There have been multiple rumors surfacing lately that Apple is working on a smaller iPhone “Nano.” The device is rumored to have a smaller form factor and use cloud-based storage (possibly in accordance with a revamp of MobileMe).

iPhone Nano concepts have been floating around since the rumors gained traction, and a design concept by Max Rudberg stands out from the rest. Max runs Max Themes, and has developed popular jailbreak themes (such as Glasklart and Serious SBSettings).

Max came up with a very interesting concept for how a smaller iPhone Nano could operate without a home button…

Max theorized that a smaller iPhone with an “edge-to-edge” screen would need a new and intuitive way to return to the home screen. If the iPhone Nano does in fact have no home button, a new method will have to be put in place for initiating the home screen. Instead of multitouch gestures, Max imagined what it would look like to literally squeeze the sides of the iPhone to close apps.

Max details his idea,

“If a phone were to be designed with an edge-to-edge screen, it would lack a hardware home button on the front. Therefore it would require a new way to go to the Home screen. Advanced gestures often requires two hands, which is not optimal for such a frequently used feature.

A more intuitive way could be to equip the phone with a pressure-sensitive body. The phone could then be squeezed and the current app would shrink and return the user to the Home screen.

This could be a real wow effect. Seeing how the phone reacts to your grip and then having the app vanish in the palm of your hand.

To avoid ‘squeeze to go Home’ from happening by accident, a visual cue could show that pressure is being applied. In this concept, the app begins to shrink to reflect the pressure that is being applied. When the pressure goes over a defined threshold, the user is returned to the Home screen.

The strength of a users grip will of course vary. Therefore, a setting for how much pressure that’s needed before an app is exited could be a good idea.”

Sounds pretty cool, huh? Here’s a video demonstrating how this concept would work:

I’m not sure how Apple would be technically able to make a concept like this possible, but I think Max definitely has something with this idea.

What do you think about the idea of “squeezing” the sides of an iPhone to initiate the home screen?

[via MacStories]

  • Tony

    Sounds very interesting. Maybe not the amount of pressure applied, but instead applying pressure for a set amount of time. The amount of time could also be gauged by a “loading bar” type effect.

  • Ken

    Instead of Squeezing, just hold the phone and rotate the motion is better I guess.

    • icyhotonmynuts

      Yeah, like I want e-mails and web pages closing as I check them in the morning before I get out of bed.


    I looooooove it! Love iiiiiit!!

  • Twited21

    I would like to see like a pinch On the open app to close it like pinch zoom on pics

    Saves the incredible hulks crushing the iPhone 

  • William

    geez, i want my iPhone’s screen be bigger, not smaller.

  • For a guy like me, (and others who are much older), arthritis would be a crippling factor if squeezing was the case :/

    I don’t think Apple with employ a ‘squeeze to close’ function, although it is an innovative idea, nonetheless.

    I think, more appropriately, would be re-positioning of the home button (on side or top), or just a 4-finger tap or some gesture. Squeezing doesn’t seem like it fits Apple’s MO.

  • Eduardo

    Nice, but you forgot a little detail, this is an IPHONE not an iPod, where is the speaker?

    • brent

      Yeah, that design concept looks nice, but I don’t think the screen could go all the way to the top. There needs to be a speaker to put to your ear.

  • Alf

    Just but a small button on the side of the phone. Problem solved 🙂

  • Nick4G

    If the rumors about the iPhone 5 with the slid out keyboard are true, I won’t get this phone, but if the rumors are false then I’m definitely going to get this phone. I’m glad Apple’s making different iPhone’s then just iPhone 5, 6, 7 ect.

  • STK10

    But will it still have the “Drop” to break screen feature?

    Just put the home button on the opposite side to the volume controls. easy fix. Squeeze.. lol

  • Pirates Suck

    The speculation is stupid. This is stupid. That is all.

  • UnknownHeavens

    Seriously .how do we even jailbreak with squeezing