It’s no secret that iOS is lacking some serious voice command options. Hopefully, Apple is looking at giving the pathetic Voice Control feature a serious overhaul in iOS 5. At least give iPhone users voice to text to compete with our Android counterparts.

We reported on an interesting job listing back in early March that suggested Apple had heard our cries for a revamped Voice Control system. Today we’ve got more fuel to add to the fire, as the word on the street is Apple is in talks with Nuance Communications…

TechCrunch is reporting that they’ve heard from multiple sources that Apple is negotiating a deal with the software company that is behind the popular Dragon voice recognition applications.

Apple has been negotiating a deal with Nuance in recent months, we’ve heard from multiple sources. What does that mean? Well, it could mean an acquisition, but that is looking fairly unlikely at this point, we hear. More likely, it means a partnership that will be vital to both companies and could shape the future of iOS.

According to the blog’s sources, anything from a licensing deal to a full blown acquisition is in the realm of possibility. The latter is tagged as unlikely, since Nuance is currently valued at a cool $6 billion dollars. Either way, TechCrunch seems to believe that Nuance’s voice recognition technology will be deeply integrated in the next major iOS update.

You may recall that Apple purchased Siri last year. Apparently the popular voice search software uses Nuance technology for its voice recognition service. So to assume that we’ll see Siri features show up in iOS 5 means we’d almost have to see Nuance by default.

Any kind of partnership bodes well for both parties. Ever since Nuance co-founder Mike Cohen joined Google’s voice-recognition team, both Apple and Nuance have been suffering the consequences. Apple’s current Voice Control feature pails in comparison to Android’s robust recognition system, and Nuance certainly isn’t profiting from Google’s success.

With WWDC closing in, expect to see a ramp up in speculation regarding iOS 5. Here’s to hoping that iPhone users finally get some decent voice recognition software in the highly anticipated iOS update.

Do you think we’ll see new Voice Control features in iOS 5?

  • Who uses voice control???

    • Binary-Stalker

      Lots of people.

      • I highly doubt that…..

      • mripod64

        I do all the time, its handy when in the car.

    • AT0M!X

      Mostly with hilarous voice activator commands.

  • jcheong

    Jason Masters, you don’t have to be so skeptical. Its obvious from your tone that you don’t use voice control but a lot of people do. Just cause you don’t use something doesn’t mean the rest of the world won’t. Especially people that drive around a lot.

    • Really so you have time to press the button over and over while driving instead of actually just doing the action like calling or putting music on or maybe Bluetooth please voice control is useless whether driving or not there are way easier options than voice control so I’m not being sarcastic I’m being pragmatic and the people who say they use it are lying or use it very rarely I know a lot of iPhone users and none use the voice control it’s just not practical you may disagree however ask random iPhone users I’ll gaurantee they’ll say they almost never use that voice control option and don’t ask people that are just going to say yes to be devils advocate

      • I use voice control all the time, and not in the car.

        I use the button on my headphones to activate it, and can make calls or change music without having to take my iPhone out of my pocket. This is especially useful when I’m running somewhere or if it’s cold out and I have gloves on.

        Heck I sometimes even ask it what time it is because I don’t wear a watch.

        Just because you don’t do it, doesn’t mean others don’t. I know plenty of iPhone users who like voice control and wish it had more options so they could use it more.

        PS – I’m not lying, and it is presumptuous to assume so based on your anecdotal experience.

  • Yeah I believe you

  • Deathstar

    Just get the Vlingo App from the App Store. Speech to text for sms, email, facebook, twitter, maps, search. It is free but sms and email are in app add on purchases $6.99 sms or $9.99 for both. hopefully in iOS 5 this will be built in like it is on Android devices.

    • Now that’s A comment finally someone with brains.