I think most of us ’round these parts expect the iPhone 5 to be the last triumphant hoorah on 3G networks, but some interesting noise has been coming from the east concerning the likelihood of a 4G enabled iPhone.

China Mobile Communications Corp.’s Chairman, Wang Jianzhou, spoke on the matter by stating that “Jobs has expressed his interest in an LTE iPhone and is willing to start the development at an early date.”

Now to put the puzzle pieces together. Does he mean “early” as in iPhone 5 early? Or “early” as in next year sometime?

China Mobile, the world’s largest mobile provider by customer volume, was recently given the green light to begin testing its 4th generation LTE network back in December.

Considering testing is probably just now beginning to pick up steam, I’d say that it’s way too early for Apple to commit the iPhone 5 to LTE. It’s just way too soon, in any market for that matter, for Apple to bank on the reliability of 4G infrastructure among other possible caveats.

Personally I think there’s no way that the iPhone 5 will be LTE enabled if Apple sticks to their normal iPhone summer release schedule.

Now if they mean “early” as in iPhone 6 early, then I’d have to agree; we will see 4G enabled iPhones in 2012 starting with the iPhone 6, or whatever it’s going to be called.

What do you think?

[Engadget via Bloomberg]

  • Javadave

    They came out with a special Verizon CDMA phone in February this year. Why not a special Verizon LTE version next February?

    • IFight4TheUsers

      I wouldn’t call it “special”. There was nothing different about it except it was a CDMA phone. I don’t think apple would take a chance and release an LTE iPhone just yet. I would rather have a thoroughly tested piece of hardware for new technology. Plus it would make more sense for them to design a phone that works on CDMA/GSM/LTE rather than releasing separate phones. I don’t think Steve Jobs is that bold lol

    • Shrike1978

      Why would it be a Verizon special? AT&T deploys LTE as well.

  • STK10

    Correct me if im wrong but havent CDMA iphones been around for a while? Telstra in Australia have been using them, tho it is actually “nextg” these days, which again correct me, is a combination of CDMA and GSM networks.

    Anyway who cares when “early” is it will happen when it happens.

  • Brandt

    AT&T would LOVE if the iPhone 5 does not have 4g LTE. That puts their new expanded backhaul 3.9g in the spotlight, against Verizon’s old, slow, no phone calls and internet at the same time CDMA 3g. If the iPhone 5 does have LTE it is really to the detriment of AT&T and Verizon because lots of people will realize that LTE doesn’t really exist where the vast majority of their customers live. Although some people I’m sure will decide to get a device with 4g this summer instead of an iPhone, Apple really has no reason to put a more costly, bulky, and power hungry LTE chipset into phones this year when most people who buy them will have no use for it. Jobs can get on stage and convince people that the iPhone is still a huge leap forward, and that people don’t really need LTE, because that is what he does.

  • MrA

    “Is Apple Planning to Release a 4G Enabled iPhone Sooner Than Expected?”

    No. Next question?

  • Personally I don’t think the 4G enabled iPhone will be released any time soon, not with the iPhone 5 anyway. From my understanding there very little support for 4G networks, especially in less developed countries where the iPhone has been making progress recently.

    To the person who mentioned the Australian networks, there is a provider here now (in Perth at least, Im not sure if they are in other major cities yet) who has wireless internet on the 4G network. I’m not sure how that is progressing. But to me 4G enabled iPhone just seems another generation or two away at least.

  • I think yes of your question

  • Is it looking good or not

  • Will

    How is it that all carriers advertise 4G on their network and have working phones on them, but Apple won’t release 4G iPhone this year? If the iPhone 5 doesn’t have 4G, I’m going Android!!