Privacy on the iPhone has always been an interesting topic. Especially in the jailbreak scene, security precautions are taken very seriously.

Firewall iP recently received a major update in the Cydia store, and it boasts robust security options for your iPhone’s network connections. While its features may seem daunting to those of us that aren’t security aficionados, it’s nice to see that there’s a full-featured security suite for jailbreak users…

Firewall iP’s official description:

“Firewall iP allows you to block outgoing connections (TCP & UDP). It hooks into applications and will warn you if the app wants to establish a connection to a host and shows you the hostname. Then you have the options to allow or deny the connection once/always or allow/deny all connections for the application. Port specific blocking is possible.

You can decide if the application will send data. Developers will no longer be able to collect stats and data about you (UDID, phone number, usage statistics…). With Firewall iP, you can cover all app analytic providers which aren’t in PrivaCy and also custom analytics.

Blocking of ads is also possible with this powerful tool. Now, you are the one who decides!”

Firewall iP’s features include:

  • Block outgoing TCP & UDP connections selectively
  • Shows you the hostname for the connection & can provide you with WhoIs information
  • Block connections of apps when you are on a cellular network
  • Block analytic providers / data collectors which PrivaCy can’t
  • Block unneeded content (ads ;))
  • Easy to use interface & control app

Firewall iP offers an editable whitelist/blacklist of hostnames to allow/deny outgoing connections. The ad blocking and analytic permissions are also nice features.

In case you didn’t know, your iPhone knows a lot about you. Developers can (and in most cases do) send your personal information from the apps you use to ad agencies for profit. If this “under the counter” transaction bothers you, Firewall iP offers more options than saurik’s PrivaCy tweak for managing these outgoing connections.

Just like Little Snitch on Mac OS X, Firewall iP has a pop-up permissions window for new, incoming connections. All permissions can be edited in the app’s main window under the “Allow” and “Deny” list.

Firewall iP is available for $3.99 in the Cydia store. The price may seem a little steep, but if you’re really into this security stuff, Firewall iP has a lot to offer.

Are you concerned with monitoring the outgoing connections on your iPhone? Some people (myself included) hold tight to the saying, “ignorance is bliss.” Do you agree?

  • cmarcolette

    If I knew everything my iPhone was doing behind my back I would probably take a hammer to it. I agree Sebastien, “Ignorance is Bliss!”

    • Alex wrote this post, not me.

      • Manuel

        Lol. That comment made my day

  • iDroid

    my iPod was cheating on me!!!

    • Vitica


      • Polemicist


  • Doug

    Eh. I care but this seems to complex for me to bother. Half those acronyms I don’t even understand.

    On a side note. Since last week safari crashes every time I open it and touch in google search. Any packages that are known to cause this and how can I figure it out which ones it is

    • Michiel

      I just discovered that I’ve the same trouble with Safari. When Safari is relaunched from background (so not the first start) and tapping the google search box (right upper corner) it crashes. Pinned down the problem to Showcase, a cydia tweak. After removing Safari didn’t crash anymore, then reinstalled and the problem returned. Could not reproduce on other IP4…with Same FW: 4.2.1 GPrc5b2 ?

      • Brad

        I also had this problem with showcase. iPhone 4 on 4.1.

      • Fresh

        Thanks so much. It was showcase! I really liked that tweak but that was a horrible bug. Every other time I opened safari it crashed. I was removing packages one at a time but skipped that. Was going go to restore find the fix.

        Funny I actually installed that because it was featured on this site

      • Fresh

        And yes I was using it on iPhone 4 4.2.1 gpRC5b4

  • Doug

    Eh. I care but this seems too complex for me to bother. Half those acronyms I don’t even understand.

    On a side note. Since last week safari crashes every time I open it and touch in google search. Any packages that are known to cause this and how can I figure it out which ones it is

    • G

      I’m not sure . I’m sure you have tried rebooting it otherwise do that. Or check that you have not added any tweaks to safari .

  • William

    ummm… a very nice idea.
    But this Firewall iP 2.0 seems to turn iPhone into Microsoft Vista’s Control Panel.
    Yeah, privacy is important and all, but you’ll also surprise to know how much Google knows about you, and what iPhone itself is doing behind the door. If you’re really concerned about privacy, there’re many more things to worry about than letting developers have your data

  • I tried the last version & there were so many outgoing connections it made my iPhone totally useless. I am all for my own privacy & not sending my info to media companies, but it was too overwhelming.

  • Pirates Suck

    If you know how to use it, easily one of the best apps on Cydia. Hands down.

  • not supported on iOS 5.1.1?

    I get inconsistent information on the cydia tab: “Unable to Purchase: This product is not supported on your iOS version.” and the line below says: “Ready for iOS 5!”.
    Also the compatibility section says: “Firewall iP has been tested to work on all iPhones, iPods and iPads running firmware 3.0 to 5.x”

  • SMed79

    How to block Cydia connexion with firewall ip ?