the Blue Fox Drive-In. Always a double or triple feature…. $6.50 for anyone 11 or over and $.50 for children 4-10… Under 4 Free….. Lets see this weekend is X-Men and Kung Fu Panda 2.


  • I haven’t went to the movies in over a year. They prices are way too high.

  • Cinema prices are extationate the only time we go is orange Wednesday’s and that aint that often