Untethered Jailbreak Delayed Until iOS 4.3.1?

If you have been keeping up with your iOS 4.3 news daily, you know that everyone is holding their breath for an official jailbreak and unlock. Although jailbreaking was possible with beta versions of 4.3, it required you to hook up to your computer every time your iDevice rebooted. Yesterday, we showed you a video of an iPad, running 4.3, that was untethered and running the jailbroken app store Cydia.

Well it appears that the iPhone hacker behind that video, i0n1c, tweeted this morning that he will be waiting until iOS 4.3.1 to release his jailbreak. He goes on to say that he believes Apple will release 4.3.1 soon, because everybody saw the iPhone 4 getting hacked at the Canadian Pwn2Own competition this week. So why wait until the next version of iOS?

As i0n1c mentions in his tweet, releasing an iOS 4.3 jailbreak would burn the exploit used. Then, Apple would most likely patch the problem in 4.3.1, sending jailbreakers back to the drawing board. This is becoming a very dangerous game, as Apple begins to really tighten iOS security with features like ASLR. These types of measures are making jailbreaking more and more difficult.

So as before and always, we urge you to avoid updating to Apple’s new iOS 4.3 firmware until an official jailbreak is released. Stay tuned to iDB for all the latest jailbreak news.

[Redmond Pie]