Apple has been dropping firmware updates like they were going out of style lately. Just 2 months after iOS 4.3 was released, a third update is on the horizon. Luckily, the jailbreaks are keeping up with the releases, but are you?

While most folks don’t appreciate rebuilding their iPhone, I relish it. I love starting with a clean slate and making my iPhone look completely different than it did before. If you haven’t upgraded to a recent firmware in fear of losing all of your stuff in Cydia, check this out…

We’ve covered some different ways to backup your Cydia data before, but nothing ever really this simple. xBackup makes it easy enough to backup and restore all of your jailbroken applications so that you won’t mind upgrading your iOS.

xBackup is an application in Cydia, hosted in the BigBoss repo. There are literally 3 buttons in the entire app which consist of Backup, ? (Help), and Restore. The Help button gives you the file path to the backups, in case you don’t want to use iTunes.

Before you upgrade your firmware, open up xBackup and tap Backup. Then, just plug your iPhone into your computer and let iTunes do a sync like normal. Once that’s complete and you’ve restored and re-jailbroken your iDevice, open Cydia.

This time, instead of having to re-download all of your jailbroken packages and sources, just simply download xBackup. Then, open it up and tap the restore button. If you don’t see any previous backups, plug your iPhone into your computer and make sure you have restored to the most recent backup.

While it doesn’t have as many options as some of the other apps, xBackup is definitely a worthy competitor. The developer even notes that some cool features are on the way, such as the ability to backup to a server, which would eliminate the need to connect to iTunes.

If you want to try xBackup out, it runs a cool $1.50.

Have you tried xBackup? How do you backup your Cydia information?

  • James

    Buying it now!


  • Burge

    This is cheaper than pkgback up..and that’s the best backup app you can get…this could be worth having though ..still going to give this ago..the price of this is going to go up just like pkgback up has …

  • James

    pkgback up SUCKED for me! I tried many times and when I restored my backup was incomplete and my device had to be restored.


  • fojam

    pkgbackup saved my backup as a contact and when i restored it said my backup data was corrupted.. waste of money i would buy xbackup

  • Eric

    Pkgbackup is flawless. It’s always idiots who don’t follow the instructions. Though backing up to Dropbox is easier then using the contacts. And the options are amazing. Auto backups once a week/day/month whatever is sweet. If you has to restore to a backup you’re fucked with this. You want a fresh install everytime you update. Not a backup. Oh well. To each their own. Enjoy.

    • James

      Idiots? That’s pretty rude!

    • Adam

      Are you saying if you back up to drop box with pkgbackup, you don’t have to restore from an iTunes back up? That’s awesome!

    • retouching

      pkgbackup is brocken , it didn’t work a few times for me. but sometimes it does!

    • Jon Garrett

      Pkgbackup is NOT flawless., if it was flawless it wouldnt need any of the several updates its had. in addition, jailbroken devices vary and who knows what configuration each user has which may cause pkgbackup to not work for them.

      be happy it works for you and stop calling people idiots.

  • BossWaw

    wait wait wait,,
    but some tweaks, packges, sources,
    r still not workin or available on the new firmware thats why i think xbackup can cause error for some reasons,, noobz!!!

  • pepe lopez

    what about AptBackup thats what I use

    and what about your music do you have a copy in your itunes? thats the only reason I have starting from scratch is rebuilding my playlist

  • AptBackup – cheapest option, it’s free

  • Juan

    PkgBackup still holds the throne. It’s the most complete backup solution. It’s expensive for a reason.

  • iDentist

    Does it backup sources? And cracked apps from cracked sources?

  • Tom

    Does it backup your custom themes as weel?

  • Kev

    I still have a problem with pkgbackup. It never fully restores packages so I always have to manually download some. And it never really worked with restoring categories folders.

  • Paul

    Pkgbackup doesnt work woth cracked jailbreak apps but it will restore your cracked repos. I used it the other day and it restored all my cydia apps and it even hooked up my settings for all of them.. It just won’t work with cracked apps though which is totally understandable

  • Kelvin

    So far, xBackup is working great.

    Although it’s missing a lot of features (i.e. Dropbox integration, package count, automatic backup) that are currently available in Pkgbackup, it’s generally a good replacement – considering the fact that it’s about $6.50 cheaper.

