In case you didn’t know, MyGreatFest is a new convention taking place later this year. MyGreatFest is not any normal gathering; it is the world’s first iDevice and jailbreak convention.

We’ve already given you several details about MyGreatFest. The first event will be held this September in London, U.K. The team behind MyGreatFest plans on holding more conferences in the U.S. after the first event takes off.

We here at iDB are proud to announce that we are an official sponsor of MyGreatFest, and we will be bringing you more coverage of the convention as the date approaches.

About the MyGreatFest convention,

“The cynic in you might be thinking, “So this is just a bunch of tech geeks getting together to look at their beloved iPhones”.  Well rest assured, it’s not.  MyGreatFest will teach you how to use your devices and how to get the best out of your iPhone, iPad and iPod touches. The MyGreatFest experience is proudly associated with the thriving iCommunity and will educate users on how to most efficiently use your device whether it be through Jailbreaking or App Usage.”

We at iDB have been talking with the MyGreatFest team, and the convention is sure to be an amazing experience for anyone that’s interested in the iPhone and jailbreaking. Craig (@flawlessfox) and the rest of the planning committee are dedicated to delivering the most rewarding experience possible for attendees.

MyGreatFest has been receiving some great attention in the press, and the convention is starting to gain traction as different elements come together.

The creator of Cydia, Jay “saurik” Freeman, is already confirmed as a keynote speaker. Elias Limneos (iPhone developer of popular jailbreak tweaks like ScrollingBoard and SBRotator), giffgaff,  MadCoder (famous Cydia and App Store dev), and Joshua Tucker are all also confirmed as presenters.

At MyGreatFest, there will be iPhone gaming tournaments (Angry Birds anyone?), and iDevice-related companies will have booths set up for attendees to browse. There will be plenty of “how-to” presentations and some of the greatest minds in the iCommunity will be present.

The overall goal of MyGreatFest is to be a community building experience. There’s plenty of opportunities for division in the technology sphere, and MyGreatFest hopes to help unify enthusiasts with our common love for everything that begins with “i.”

MyGreatFest will also have plenty of product giveaways. To kick it all off, the MyGreatFest team is giving away an iPad 2. Tickets for the event are available for purchase, and each purchased ticket counts as an entry into the contest. When the MyGreatFest Twitter account hits 1,000 followers, 5 people will be picked for the giveaway.

UPDATE: MyGreatFest has started selling silicon wristbands in their eStore. Each wristband bought counts as one entry in the iPad 2 giveaway. So, head over there and buy some wristbands to support the convention and be entered in the giveaway!

Following @MyGreatFest on Twitter also counts as an entry for the iPad 2 giveaway. Check out MyGreatFest’s announcement for more details.

Of few of our European readers have already said they are interested in attending MyGreatFest this September. Sebastien will hopefully be there representing iDB, and we hope to see some of you there as well!

(For those of you that are stateside, MyGreatFest should be coming to the U.S. next year. More info to come.)


  • Pigeon

    I might attend this but I am not sure yet, don’t know if I would gain anymore knowledge from it. I might go if it’s going to be a laugh and to see saurik’s ugly mug.

    I am not sure if it’s a good idea to push jailbreaking further into the public domain. The ability to jailbreak is in essence a good thing but the more popular it is the more effort apple will put into circumventing our efforts. On that note it will be interesting to see the outcome to the Sony vs Geohot lawsuit as that will likely set a precedent.

  • Doug

    Will Steve jobs be there?

    • Beti

      Haha your comment made my day!

  • Lucas K.

    They’ve hit 1,000 followers already lol

  • Tobby

    I just discovered an awesome Iphone game on appstore called Tropical Trek and wanted to share it with you. I’m definitely looking forward to more levels!

    Could u help me?


    AHH AH I know it, I love love the flying in THE Tropical Trek. It’s so relaxing, and the music is awesome Good Job

  • Tobby

    It’s because the font of the MyGreatFest look like The Tropical trek. IDK lol

  • Jason Masters

    What’s the exchange rate for us dollars? And what hotels are offering any rates? I might just go to visit London again haven’t been there since 1998 it’s a great excuse to leave the country for some r&r!