Did you know that the iPad 2 has a hidden feature? It’s called Hologram Settings and allows you to create a hologram of anything showing on your iPad display. Of course it’s fake, but it’s done so well it looks real.

  • That would be awesome!

  • Qlobster

    Id wish they made that making of a week later. That wat Some people would think it might be real. Very well done btw!!!!

  • You have to admit this fake iPad video is very convincing. What’s really cool is it’s not really that far fetched. Holographic technology has been around for many years, it just hasn’t been used mainstream yet. It wouldn’t surprise me if one day the iPad can actually do this!

  • goofygreek

    lmao. the angry birds hologram was awesome. lol.

    • Heyy,
      how did you install Holographic in IPAD2? Can YOU please give me a link? :))

      • fool

        me too!i want to know that!

  • WIN

    The Ipad hologram video did grasp my attention and for a bit I did believe it was real. I think this is something Apple should look into.

  • fuck

  • Bullshit

  • Wake up!

  • fool

    please someone tell me how to install hologram!i do not have hologram setting in my ipad2

    • Southern belle

      There is no such thing as this. It’s a fake I suppose you missed that genius.

  • fool

    hye how did you install that?
    i want it too.
    please give me some website

  • Ismail


  • Asif

    Hey guys i want to know how to install hologram in ipad 2

    Please get me the ans soon as possible