After we posted that i0n1c was going to wait until 4.3.1 to release his jailbreak, it seemed as though early iOS 4.3 adopters were left without many options. That situation changed yesterday when Sn0wbreeze 2.3 Beta was released into the wild.

iPhone hacker, iH8sn0w, decided to give Windows users a jailbreak solution for Apple’s latest 4.3 software. It is important to note that Sn0wbreeze is only available on the Windows platform, and that it is a tethered jailbreak. That means that every time you reboot your iDevice, it needs to be connected to your computer to rerun the jailbreak software…

For those of you who already upgraded to 4.3 and have a PC, this seems to be your best and only option. If this release gives you the courage to upgrade to 4.3, please understand the dangers of doing so. Also make sure you save your SHSH blobs with either TinyUmbrella, or something similar, in case you need to downgrade for any reason.

It’s important to mention that the jailbreak is not for the iPad 2, and is still in beta mode. But if you meet the criteria and are the adventurous type (or have no other options), Sn0wbreeze 2.3 Beta can be downloaded here.

Has anyone upgraded to 4.3 and tried this out? Tell us about it below!

  • Rainrose

    I’ll wait for untethered jailbreak for windows.

  • Juanki

    Me too.

  • I Will wait a little more….
    But this is cool for users who upgraded.

  • Burge

    I would give this ago….but I never got any of the snowbreeze jailbreaks to work. So I stick with 4.2.1 for now …thanks but no thanks …

  • azharhamzahya

    I stick with 4.2.1 and will wait for untethered jailbreak 4.3.
    Thanks for info, iDB

  • dabe

    Gives me hope that a Mac untethered jb might be coming soon 🙂

  • I’m waiting, too. 4.3.1 should be released very soon so i0n1c’s jailbreak should be released soon (it’s not finished anyways)

  • Jacer

    I have jailbreak using this same method with different tools few days ago, everything works fine but only the mobile substrate tweaks such as winterboard and some others are not compatible.

    SBsettings, iconoclasm, multiiconmover which are the more important apps are working good for me.

    • Jacer

      Just to add, this JB is the only way if u did not save your shsh blob and or u are just like me who bought a new ipad which is stuck on 4.3.

  • this works tryed on my 3GS that i updated by accident ^^
    WOW! finally a jail break again 😛

  • Jon

    I restored my iPhone 3G S 4.3 to snowbreeze 4.3 firmware, it was working fine but now im stuck at apple logo and a non-loading bar.. what do i do ?

    • jabrony

      use ibooty to restart

  • Anji

    Crap… I updated my iPhone 4 to 4.3 without thinking and completely forgot to check to see if there was a jailbreak released for it yet. So now I’m stuck with my phone not jailbroken. I’m not going to download the alternate jailbrake yet though. I’ll wait.

  • I accidently upgraded my iPod Touch 4G, 4.1 to 4.3!
    Way to go i0nic!
    Instead, I’ll make the new un-thethered jailbreak for ios 4.3 on windows.

    -drAg Dev Team

  • 4.3.1 should be released very soon so i0n1c’s jailbreak should be released soon.I never got any of the snowbreeze jailbreaks to work.

  • bryanmc99

    i’ve been trying this method again and again, the same problem apprear on verifying iphone in i-tune,what should i do????