Apple and Nokia have gone head to head in a couple of arenas. First it was the mobile phone market and then it was the court room. Although Nokia has typically faired better than the Cupertino company due to their extensive Global reach, Apple has been right on their heels.

At least they were on their hills, until yesterday. Everybody is talking about Apple’s impressive 25 billion dollar quarter, heck they sold close to 20 million iPhones in just 3 months. But how much of their posted revenue is directly from mobile phones, and how does it compare to Nokia’s earnings?

Reuters is reporting today that Apple became the world’s largest phone vendor by revenue in Q2 of this year. Their iPhone generated $11.9 billion in revenue from January to March, while previous leader Nokia’s phone revenue came in at $9.4 billion.

Analyst Alex Spektor of Wireless Device Strategies noted to investors today that, “With strong volumes and high wholesale prices, the PC vendor has successfully captured revenue leadership of the total handset market in less than four years.”

This is obviously subject to change with Nokia’s recent adoption of Microsoft’s mobile operating system. In fact, the announcement of the partnership may have attributed to Nokia’s declining handset revenues over the January – March quarter. Who wants to buy an obsolete Symbian handset?

What do you think? Will Apple stay the highest grossing mobile phone maker?

  • And the world domination begins in 3… 2… 1…

    • mripod64

      Haha, I wouldn’t be surprised.

  • Koppis

    Nah, the android phones are getting better than iPhones, and with apple taking more action on jailbreaking I won’t risk buying another iPhone.

  • neal

    Jailbreaking is not the be all and end all of the iphone you know… Me hopes that Iphone5 does come out this year though.. my previous 3 year term contract already ended October of last year… I want a new Iphone…

    • neal

      I used to be pro Nokia too.. I had 5 Nokia’s before i had the original Iphone.. and it’s 3 years old already… I loved it and never coming back to Nokia.. I’m buying the Ipad 2 next month though..

  • DebTym

    Wow. Surprises me even though having an unlock is hard esp. for iphone 4. Can’t imagine if there is already a free unlocking solution available. May be Apple we’ll overtake even Speed Racer.

  • Aleks

    Apple Rules!!!

  • iPhone2G

    I miss the days when I was the only person in my group of family and friends who owned an iPhone. Now that everyone has one, it’s lost that unique factor and I don’t want the same phone everyone else has. I had it first, I shouldn’t have to switch just because everyone else has one now 🙁

    • iPhone2G

      Apple needs to offer some variety of iPhones. And I’m not just talking white and black. I’m talking a lineup of uniquely designed iPhones