Earlier today we mentioned that the iOS hacker, i0n1c, stated that he was going to wait until iOS 4.3.1 to release his jailbreak. This comes in wake of the events that took place in Canada at this years Pwn2Own contest. Of large interest to hackers and corporations alike, thousands turn out to witness the latest in cyber security fraud.

The name of the game is Pwn2Own, meaning if you are the fastest to hack it, you get it. These devices range from Blackberrys and iPhones, to MacBooks and laptops. Google was even on hand with a $20,000 reward to anyone who could hack their Chrome software. But day 2 was all about the iPhone 4, and was once again exploited by security expert, Charlie Miller…

Done through Safari, the exploit targets the iPhone 4 with a rigged website. Miller’s first attempt at the hack failed, causing the iPhone browser to crash. But once it was relaunched, Charlie was able to hijack the entire address book.

It is important to note that the iPhone 4 was running firmware 4.2.1, since 4.3 just went live this week. Although Miller’s Safari exploit still exists in 4.3, Apple’s new ASLR feature would have to be bypassed to make it work. This new layer of security seems to have hackers a bit baffled.

But the day belongs to Charlie Miller, and wherever he is with his new iPhone 4 and $15,000 prize money, we salute him.

  • 53casey

    hacked? does this mean jailbroken?
    who did he do it for? i mean, who gave him the $$$?

    • Aleksander

      Pwn2Own (Hacker contest) gave him the money.
      Why? For the cash ofc. 😉
      No, not jailbroken but hacked becouse he got the whole adressbook from the iphone thru safari.

  • anon

    u know… its these hacking competitions that apple is taking the steps to patch and update their ios making it harder to jailbreak and unlock over and over.

    • JasonNT

      You understand hack and jailbreak/unlock is kind of a different thing right?

      Its good thats apple is doing this because that mean our iphone security would increase and less chance of others getting our information.

    • iUrAs

      Jailbreak = ability to install apps like Cydia on the iPhone 4
      Unlock = ability to Modify the phone’s baseband to accept all cell networks

  • iUrAs

    Ability to hack Safari means there is an exploit that can jailbreak the iPhone 4 🙂

  • ANGOmarcello

    So i guess its possible to Jailbreak trough this hole in Security?
    Because its open in 4.3 and i bet if some one mnages to go trough this ASLR function, its possible to jailbreak the Phone.

    That would mean something like jailbreakmeagain.com or something similar to this.

  • Jason Masters

    Yup exactly!

  • OrangeSn0w


  • sOleFresh

    Any word as to how long it took him?

  • Joy

    I am hacked on my iphone4 os5.1. How do I close Internet ports the hacker uses? Open ports on my ip are; 80, 993, 5400, 443.