It’s official, the Verizon iPhone is here for everyone to purchase and go home with. If you just got your hands on one of them, the first thing you might want to do is to jailbreak your Verizon iPhone.

Not sure what jailbreaking is and why you should do it? Make sure to read our explanation of jailbreaking, and the reasons why you would want to jailbreak the Verizon iPhone. If you’re still on the fence after reading this because you worry the FBI might bust down your door for jailbreaking your iPhone, know that jailbreaking is 100% legal, at least here in the US.

This being said, this guide will show you how to jailbreak a Verizon iPhone running iOS 4.2.6 using GreenPois0n

Step 1: Download GreenPois0n RC5 b4 from our iPhone downloads section.

Step 2: Make sure your iPhone is plugged in to your computer via the USB cable.

Step 3: Launch GreenPois0n and click “Jailbreak”.

Step 4: Follow the instructions that appear on your screen in order to put your iPhone in DFU mode:

  • Press and hold the sleep button for 3 seconds
  • Continue holding the sleep button while pressing the home button for 10 seconds
  • Release the sleep button while still holding the home button for 10 seconds

Step 5: GreenPois0n will now inject the jailbreak. Wait a little bit.

Step 6: Once the process is done, go to your home screen and you should see a new icon for “Loader”. Launch Loader and install Cydia from there, then reboot your iPhone.

Done! Your Verizon iPhone should now be fully jailbroken and you can install third party applications directly from Cydia. Make sure to check our extensive list of jailbreak apps.

Any question? Feel free to ask below.

  • Austin

    Where is 4.2.6 for AT&T users?

    • Keith

      4.2.6 = 3.0 for Att users.

      • Kuipo

        You mean =4.2.1

    • Phillip

      4.2.6 is for Verizon. Its for Verizon because they had to make adjustments for the CDMA chip.

      • Randy

        Call me how to jailbreak the Verizon phone

  • No. 4.3. Retard

  • Max

    Has anyone tried this?

    • vivalacip

      i did and it was fast and had no problem

  • PC Wizard

    I have not seen anywhere on the web that anyone has actually used greenp0ison to jailbreak the Verzion 4.2.6 IOS

  • Willy

    Has anyone done this before I don’t want to risk my new iPhone

  • the man

    yes i have it works

  • Jeff in Redmond

    I just did this on my brand new Verizon iPhone running 4.2.6. It worked for me.

    • lezdi

      are you using another carrier?
      I want to use Page Plus Cellular, but they are
      telling me they can’t transfer my current number to
      the iPhone because they don’t support smart phones

    • hany

      what link u used?

  • lostinspace

    Work for me!!

  • Mar

    I tried it but greenpoison just hang and didnt finish the install. I got the loader but doesnt work.

  • cody

    is this a tethered or untethered jailbreak?

  • WEAK

    OMG was i first lol. I used green poison int he verizon store inside pc richards 5 minutes after i bought it. NEWBS

  • martin

    Hello there….
    i am thinking about getting the new iphone with verizon but i want to know 2 things…. 1 how jailbraking my iphone 4 affect my contract or warranty with verizon?
    and 2 is there a way to connect to the internet with the hotspot feature on the iphone 4 i a cheaper way… it gets very expensive and i think this should be part of the deal for the web and e mail “forced” added feature to the phone…
    thank you!
    thank you again Sebastien… i am still enjoying my jailbroken and unloked 3g on the t mobile network… it is kind of slow when i am thetering my macbook laptop to access the internet.. but i does the job!

  • Justin

    Will this deactivate my number? therefore having to reactivate?
    sorry but im new to an iPhone

    • moew

      Yes, it will deactivate your number in some cases. If this happens, just restore (takes several hours), and try again.

  • lezdi

    where’s the green poison download?
    i clicked on the downloads link but it showed me an error page
    also is the download free?

  • The links aren’t working for the downloads..

    • Link fixed

      • Mike

        Do I need an Internet connection after I download greenpoison for this to work cuz I’ve been trying and it hasn’t worked my iTunes keeps popping up and it won’t go all the way threw the last 15 sec??

  • matt

    Is this a tethered of untethered break?

  • Shaftca

    Link is Broken again and Green poison site has an updated RC6 1. Will this work on Verizon 4G?

  • Itheone

    RC6.1 works on Verizon IPhone 4 nicely, it’s easy as pie.

  • Calvin

    OMG Thanks you so much!! Worked fine for me.

  • kryptonite to electronics

    I did this and I now have what seems to be an iPhone paperweight, which is what I was worried about. I followed the instructions **exactly** since I was told that is where the problem generally lies – user error.

  • kryptonite to electronics

    It froze up my computer too, and when it rebooted, an Apple warning message came up.

  • Evan Wooding

    Can you jailbreak a iphone from verizon and use it for atat?

    • TC

      ATT is GSM and required SIM to work, Verizion is CDMA and not the same network as ATT

  • Sean

    Can someone find out if thief phone is jail broken?

  • Tylor

    Worked great for me just bought my iphone from verizon today 🙂

    • hany


  • Willie

    The page is down can some one help?

  • tj

    i have verizon 4.2.6, which download link should i use??

  • hany

    help which link do i use i have verizon 4.2.6 the link RC5 b4 does not work what other can i use..

    will this freze my phone like it happen to my friend ..

    would i have to reconect my phone ??

  • Nader

    I have iphone 4 bought it from Verizon version 4.2.6 and now I’m out od the USA and want to to use in my country, what can I do ?!

  • mandyy

    I have bought a Iphone 4 from USA and it locked on AT&T..and I want to use another sim card from europe but first I think I must jailbreak it… but I don’t find a way to open it from AT&T… ( I have heard that is it? ) ………………..I hope someone can help me find a way- I would be so happy!

  • Michael

    The Greenpoisin link for RC5b4 (Verizon 4.2.6) doesn’t work, an error message in German, from the mirror site appears.

  • Sophie

    What if you want to jailbreak an iphone thats not verizon an old iphone from at&t and you don’t want have to pay for the 3g network and internet? I don’t even need the internet, i can use wifi

  • G-Man

    HELP HELP! I just tired to jail break my iPhone 4 from
    Verizon and I have the loader but it won’t open HELP!

  • Ernest

    How can I find out what vesions of firmawqare im running so i know wher eo b egin , im vewrizon and a little comnverned i heard there is a site you shgould not go to?

    thanx in advANCE

  • mike

    Can i jail break my verzion i phone 4 to sprint sevice.

  • Anonymous

    any one plz help me. Can i change my verizon iphone 4s to T-mobile?

  • Anonymous

    help me!

  • Kim

    My friend has a friend who has an “old”/used Verizon iPhone 4(s?) and she is selling it for like $100. It has a crack in the screen and sometimes the vibrate doesn’t work but whatever lol, I am interested in buying it, but I currently have Straight Talk Wireless, and I want to know if I can use the old iPhone with Straight Talk. I did some research and found that Straight Talk has SIM cards you can buy to put in other phones such as iPhones, but one of the FAQs was “Can I use my Verizon or Sprint iPhone?” and the answer was no because they “cannot be jailbroken”. My bottom line question is: would I be able to jailbreak this old iPhone in order to use Straight Talk with it?