Wireless keyboard and mouse solutions can be pretty expensive. So if you find yourself in need of controlling your Mac or PC from across the room, get ready to shell out some serious cash. Apple’s own bluetooth keyboard will run you $69.99 and the bluetooth mouse the same price.

Other wireless solutions from Logitech and other hardware companies get a little less expensive, but nothing under $10. What if I told you, using your existing iPhone, you could control your Mac or PC for just $4.99? Here’s how….

Remote applications for iOS have been around since the earliest days of the App Store. They have since evolved into amazing tools. TouchPad and Mobile Mouse Pro are two perfect examples of that evolution and each carry a $4.99 price tag. Since we reviewed TouchPad last fall, I figured I’d share Mobile Mouse Pro with you today.

Let me get the one negative thing about this app out of the way, the need for a desktop client. Although it outshines TouchPad with Windows compatibility, it disappoints with a necessary client download to your laptop or desktop. TouchPad works via screen sharing on your Mac, thus requires no download.

The client is small though, and just takes a quick second to download. Since it’s such a small program, you can set it up to start every time your computer starts, and then it’s always running. Launching the app on your iPhone will automatically connect with the server, and you are ready to start controlling.

The interface is on par with other top notch remote control apps. You have a half screen touch screen (full screen if you turn your iPhone horizontal or shake it) and a nice qwerty keyboard. Mobile Mouse Pro will allow you to control your favorite Mac apps like FrontRow, as well as act as a presentation remote for PowerPoint.

The feature that really makes this app shine are the shortcuts. There is a mini version of your Apple dock available when you hide the keyboard and you can close applications by long pressing them. The shortcuts change according to the app you’re in. So when Safari is opened, the mini dock is replaced with controls that make web browsing a cinch. I also like the Mac specific features like the ‘command’ icon and the ability to bring up your dashboard.

If you’ve been looking for an application to give you total control of your Mac or Windows computer, I would highly recommend giving Mobile Mouse Pro a shot. You can even try the free version first to see if you like it, but it is lacking some of the features mentioned above.

Does anyone use a remote control application to control their computer? Do you have a better app that you use than Mobile Mouse Pro or TouchPad? Tell us about it below.

  • mrbig2000

    iOS 4.3 is out!

  • Dadditude

    Better yet – get Teamviewer (free for non-commercial use) and control your Mac or PC from ANYWHERE you have an Internet connection.

  • khaosbane

    I have used Mobile mouse for about a year now on windows machines, yeah the download is a small drawback, but it’s so small you don’t even notice it’s there. It also has a feature that allows for wake on-lan so you don’t even have to get ur butt off the couch to turn on your computer 😀

  • W@Nd3r

    got mobile mouse pro when it’s free.
    Great app.
    you can customise hotkeys and other media programs which r not in the default

  • Metal

    Iteleport. Best app. Get entire screen on ipad iphone. And still smooth

    • Xepptizz

      Was that the one with a vpn connection? All i remember is it being a hassle to set up and tweaked. Personally i go for the easy set up of logmein. It controls smooth but probably has a bigger delay than others, but the navigation and tracking behavior feels really natural. Unlike others it hase made it so your cursor is static and you “drag” the screen in position. Rdp is a good one too, but the navigation just doesn’t compare. He cursor is also les visible in rdp.

  • Pukka

    been using this app for about a year aswell, I even purchased a bluetooth keyboard with a trackpad for $120 and it doesnt even come close to the functions on this app. This app is killer and I use it all the time when I HDMI my netbook to my tv’s.

    Great application, sometimes it can be a little bit buggy ( dropped connection, wont reconnect sometimes ) but that rarely happens and that may be due to my older router. I love the fact that it uses wifi instead of bluetooth because you can be anywhere in your house and can control it.

    • Wirehedd


      Been using this app now for approx 7months and love it. With the HDTV hooked up to my HTPC I use this app all the time as opposed to having to sit on the couch with a KB and mouse. Response time is quick, usage is intuitive and your apps active on the PC are available as well for individual control so what’s not to like?

      Try it if you think this might be what you’d like and I sincerely doubt you’ll be disappointed.

  • QuarterSwede

    The best app at what it does for sure. I too have been using it since it was free and I love it. It’s smooth, works perfectly and is lag free.

  • Yasser

    Great app. Highly recommended

  • Woojoo666

    i only wish i could actually use this as a wireless mouse. like if ur on vacation, i want to be able to control my laptop by sliding my iphone (likely with a hard case) on the table like a regular mouse, with mouse clickers on screen. I dont need a trackpad cuz theres already one on the computer, and the remote is useless if ur sitting in from of ur laptop. so far i haven’t found another app like that, but perhaps editing the code of the app? the remote uses the upwards and sideways motion of the iphone, but if u could edit it so it uses the forward motion instead of the upwards motion? is this possible?

    • Dadditude

      I believe an app called “Air Mouse Pro” will do what you want. I’m not 100% sure, though.

  • Deepak Mahaur

    I have been using this application for the past 1 year and absolutely love it. I have a PC hooked up to a huge LCD TV and a BOSE sound system. I normally use it for music and movies only.
    It is so great that I have never once used my actual keyboard and mouse.
    Very HIGHLY recommended.

  • I Use rowmote for Mouse and keyboard on my MacBook Pro.
    No install on Computer. And runs extremely fast and precise

  • this cool esp if you have a hugh HD tv as you monitor..lol

  • Typorrhea

    Any mobile VNC client would work. Setting up and connecting to the server is a little tricky but I think any novice could do it. One nice thing about VNC it is you can easily set it to accept connections from anywhere via the internet OR restrict it to your local network.

    I’ve been using androidVNC on my G2. It’s not great, but it’s satisfactory and perhaps most important FREE! And I bought iTeleport/Jaadu for my iPhone 3G a few years ago and have been very happy with it. Similar concept but a more refined and robust VNC client.

    I’ve been using these as remote controls for a PC/HDTV-via-HDMI media center for a while now. Eat your heart out Apple & Google TV! 🙂