Custom ringtones have always been a popular subject when it comes to wireless phones, and the word free never hurts either. Now I know we’ve shared with you how to make your own iPhone ringtones, and other ways to set them , but they all require 3rd party applications.

For the longest time, I just left my ringtone on my iPhone as the default. I don’t have time to go through multi-step processes, just for some cool ringers. What if I just want a fast, easy way to download free ringtones to my iPhone 4, without the extra steps?

Enter Cydia, the jailbroken app store. What was once the only way to install applications on your iPhone, has evolved into a tinkerer’s dream. From icons and wallpapers, to hundreds of tweaks, Cydia is the place for iPhone customization. But what about ringtones?

You bet. Cydia has a subsection with over 5,000 free ringtones available for download. Now this section has been around for a while, but when I first noticed it a while back, there were only around 1000 songs. But now there are several thousand, and more are added all the time.

Chances are you already know about this area in Cydia, but for those that don’t, let me help you out. Launch the ‘’. Once loaded, navigate to the ‘sections’ tab across the bottom. Scroll all the way to the bottom and select the ‘ringtones’ tab, it’s that easy. Downloading one of these songs, automatically pops the song into your ‘ringtones’ folder inside your ‘’, no fuss no muss.

Out of the 100 or so songs I’ve downloaded, they have all been good quality, and have varied in length (check the description in Cydia for info). I can’t recall the last time I searched for a song and they didn’t have it, but obviously with a library just shy of 6,000, that could be a problem for some people.

Have you guys been using this subsection of Cydia? Have an easier way to get free ringtones on your iPhone? Let us know below!

  • Radu

    I’m using UnlimTones from Cydia, and I think it’s a great app. It’s also free 🙂

    • Joanne Ng

      I tired unlimtone. But my phone don’t work with the application. It kept showing me can’t configure nor network whereby my phone have network. Anyone can help me? I even remove and reinstall the application.

      • Gaurav Khanna

        same problem with me also

  • Burge

    I used AUDIKO..find tune . download the tune you want ,open in iTunes . And sync iPhone .. But Because I got the tune I want ( over 3 years ago ) I dont use it now..

    • UnlimTones uses the audiko servers to allow you to download tones directly onto your iphone

  • Justin

    I thought iDB didn’t condone piracy?

    • This isn’t piracy.
      There are several paid apps in Cydia.
      But these are free ringtones.
      Any ringtone shorter then 40 seconds, don’t have to pay for rights

  • Joeyjojo

    Its hardly piracy is it? Its free ringtones, which apple should give us, it’s 99p for a 30 second clip!!!! Apple should at least offer the ringtones with a track download, that would be fare!

  • Takean

    Still wish Cydia would do like Rock and make tabs to show most popular items along with what they have in place already. I know I can just search what I want but half the time I don’t know what all is out there and Rock was just great for that. It’s a simple process and one that I figured was a pretty obvious one to implement, but I guess not.

  • JoBerlin

    I have hidden that sections because it’s a pain. All the ringtones make it hard to look for something special. Second: Legality of this kind of download is a grey area in Europe. But it doesn’t feel right. Third: Converting a song with iTunes and pushing it onto the iPhone with ssh/Cyberduck ist done really fast! And there should be no legal problems because I already payed for it.

  • Alex

    Payed alternative: AnyRing

    Free alternative:

    1. Choose song from iPod library (or record with any ringtone creator app)

    2. Convert the song/sound using any ringtone creator app. (I use Dring)

    3. Email the song to yourself using the ringtone creator app

    4. Open your mail and tap on the attached ringtone.

    5. When it finishes downloading, tap and hold down on the attached ringtone.

    6. Select the option “open in iFile”

    7. iFile will now open and ask how you want to play the ringtone (eg: text viewer, image viewer etc)

    8. Select Audioplayer and if it starts playing just click done or stop.

    9. You will now see the ringtone in your “Documents” folder (in iFile)

    10. Select “edit” in the top right corner of iFile, select your ringtone, then tap on the last icon on iFile’s mini dock of options (the arrow coming out of a box/rectangle).

    11. Select “cut”, then navigate to var/stash/Ringtones

    12. Once again tap Edit and then the last icon on iFile’s dock.

    13. Select “Paste” and you will now have a new ringtone which can be toggled on/off from Settings 😀

  • Sean

    In cydia there is an Audiko app called unlimtones that does the same thing but you can preview the tone before downloading it.

  • Steve jobs

    So any apps to download SMS tones as well?

    • Chris

      That’s what I want too

  • Boogiepop

    If you use bite sms you can assign custom sms tones, other than apples poor choice of sms tones loo its in settings of bite sms you can also use ringtones you downloaded from audiko with unlimited tones! Can you dig it sucka?

  • sam

    why dont you just use itunes? go into options, set a song to the clip that you want to use for the ringtone ( using start and stop time), create an aac version (which will create a new music clip of the song), locate the file and change the extension from m4a to m4r. delete the music clip from your itunes and drag and drop in the new file. then sync your phone

  • What about AnyRing on Cydia ?

  • All you have to do to make ringtones on the iPhone is to make your sound using any audio editing application, use iTunes to convert it to an m4a file, rename it to an m4r file, then drag it back into iTunes and sync the phone. Voila, instant ringtone.

  • Veronica

    I probably won’t get a reply to this because I’m so late but can anyone tell why my ringtones section in cydia only has about 1600? No where near the 6000 talked about on this post. Thanks.

  • Hihihihi

  • JB

    Is there a cydia app that is really good that let’s you create SMS (text message) ringtones?

  • elaine

    use biteSms it lets you customize each contacts with your own ringtones

  • Shawn

    there’s also an awesome free app that will let you make custom ringtones. found it the other day —

    it worked really well and was super easy to use!

  • I like cydia

  • Iphone Hacker

    you can also make a ringtone that is 60 seconds and ssh it on to your phone meaning itunes wont stop you this will allow 20 seconds more on all ringtones but no more than 60 seconds or it will just cut off

  • Kez

    Can I only use Cydia on a jailbroken phone? I cannot seem to find the app or download it?

  • Dex Luther

    The ringtones don’t seem to appear in the settings app in ios7

    • zagil

      your right i have tried but no luck ….

  • Stephen Redhead

    Non of the cydia tones I have got are showing up to use as tones any help be great