Have you ever had an amazing idea for an iPhone application but didn’t have the means to get it off the ground? Producing an iPhone app can seem like a daunting task to even the most experienced developer, so what about the folks that are just starting out?

I’ve been tinkering with XCode for over a year now and still can’t quite make heads or tails of a lot of things. Luckily, there appears to be a few options for novices to turn ideas into apps without any programming…

I’ve seen several of these services over the last year or so, but Appmakr seems to be the most streamlined. The free website allows you to build an iOS app from start to finish, and will even help you submit your creation to the App Store.

Even though the service is tagged with the Beta moniker, it’s been around for over a year, and currently comprises over 1% of all App Store apps. The platform is based on RSS power and HTML coding, so no object-oriented programming is required.

The RSS component makes it easy to make your own RSS feed reader or app for your personal website. When using the in-app HTML feature, you can call on the iPhone’s camera, accelerometer and other built-in components.

Appmakr allows you to upload your own app and in-app icons, or you can choose from their [awful] selection. You’re also given the opportunity to upload your own splash screen and other images for the software.

You’ll need a $99 Apple developer account to build the app to your device and submit it to the App Store. If you’re worried about the money, just let Appmakr help you insert ads into your application, and you’ll make that hundred bucks back in no time.

As you can imagine, you don’t have the freedom in Appmakr that you would in building your own application, but the service is great for beginners. Just make sure to stay away from in-app purchases until this whole Lodsys thing gets hashed out.

Have you tried Appmakr? Or are you just an app user?

  • Eh, I don’t know about making back your developer fee “in no time,” since it’s kind of hard to make an RSS-driven app stand out from the crowd unless you have a very popular web site. But I used AppMakr recently to create iOS and Android apps for my site, and I was impressed with how easy the process is while still offering some (but not a lot) of control over the finished product.

    Appmakr’s iOS app builder is definitely much more polished than the Android version, but that’s to be expected since the Android tools were added more recently.

  • c0edx

    I really want to learn C language but all the tutorials I have tried are based of you having some knowledge of C language, I’ve Evans tried books. Where do I start is there a class I can take. I live in Los Angles and if anyone knows any thing please let me know.


  • xResidente

    This I just like loosing weight without exercising… Just saying!

  • Rouni

    Have you tried using http://ocw.mit.edu/index.htm to learn programing? I know there is iTunes U but this has course readings etc… For some of the classes.

  • I don’t like it.

    Tried it. Used it. Hated it.

  • As you said, this is great for begginer. But if you know C++ and the knowledge requeired to work with iOS, then the App you create wil be 100x better than what AppMarkr would create.

  • Cameron

    Shit this is Apple trying to make more money out of us with a $100 account just like they do with all of there products! Does it cost to make an Android and Windows Phone 7 App?

  • Luis

    i know java, c++, c#, and, search and sort algorithms, i still have no idea how to make anything else than a Hello, World!( and by following a tutorial :/… in xcode

  • Hey. Good information. Appmakr is worth $99.

  • No programming required. I thought some knowledge was needed at least. Will have to givie it a try.

  • Esh

    A nice iPhone application to create games without the need for coding is : ‘Game Creator’.
    You need to download it to your iPhone, iPod or iPad and create a game just with drag and drop.
    The good part is that it cost only $1.99 one time.

  • Garry

    I use Snappii.com for creating iPhone apps. It’s easy and cool.

    • Ember

      Agree with Garry. Snappii dot com is the best service

  • Jon Russard

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