I’m all for planning a good strategy, being proactive, and all of those other productivity buzzwords.

But when a product hasn’t even been announced, let alone released, I think advertising an unannounced product that you had no hand in creating might be going too far.

That’s the circumstance that Amazon finds themselves in right now, because if you perform a Google search for “iPhone 5” it’ll return iPhone 5 advertisements that point to Amazon.

So what exactly happens when you click the link? Where does it take you?

I clicked the link, and it took me to Amazon’s search results for “iPhone 5”. This of course didn’t take me to any product page for the iPhone 5 — remember it hasn’t even been announced by Apple; in fact the first result it retuned was an iPhone 4 selling for nearly $700 bones.

So the question remains; what is Amazon’s motivation behind creating advertisements for a product that has yet to be announced? Are they trying to draw traffic to their site?

Take a gander at the following Google trending statistics for the “iPhone 5” search term and you can probably put two and two together on that one.

What do you think about Amazon’s tactics? Smart, devious, or a combination of both?

  • ReanimationXP

    You idiot, I can type my name in there and get “John Barber for sale at Amazon.com!”. It just takes your search terms.. same thing for eBay. They aren’t running iPhone 5 advertisements you’ll see if you search for ‘iPhone’. Quit being a tool.

  • Max

    @ReanimationXP is right

  • T-Mizzle

    Did you REALLY have to call him an idiot?

    • Lerimer Santana

      Yes…. He should know better….

  • Guys,

    Amazon still has to key on these words for them to come up as results. Sure, you’ll find a lot of products that you can just randomly type in, and it’ll load up an Amazon ad, but the fact of the matter is is that Amazon HAS to key on these words. The ads just don’t come up at random. That’s the point. Why are they keying on the iPhone 5 when it isn’t released? It’s obvious as to why; to garner additional traffic.

    • Pam

      I think they’re just keying in on iPhone. In Adsense, you can have it repeat what you search for, or at least certain parts of it, so that’s most likely all its doing

  • Rick

    I may have to skip every article written by mr jeff from now on. Tut tut 

  • Lawrence la

    Lol @ the comments

  • Doug

    Amazon has an algorithm that automatically takes product names and turns them into “ads” on google. They’re not purposely putting iPhone 5 ads out there. Dumb article. Dumb writer

  • Z


  • Forget all you guys, I’m taking my ball, and going home!

  • Jeff

    The motivation is the same motivation behind any ad… to drive traffic to their website. Amazon using an iPhone5 ad to drive traffic to their iPhone4 page is no different than iDB posting pointless speculation posts that nobody cares about, about the iPhone5 every single day.

  • z

    And it could be someone that run the ads with their ref link to Amazon. It’s not Amazon

  • JoN

    as others said… you could put your name into google and amazons ad’s will try to sell you… it’s nothing special.

  • Shakro

    hey slow down girl, you remind me myself when i was 10 years old, it was the time when i was saying such bad words when i did not like smth. muhahahaha 😀

  • Varun

    Wow, some people can be so rude! Remember the author of this article is a human like you and is bound to make mistakes (if the above was one). If you think calling him an idiot and a tool is justified since he made a mistake and “he should know better”, then I suggest calling yourself the same each time you made a mistake also. Guys, stop being jerks. Its not too difficult to not be one.