Remember when you told about the iOS firmware downloader called ipswDownloader? The lightweight download utility was originally only available on Mac OS X, and then it was ported into a Windows program.

The Windows version of ipswDownloader has received a significant update and is now called “openIPSW.” If you missed it before, openIPSW allows you to download any version of iOS with ease. The new update now shows you jailbreak information relating to each iOS version.

The changelog for version 2.0:

  • an updated GUI
  • jailbreak information
  • auto updating for the application loads information about jailbreak from the server so it will always have the latest firmware versions as soon as they are available
  • for Windows 7 users we have also added the progress bar in the task bar icon
  • the usual “bug fixes” and updated the GUI

openIPSW now allows you to see if a certain version of iOS is jailbreak-compatible and if there is an unlock available. This is very handy information to have in such an app.

You can download openIPSW for free on the developer’s website.

Don’t forget, we have all of the iOS firmwares available for download on our iPhone downloads page. We’ll also continue to keep you updated on breaking jailbreak news.

What do you think of openIPSW? Do you find it useful?

  • DomPerignon

    All this program does is the saving of one or two clicks. Just by reading the download section of iDB you get the same info this program gives. I really don’t see its usefulness.

    • theadobeflash

      more convinient than a browser im gonna dl it

  • Can you update the post with the new screenshot of the latest version. Thanks

  • Fr3$h

    Kind of unnecessary when we have iDB! If it integrated new jailbreak software when untethered jb was available, then I’d change my mind

  • If you click the firmware tool then it will take you too the website to download.

    Jailbreak tools will update as they become available 🙂

  • goofygreek

    so according to this program, you can jailbreak ipad 2? i figured idb/zipadblog would be all over that.

    • that screenshot is wrong, it was updated a few days ago but this site hasn’t updated its post.

      It was a problem with the database.

  • Thx will DL ASAP!

  • openIPSW has no relation to ipswDownloader
    Do not confuse people 😛

  • Jacque

    I tried downloading this but my norton antivirus keeps removing it after the download is finished saying there is a threat called “WS.Reputation.1” found in it.