If you’re not the type to stick around while Cydia updates, then we have a solution for you. A few new additions have appeared recently in Cydia that will allow you to update the cache that Cydia uses without actually running the app.

There are a couple of apps that perform this duty, and both of them run as SBSettings toggles. This makes it pretty easy to update Cydia while you check your email and then quickly load up Cydia to get your updates and new packages.

Aptupdate for SBSettings was the first toggle to appear in Cydia, and claimed to run ‘apt-get update’ in the background. I used this tweak a few times, noticed it only ran briefly, and did not seem to affect Cydia updating the packages regardless.

Debian Updater for SBSettings is the obvious choice. This toggle features a Status Bar icon that lets you know when its running. If it finds any updates, you will see a separate Status Bar icon. It takes a few moments to run, which is a good sign that it actually works. When you load up Cydia, you will notice that it does not need to update.

If you try any of these, do not attempt to use them while Cydia is running or has items in the Queue. While Cydia does not allow Activator by default, adding packages to the Queue and switching apps may cause some Activator errors to appear.

Has either of these made a difference in your Cydia experience? I’d like to hear if anyone had success with Aptupdate.

  • Phosphorus

    I read this article while letting Cydia update. Is it that hard to multi-task, people?

    • Jackmeyer

      yes, captain anus -it’s hard because cydia doesnt support true multitasking still. how about you try switching out of it and come back and watch how it tries to update itself again.

    • Jason.N

      obviously you:

      1: Did not try to close cydia then come back.
      2: Does not know what muti-task mean or does.

      Multi task mean when you double tab home… You click on a app and it will return to where you left it…. NOT just a icon and it restart like opening new.

      • Polemicist

        Actually your comment

        “it will return to where you left it”

        indicates that you are PAUSING not MULTITASKING…

        So your number 2 kind of points right back at you…

  • just added debian updater and it seemed to freeze my phone on the homescreen( maybe an activater issue). Cydia is becoming ancient, I cant wait for a overhaul. Also I find some things should be implemented into cydia by default ( Cydelete, Activator etc. )

    • Γ‰rico

      agreed 100%

      • Polemicist

        Cydelete and Activator are a choice. I don’t install Cydelete as the applications I pick are ones that I know I will use and only after a great deal of testing. Activator I get a lot of use out of through tweaks like Full Screen Safari. πŸ™‚

        But I do agree that Cydia needs a look at but the dudes don’t get paid that much to reinvent the wheel… *sighs* Still it would be nice…

  • Hi

    • EgoHot


      • guitardemon


      • monkers


  • William

    I learned from my past experience that the more I mess with these Cydia tweaks & hacks, the more likely my iPhone will end up unbootable and results in a complete restore.
    Now I try to keep my Cydia use at the very minimal level, and only installed a handful of must-have Cydia goodies.

    • Chris

      I agree

    • DomPerignon

      Yes; Do not mess with Cydia tweaks. It is painful and cumbersome enough already as it is.

    • Hi

  • appletiser

    i used Rock – a lot – and didnt once have as many issues as i now have since cydia’s monopolised everything 😐

    • I agree CYDIA is good but SLOW i have iphone 4 and i always neet to whait 2 min. and why is ther no account so you can reinstal en instal a lot of tweaks like in rocks.

      • Woody

        I have an iphone 4 fw 4.2.1 and cydia loads everything in around 30-35 seconds now. Make sure you have the latest cydia installed. It should be 1.0.3366.7

    • Woody

      I just installed that Debian toggle and when I pressed it in sbsettings it shows the cydia package in the status bar with a circle around it so I figured that cydia was updating but then I opened cydia and it still did its usual updating/reloading data. Anyone seem to have any luck with this

      • appletiser

        woody thanks for the help but i tried that latest cydia version and it always crashed while scrolling thru the installed package list, this was more frustrating than the slow load time itself so reverted back to the previous, figured a slow cydia better than no cydia.

        ftr, i dont have a gripe against cydia and i dont expect everything to be rosie and issue free but if Rock could do it i should at least expect cydia to match or improve on that considering it seems they have greater resources than Rock ever had.

  • :O

    Not sure about these tweaks but I’ve noticed that the latest Cydia, at least multi-tasks when downloading/installing anything. And it proves very useful if, for example, I download a theme like Glasklart Classic (~20MB). Just FYI πŸ˜€

  • Me

    Activator just got a couple of updates about a month ago and works in Cydia(unless you’re donwloading something).

  • usersean

    What about Backgrounder..?

  • Hana

    how do i download it.?

    • Polemicist

      LOL… Good thing you are using a chicks name. Geeks help girls. (possibly a plea for something else but still it works for the hot chicks)

      Open Cydia. Search for the package by name… Click the name. Click Install. Click Confirm. Wait. It will install. Click the button at the bottom that says “Return to Cydia” or “Respring” or whatever. πŸ™‚

      Hope that helps.

  • PastorB

    Worked as described. Very nice tweak.

  • Scott

    Just add Cydia to Backgrounder’s overrides list and set it to enable at launch. Then you can just open Cydia, wait 2-3 seconds while the “loading” thing in the middle disappears, then the rest of the updates will continue in the background if you leave the app/switch to another.

  • Gorgonphone

    very nice but i dont need it..

  • Nice one, Nick. Good info.

  • Thomas

    I’m removing this next chance I get to respring into safe mode because Cydia crashes.

    • Thomas

      I can’t even open Cydia in safe mode…

  • mngstr

    Tbe Debian Updater “eats” my battery up!
    After uninstalling the juice is stable now.
    Jeez. I even restored and reapplied this tweak thinking smth must be wrong somewhere (jb process).
    Then I tried applying this tweak alone and I got it the problem!
    Fyi, my battery went 1% down every 2-3mins! O.O!!! LOL..

  • I won’t Cydia on my iPod touch

    • Nick

      I have it on my iPod touch. Check out the jailbreak section and follow the iPhone guides.

  • I know this is old but does this toggle work for IOS 6 now?