    I do hope that the x devs will add a bit more capability, though.

  • add another vote for pkgbackp

  • Bullet933

    Pkgbackup f-ed up my Cydia after a restore. My repos wouldn’t load changes. I’ll never use them again.

  • dohrt

    Worked like a charm

  • StanTheMan


  • wPhilipsen

    xBackup did not work for me.

    Took the backup.

    Upgraded to and jailbroke 4.3.2

    Installed xbackup and pressed restore.

    It says that it completed successfully after a few seconds, but nothing happens.

    What did i do wrong?


      did you backup to the itunes after you make the backup in xbackup ?

  • I am blind and using Voice Over on the iPhone 3GS. This program will not speak at all through Voice Over. So I must rely on someone sighted to use this program. If the developer can update this to be Voice Over usable, that would be great. Voice Over is found in Settings/General/Accessibility.


    will it seems i spened my money on somthing not worthy
    i did the steps from A-Z and i have only my sources restored other than that nothing
    thank you very much

    • rich

      same here, have to manually restore all my cydia apps which is why I bought this piece of shit in the first place.

      Is there any way to restore the packages or were they not backed up in the first place?

      • Q8SHARHAN

        you have to download the packeges and tge xpackup will restore your old sittings
        so the xpackup restore your sources and after you download all your packeges again it will restore your old sittings
        i think they should change it name from xpackup to spackup (s for sittings)

      • Q8SHARHAN

        you have to download the packeges again
        it SUCKS!

  • mws

    I just tried to use it when I updated to 4.3.2 and I says it restored it but nothing was restored/

  • Nick

    xbackup is a piece of shit.

    Followed ALL instructions, upgraded from 4.2.1 to 4.3.2 and installed xBackup again…


    Wow, glad I paid for this when I could have gotten it for free.

  • Jaymo

    same here… repo’s restored but thats it… there is a list of apps saved but none are reinstalled…
    it was my impression this was what this app was supposed to do…
    or is it just a repo back up and setting back up for cydia apps you have to reinstall again…

    • Rich

      It is meant to restore packages, have asked for a refund as just tried again. Use aptbackup, worked perfectly for me on 4.3.3 and its free.

  • ierj

    is something wrong? i go from 4.3.2 to 4.3.3 ….. and hoping to have the same cydia products on it …… thank’s a loot for this … damn ….!!!!!!!

  • How can one get a refund? It doesn’t work for me either at all whatsoever. Will need to find a working solution so I can upgrade from 4.3.1 to 4.3.3.

  • Dre

    POS didn’t work for me. Great gotta start all over manually. Glad I got the cracked version of this junk. I would’ve really been pissed if I had paid for this junk.

  • Gary

    It’s very cheap compared to the other backups.
    Perhaps the pirated one has some problems. I tried the pirated one and then bought it. It worked for me on my friend’s iphone 3Gs and my iphone 4but it didn’t work completely on an ipod touch 4.

  • Marcelo

    waste of money and time…

  • the_j_button

    I’ve been using PKGBackup for a few restores now and yes it’s pretty tricky to restore.

    It usually takes a few tries before it will actually kick in and download all my packages but after a fews attempts at restoring I’ve always had success.

    Because of these difficulties I was intrigued when I read this post about xBackup and how simple it was supposed to be so I thought I’d try it out when upgrading my iPhone 4 to

    Unfortunately it didn’t work, when I reinstalled xBackup it couldn’t find my backup file. Bummer. I suggest sticking with PKGBackup.

    Great blog though guys! Excellent tutorials on PwnageTool etc. and awesome download resources.

    Muchos Gracias!

  • Ben

    I came here to complain about xbackup, too, thought it didn’t do anything, as it only took seconds to “restore”.

    BUT! did you try (manually) rebooting after restoring with xbackup? everything’s there and working! I kid you not!!

    • Rich

      Yeh it works niw after the update. Does what it is supppsed to, back up all packages.

      Before the update it did not backup packages just the sources even with reboot.

      All i need bow is a way of backing up cydia package settings.

  • mufngruf

    I’ve paid for and downloaded xBackup to my iphone 3G running 4.1.. it opens for a second and then closes… nothing else..
    any ideas?

  • kosher1

    The best buck fifty you will ever spend, i used it so many times, it saves you DAYS of setup …. sweet little thing.