What if I told you a white ninja crashed a car into an Apple Store in Greensboro, NC? You’d probably say “Sebastien, you should take it easy on this medicinal marijuana”, right? Now what if I told you that I’m typing this, completely sober, and that a ninja indeed crashed his car into an Apple Store?

I know this sound a little surreal but this did happen earlier today…

The suspect was dressed in what a witness told 107.5 KZL resembled a ninja suit, drove through the store’s plate glass windows early Friday then ran away without taking anything. […]

Police said the Honda that was abandoned at the store was reported stolen more than an hour after the crash.around 6 a.m.

Watch out for the ninjas, you don’t know what to expect from them.

[Fox 8 via TiPb]

  • ddr

    Never can tell with Ninjas I guess.

  • Hello

    Didn’t take anything? He could have at least gotten an iPad or a Macbook Pro and given it to me if he didn’t want it.

    • Selcuk

      Maybe he did, stealth mode.

  • Leo

    If he gives it to you then you are his teammate go to jail
    Both of ya haha

  • Hmmm, sounds a bit funny

  • Sebastien, you should take it easy on this medicinal marijuana

    ha ha ha

  • GreenOne

    well what do you know, there WAS an app for that !

  • GreenOne

    Is this the new MORTAL KOMBAT vs APPLE game?

  • Alastion

    Is it just me or is that Macbook(Pro?) floating right there?

    • Ernesto Castellanos

      It’s not just you

  • SumDumFu

    White ninja don’t steal. Now a black ninja……that’s a different story. Lol.

  • Man that’s one crappy ninja lol

  • Huey

    That’s an Acura RL.

    • Huey

      Nevermind, that’s an Accord..

  • Breno

    oh my goodness! Oo

  • He probably lost a bet! And his punishment was dress as a ninja steal a car and crash it into an apple store

  • sas

    rofl mao