Great news for users of iFile, the jailbreak Finder solution for the iPhone that lets your browse your device’s native file system. It just got approved for DropBox API access, meaning that full-fledged DropBox integration can’t be too far behind.

iFile is probably one of my most used jailbreak apps for the iPhone because of its versatility and ease of use.

Now we will be able to transfer files seamlessly between our iPhone’s and our cloud storage solution of choice…

This is a great move not only because it makes iFile that much more convenient to use, but because it further legitimizes jailbreak apps.

There is this stigma that continues to cloud the jailbreak community, but we can see that starting to change with companies like Toyota opting to use Cydia as an advertising platform, and legitimate app developers like DropBox continuing to allow Cydia apps to use their APIs.

There’s currently no solid date as to when we should expect the DropBox integration to be complete. The guys behind iFile are pretty regular with their updates, so it shouldn’t be too long of a wait.

What do you think about this move? Are you happy to see iFile continue to mature into one of the best file managers available for iOS?


  • shrike1978

    This follows PkgBackup which has had DropBox integration for a couple of months now, and is probably the most logical and effective example of DropBox integration I’ve seen yet.

  • XepptizZ

    The toyota theme got pulled from cydia. It was an idb article so i don’t think it’s relevant anymore.

    • Yes, it was pulled but the fact that they even ventured to use Cydia is a sign that the way it is being viewed is starting to change.

  • fojam

    its not ifile4iphone its just ifile

    • I know, that’s their Twitter account address…

  • Matt B

    That’s cool. I bought iFile the other day. I am a Dropbox subscriber too.

  • CyPhErLoUs

    so how you really feel, bro?

  • fojam

    i hope dropbox can make a mobilesubstrate addon that syncs a certain folder on your ipod or iphone with your dropbox

  • Chris12923

    Great move and I’ll be using it regularly. I like ifile and dropbox so them both working together will be great.

  • andrew

    look up “full dropbox”

  • Yeah you are totally right! We are very happy to hear this news. Dropbox apps is very useful especially Iphone users like me.
    Thanks a lot

  • Edu

    I love dropbox, but isn’t the service a bit expensive?

  • Gorgonphone

    wow FTO access with a cooler name…lol

  • Neo

    I have paid for ifile and use drop box but everytime I want to transfer a file in file dropbox freezes on the loading screen. I have to hard reset my phone. I have up to date paid for software so what is causing it to freeze. Drop box works as a standard app but won’t load with ifile. Any advice most welcome. Thanks.