We like to give Android a hard time here at iDB, but we can also recognize when the platform offers features that the iPhone is still missing. It was only last week that I thought to myself it would be nice to have some kind of Android-like feature that would allow me to view all my applications in one place, without having to flick through several pages of apps.

It seems that iOS jailbreak developer Surenix heard me as he created AndroidLoader, an app that seems to do exactly what I was wishing for. Or does it?

After installing AndroidLoader from Cydia, you will have a new button in your iPhone dock. Simply slide this button up a folder-style list of all your applications will show up. From there, you can scroll up and down to find the app you’re looking for. Not sure how it works? Check out the video below.

AndroidLoader looks great but I can see a couple drawbacks to the app. First, I don’t like having this big button in my dock. I’d much rather be able to use an Activator gesture to launch AndroidLoader. Second, it seems the only way to sort applications is by alphabetical order, via the settings app. There needs to be a better way to sort apps.

AndroidLoader is not available in Cydia quite yet. It should be in the next few hours for $2.99. This price seems a little over what most of us would want to pay for such a tweak, but I know I’ll definitely give it a try. Will you?

  • Shrike1978

    Don’t have any use for this. My apps are alphabetical across the homescreens when I do a restore, and I have to use Spotlight to find anything quickly until I can PkgBackup restore everything (the only time I ever use Spotlight). Not sure why I’d want a tweak to let me go back to disorganization.

  • Erik

    I’d pick this up if it were 1.99 and I could pull it up via activator instead of the huge button in the dock. Nice idea though, this would be functional to me.

  • Android is a very interesting OS cause its more open then iOS, even my windows HTC HD2 can run froyo, gingerbread or Honeycomb without lagging. Plus we can have more customizable themes and Home Launchers without jailbreaking or rooting. Android FTW!

    • Eric

      And the malware is great too!

      • Jon Garrett

        malware on the iphone too. you have no idea what all those Jailbroken apps are doing in the background.

      • thats why we have an app to stop malware, Lookout is your Android best friend.

    • kadz

      how many ppl like u are there .. geeee zuuus .. ur stupid

    • Manuel

      Android = virus market.

      • Brian

        Name one virus on Android…

  • Eric

    Pointless. I have 330 apps on 2 pages. Folderenhancer is God. And spotlight is the quickest way to find anything.

    • Dave

      Agreed. FolderEnhancer + Infinidock = 1 page of organized apps.

  • Eric

    And you talk about swiping through pages of apps. You have to do that with this too, only you’re swipin vertically. And now they’re in a ridiculous alphabetical order rather than by type. And that ugly button. I’ll pass. But if if someone thinks this is cool spend your money and enjoy the pointless tweak.


      Ridiculous alphabetical order? Doesn’t alphabetical “order” mean easy to find? would you rather they be unorganized like by creation date, file size, or maybe random order (which random isn’t really a form of order but it seems that is what your aiming at with your comment). Gotta admit though, Comments like yours make me wonder what the world is comming to, but at least I get a chuckle out of them.

  • Brandon

    The only thing I miss from my old Droid that I haven’t been able to tweak on my iPhone yet is the app list. Still, I think I will pass. It’s been over 5 months now, so I know where things are without having to search for them or need the list anymore.

  • Gorgonphone

    what is the point of this BS?

  • iOS

    dumb app.. u say it’s better then flicking through a bunch of pages.. well Ur gonna have to flick through just as much to find Ur apps.

  • JoBerlin

    The iOS GUI is nice and good for most users. But it would be great if there were an official API to customise the GUI. I guess we would see tons off cool styles, layouts, enhancements and other cool stuff.

  • Burge

    If you want to scroll up/down just get infinyboard …ether way you are scrolling..better off using spotlight….

  • W@Nd3r

    this is one of the features i hate abt android… duh.

    I would recommend to spend your money on Dock, which is much better, nicer, and more efficient than this piece of crap.. pardon my language..