As the suspected launch date for the next iPhone draws near, the rumors continue to pile up. Here is another one to add to the pile.

In several memos from Verizon, a rumor leaked of possible capacities for the next iPhone. The memo mentioned 32 and 64GB capacities. The 32GB version would obviously be the same size as the larger of the current models, but the 64 would be new…

The only problem here is that this could be a typo. The memo states these capacities after a reference to the iPhone 4. There currently isn’t a 64GB iPhone 4, but we’ve seen before that a 64GB iPhone might be in the works.

Now on the technical side of this, expanding the capacity to 64GB wouldn’t be some feat of engineering as the current design of the iPhone is capable of easily being upgraded to a 64GB. Just look at the iPod Touch 4G.

Would you appreciate the expansion to 64GB? Is it too much?

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  • Rigimortis

    There is no iPhone 5 release this year. So you can’t we are getting near. #fail blog – learn to get sources trustworthy of adding to your blog. /fail hard

    • Rigisadumass

      STFU idiot

  • NeverTooMuch

    I’d say you can never have too much storage capacity on any device, be it an iPhone, iPod, iPad, or a desktop or laptop computer.

    • megatr0n


  • I need a 64GB model, as my 32GB is completely filled with apps. I’ve been wanting/needing a 64GB model for a long time now.

    • Li

      How many apps do you or have you been using for the pass few months?? I bet um… 10?

    • vik071

      You should remove some porn then…

  • Max

    Why would they make a 64GB IPHONE when icloud would do the job?

    • icyhotonmynuts

      Probably because not everyone (and I’ve worked at a cellphone store) wants to get a data plan with their smart phone…SO in the event there is no wireless signal, perhaps you’re at the cottage or out in the boonies camping, then you can say good f*ing luck to connecting to your cloud.

  • Johnny B

    I would love a 64g model my 32g is filled up with mostly music and some movies for when I travel

  • Funked

    It would be nice having all that space, but unless you’re a music junkie then there’s no real need for 64gb. My iPhone 4 is just 16gb, and only like 4gb is music, around 4gb apps, and the rest is free. I used to have all my apps/music on it, but there’s really no need. I just keep the music I actually listen to, and the apps I use. No need to take up space for the sake of it.

  • 64GB would be just enough to fit all my music. Can’t wait for that to happen

    • Cameron

      Umm I think that was a joke…

  • Bird

    I might not need to use iPhone 4 for more than 3 years. Then why should I ask for 64 GB of iPhone. Lolzzzz

  • KnightoftheSon

    64 gigs is an ABSOLUTE necessity.

  • icyhotonmynuts

    The more space the merrier. I consider myself a heavy user so I need the space for music, movies/tv shows, apps (I have so many apps loaded that when I delete apps, more apps show up), lots of photos and video. I travel so the downtime journey time is the movies/music/tv shows, and when I get there I shoot lots of photos and videos. But who cares, as I won’t be getting the next iPhone as the SGS2 will serve my needs in style and a lot more than what Apple can provide..screw them and their incremental upgrades. What ever happened to innovation and setting the bar far above the rest, Apple?

    • Adjeff

      Dude, you need to start utilizing folders. I have 505 apps and still have 3 empty pages just waiting for more apps

  • ccutrer

    640K is enough for anyone

  • I have always bought the highest capacity iPhone but it has been filled up since the original iPhone (AKA iPhone 2G) with music which I cconnect to my car and listen to everyday on my 50 mile trip to work (I cannot live without my music) and my games which I play everyday while I wait for my food and during my breaks. I will love to get my hands on a 64 GB iPhone, then I will be able to reinstall my old games which I removed because of lack of space.

  • Martin

    I can’t wait for more memory… 64GB would be great, 128GB would be even better 🙂 but what i would Love even more in my next iPhone/iOS – central storage!!!

    • I can’t wait for the terabyte models then I’ll have even more space that I will never fill up just keep just in case…..

      • ccutrer

        Maybe then I could actually have a prayer of taking my blu-ray collection with me. Again – “640K is enough for anyone” – just because *you* can’t think of how to use that much, doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be made available. Someone will come up with a killer app to utilize any and all available resources.

  • KingDj

    It’s not hard to mod a iphone 4 and install more memory im running on iphone 4 black with 129GB >_> nothing hard its even faster at reading shit because i used a smaller faster ssd drive to modd it with

    • Dodgerdeezy

      Screen shot for proof??

  • KingDj
    • Jeff

      Ok, so assuming, and this is not knocking you at all, if this is for real, how hard was this, and can this be done on older models such as the 3gs?

      • KingDj

        Nah not hard at all just have to know what to soldering that’s all. Yea it could be done on 3gs i did one for my gf shes running under a 80GB 3gs. since its a ssd you notice a speed improvement. not a shit load because of the iphones memory but helps 🙂

  • Jeff

    I don’t need 64gs but 32 would be enough for me, because even though I have a 32g iPod touch, I have that filled with music, apps( that I actually use),podcasts, and movies, and I have an 8g 3GS that I have specific music and certain apps on it but I’m down to like 1.7g left, so unless there is a way to mod my current iPhone which I’m sure it’s not, make it cheaper and I’ll definitely get a 32g one, 64 is only good if that is the mode of media that you have at your disposal