If you are new to the Apple ‘rumor mill’, pay attention. Due to Apple’s high profile products, and dedication to absolute secrecy on their projects, tech junkies are forced to look to other avenues for information. The interest surrounding Apple products really increased after they launched their original iPhone back in 2007. After changing the wireless industry, with an all in one touch screen device, people became extremely interested in what they would dream up next.

The latest target of the rumor mill, is the up and coming iPhone 5. After a major redesign with the iPhone 4 last June, one can only imagine what they might have in store for their next iteration. Luckily, overseas parts manufacturers are there to give us tidbits on Apple products, which is exactly what we have here.

Enter Chinese blog, iDealsChina. The images we show here, were posted on their website sometimes early this morning. It is a purported CAD rendering of Apple’s latest iPhone, which is scheduled to be officially announced sometimes early this summer.

These “mold engineering drawings”, the site is reporting, were created to aid case manufacturers in their production of new iPhone 5 accessories. These images directly conflict earlier reports that Apple was looking at a complete iPhone redesign, with an aluminum body.

But these pictures do coincide with claims that Apple’s next iPhone will indeed have a larger screen, and thinner display borders. With Android competition seeing such success with 4″+ screen sizes, Apple should be taking notice, and act accordingly.

But is this really the latest design out of Cupertino? Probably not. It’s been reported that Apple takes several measures to prevent leaks of upcoming products, including circulating fake prototypes within the company.

What do you guys think, is this the new iPhone 5? Is anyone hoping the next iPhone has a larger screen? Let us know below!

  • Bigger screen would be badass!

    • Indeed. I don’t care for it, but if they’re going to throw it in there, so be it.

      • Tsiv

        Why would you NOT want a bigger screen? Beats me!

  • iUrAs

    bigger screen must equate with bigger battery – or else you will have a big screen battery guzzling iPhone?

  • Bluebonnet

    I gotta have this phone. Larger screen? YAY!!!

    • Mac

      how you gonna get the money for it?

  • Joel

    Only complaint I have, aside from battery comsumption, is that it might be a little weird getting used to typing on it. That aside, a 4″ retina display would be b-e-a-yooootiful!

  • Jenn

    I just don’t want the device to become massive like the android. I want my phone to slide in my pants pocket.

    • xxx

      That’s my thought too. I don’t like the larger android phones – no pocket space….

  • Junior

    If they want my money it better have a larger screen. That’s all I’m saying

  • Equilibrium

    Why is everybody talking about a larger screen?
    What is about a smaller Device? =)
    If the Screen will be larger, the Retina Display wouldn’t have 326ppi anymore…

    • QBert

      Yes, because you can’t adjust screen resolution on a larger display. To maintain 326 ppi all they need to is fabricate the larger screen with the same number of pixels. They’re not just stretching a 3.5 inch screen to 4 inches. Moron.

  • brent

    It’s pretty obvious to me that this isn’t an Apple rendering of the new iPhone. The perspective on that rendering is very obviously off and I highly doubt Apple’s designers would make a mistake like that.

  • james

    who cares about the screen… DUAL-CORE 1GIGA-HERTZ PROCESSOR!

    • 5n4k3


  • jae

    there should be free teethering as well with the new iPhone.

    • QBert

      Controlled by the carrier and not Apple, so Apple has no control over tethering being free.

  • breaker

    the only thing that i’m pissed with is the speaker.. hope they improve its speaker in their next generation of iphone..

  • The larger screen is really nice and was actually required for Apple to compete with phones of it’s class, but they should’ve done some work on the aesthetics of it.

  • gefdue

    No. Its a Fake. No way that Apple is going to bring out such an ugly product

  • leah

    i just need to see 64 gigs. anything else comes second.