Yesterday we showed you folks how to SSH into your jailbroken Apple TV2 through your desktop OS’ command line prompt. Today we are going to show you how to create a connection with your hacked Apple TV2 in a much more user friendly way.

All you need is CyberDuck for Mac or Windows, and your Apple TV’s IP Address. Of course you’ll also need a jailbroken Apple TV2, and both it and your computer must be on the same Wi-Fi network. For those new to the game, you can find your IP in your Apple TV2’s main menu, Settings > General > Network > IP Address.

Once CyberDuck is done downloading, fire it up. Your going to want to choose to create a new connection.

From the drop down menu, select SFTP. In the Server field type your IP Address that we had you get earlier.

In the Username section type root and for the password, type alpine.

Then just click Connect.

You should now be looking at your Apple TV’s root directory. Besides the ability to view your ATV2’s folder sub system, you also have write privileges. This is one way to install Plex or Firecore’s ATV Flash.

Any questions?

  • boca11

    Unfortunately this login password doesn’t work. I have an external USB drive attached to AppleTV. When I try dropping files to the USB drive using Cyberduck SFTP, it doesn’t allow me due to permission issues. Tried suggested login/password, but it doesn’t work…I have aTV Flash installed, maybe they made some changes to the ‘master’ / root login sequence…?

  • mike

    Thank you! I’ve been through so many sites looking for this, I kept finding instructions for apple tv 1. Thank you thank you thank you. Now I can have the backgrounds I want!

  • I did it as instructed to install Eden to ATV2 with iOS 5 and there is XBMC in main menu. I am unable to copy files to Apple TV. I am using cyberduck ftp, and upload of files to mobile/applications begins and it shows that hour is needed, but after a minute or two there is “socket error” and file transfer interrupts. Please help.

  • Johnny B Goode

    vera nice ah.

  • drgrafix

    Everything seems fine until I hit the “Connect” button. I get a pop-up saying its an I/O Error: Connection Failed, Connect Timed Out. I’m trying to get to an XMBC Log File so I can submit it bc I’ve tried the Add-On but never got confirmation via email that it was sent.

  • Oznur Ozturk Uzun

    for apple tv 1 password and username is frontrow. root and alpine doesnt work for atv1 (silver).